Trunks and Goten’s Unnatural Friendship : Chapter two- by Lunadeath1

Minutes later, Trunks gets to the location of where Goten now sits. His friend, who seems to have forgotten all those other times when they have been mad at each other about small things—things that really wasn’t any alarm to get upset over in the first place. He sees him now, flying above him…and not looking too happy. Goten stands up, awaiting his friends’ reaction. Trunks slowly flies down towards the edge of the pond where Gohan was. He stares Goten down from twelve feet away. His eyes glare and show no happiness about being with Goten alone. Goten’s eyes are opposite- hopeful, joyous, sincere, and a little fear.

"Trunks…" Goten’s lips shake and stutter out, "You probably know why I wish to speak to you."

Trunks’ glare doesn’t change. The wind blows his lavender hair softly and makes Goten jump, thinking that he moved.

"No, why did you want to talk to me?" Trunks’ tone seemed on edge. He continues to glare at Goten, almost challengingly.

"Why you’ve been so distant from me." Goten’s voice continues to nervously shake. He’s never felt like this near Trunks before. Something is definitely wrong. "If there’s anything wrong between us…" he gulps hard, "I think we should work things out."

"You mean like a COUPLE??" Trunks sneers. His glare slightly changes for the worse.

"As best friends!" Goten bravely shouts.

"Best friends, huh?!" Trunks grins. He puts his hands in his pockets. He laughs a little. "Do best friends stick their tongues down each others throats??"

"Is that what made you so upset?"

"Just that fact when I told you not to do something, you went and did it anyway!"

"But you didn’t seem that mad afterwards."

"It didn’t have a chance to sink in yet." Trunks frowns, "But I had a lot to think about when we were on our way home and when we worked on the wall. We did fine convincing those fags that we were together. We didn’t need to go so far!"

Goten feels like the whole world just split in two and separated them. Goten has the urge to race over by Trunks’ side. He searches his mind for what to say, but he can’t think of anything.

"Is that all you wanted to say to me?" Trunks says with no ambition.

"Well…" Goten gulps, "I was hoping we’d patch things up. I really don’t wanna lose you as a best friend. Please…we’ve been through worse! We’ve been mad at each other like this before. Please, Trunks…let’s just put that whole ordeal behind us."

"That’s not going to be very easy." Trunks sighs, sounding less pissed. He crosses his arms and looks at the shimmering moonlit pond. "I really want to stay best friends, I really do. I just don’t know how we’re gonna handle being together the same way we were before that incident occurred."

"We can do it. Just as if nothing happened."

"BUT IT DID HAPPEN!! That’s the point!"

Goten thought he was done being angry. Goten’s eyes show immense pain. He begins to walk towards Trunks, hoping that he can still be near him even though he feels so apart. A tear begins to shine in Goten’s eye. At first, Trunks doesn’t move. But as Goten gets closer, he floats up into the air. With hurtful and glossy eyes, Goten stares up at Trunks. His eyes begin to burn though his, making Trunks begin to feel sorry. But once Goten starts to speak, that feeling leaves him.

"Trunks-san…please…I never meant to hurt you! Really!! Please forgive me!"

Trunks says nothing. He takes off like a shot. As Goten continues to stare up at the starry sky, the tears finally start racing down his cheeks. His fists clench, and he shakes in agony. Finally, Goten sits down with a thud to the ground, bringing his knees to his forehead, with his arms around them, he softly sobs.

Only a few feet away, the gay guy watches from behind a tree. He slowly begins to grin.

"Absolutely perfect!" he thinks to himself, "they’ve broken up! How wonderful!"


Two days later, at the Son’s house, Goten is laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Goten honey…" Chi-chi opens the door a crack. "Why not come out and eat something?"

"I’m not hungry."

"You haven’t eaten anything in the last nine hours. All you had this morning was a small bowl of rice and all you had yesterday was a couple rice balls and some milk. I think you should try eating something this evening."

"Ok, mom. I’ll be right there."

"Good. Oh, dear, by the way…Gohan told me to tell you that he left to talk to Trunks. He didn’t think you’d mind."

Goten smiles to himself, "what a great brother." He murmurs.

At Capsule Corp. Trunks steps outside for some fresh air. His stomach groans madly at him. Ignoring his bodies’ anger and warnings, he opens a bottle of water and gulps half of it down. He suddenly sees a familiar face walking towards him.

"Oh no…" Trunks grits his teeth, "It’s the faggot…"

"Hey! YO-HOOO!! Trunks-San!!"

"What the hell do you want??" Trunks says in a deep tone.

"Well…" the guy blushes, "I just wanted to…um…ask you out."


"I know that you and Goten had a break up fight two days ago and I wanted to wait for a week at first. Of course, by then you two would have already made up. So, I decided to ask you today. So is that ok?"

Still in some shock, Trunks doesn’t know what to say. Moments later, Son Gohan arrives. He lands five feet away from them.

"Gohan-San!" Trunks grins, "I’m so glad you’re here!"

"Oh really?" Gohan smiles.

"Who are you?" the guy asks.

"I’m Goten-san’s big brother. Please leave so I can talk to Trunks."

"I’m not leaving until I get an answer from Trunks-san!" he smiles at Trunks.

"What’s that, Trunks?" Gohan raises an eyebrow.

"He asked me out." Trunks chuckles a bit.

"What?? Why? You’re not gay!"

"Yeah," the guy grins, "gay….bi….it’s all good…"

"Sorry, buddy, but the answer is no."

The guy grits his teeth in rage and clenches his fists. "why not??" he sobs, "are you still hung up on Goten?"

"Huh??" Gohan’s getting really confused now. "Trunks, what is he talking about?"

"It’s a long story." Trunks sighs.

"Kissing doesn’t lie!" The guy tells Gohan, "I saw how passionate him and Goten got. But once I saw their break up fight I thought they were through."

"Break up fight?! Kissing??!" Gohan looks at Trunks like he doesn’t recognize him. "mister, please leave." He says to the guy but doesn’t take his eyes off of Trunks. "I gotta get this whole story straight with him."

"Oh." The guys smiles, "over protective brother, huh?" he leaves laughing.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about in the first place?" Trunks asks, hoping it’s better than having to explain what just happened.

"I wanted to talk to you about Goten, but now it looks like I have no choice."

"Look, Gohan-san…just stay out of this okay??"

"And let two great friends drift apart? I don’t think so. It sounds like there’s more than just friendship going on. Am I right?"

"NO you’re not!! It’s not what you think!"

"so you broke my baby brother’s heart, huh??" Gohan smirks.

"What?? No! It’s not like that!"

"Then why is he not eating well? Why is he moping around all depressed? Why do I hear him sobbing late at night?? Answer me that!"

Trunks glares at him. He doesn’t know exactly how to explain things.

"So he’s taking our argument badly huh?" Trunks shudders. He has been going through almost the exact same thing as Goten, but it sounds worse than him!

"What did you guys do that started this whole mess?"

"Something we should’ve never done in the first place."

"Which would have something to do with that homosexual?"

"Maybe. A little part."

"He said he was trying to ask you out?"

"He doesn’t seem to care if a person is gay or not. He just hits on whoever he likes. He started to hit on me, so me and Goten decided to pretend we were a couple so he won’t. And so everything just went down hill from there."

"Ah! That explains some of it. What about the fact that you began to be distant from Goten?"

"Well, ya see…that homo had some friends and so they wanted some proof. Everything was going fine with that until Goten decided he was going to make a move on me that I didn’t care to do. I told him no, but he did it anyway."

"So, what you’re saying is….you got scared."

"What??" Trunks gasps.

"Basically it all boils down to the fact that you have became too scared to hang around Goten anymore. You’re afraid that you two have become more than friends."

"No…that’s not so."

"Oh? I think it is! Do you know why? Because I’ve noticed that you both are acting like you’ve been dating for a long time and that the whole fight WAS like a break up fight leaving the two of you sick, tired, and down right miserable!"

"Gohan, please! You’re not helping me any!"

"what do you mean?"

"I’m mad at Goten, not broke hearted! That’s what you’re trying to do to me, isn’t it?? Well, it isn’t working!!"

"I think it is." Gohan smiles.

"NO!!" Trunks grits his teeth and clenches his fists at Gohan, "YOU’RE WRONG! I DON’T THINK OF GOTEN THAT WAY! YOU’RE DEAD WRONG!!"

"Oh come on now." Gohan smiles, not at all phased by Trunks’ anger. "you two love each other! Perhaps not exactly like lovers, but as soul mates…"

"STOP IT! I DON’T LOVE GOTEN!! PLEASE STOP!" Trunks was about to fly away, but something inside his stomach made him halt in mid air. He sinks down to his knees and hears his stomach echo through his ears. He holds his abdomen and cries in pain. A couple small tears roll down his cheeks. "Stop this! Please stop this…!"

"you’ve been starving too??" Gohan gives Trunks a look of pity. "we’ve gotta get you something to eat before you really hurt yourself."

"I can’t…" Trunks chokes on his tears. "I just can’t…"

"Yes you can." Gohan puts Trunks’ arm around his shoulders and lifts him up, "we’re getting you some good food. Come over to my house."

"No…" Trunks’ eyes show depression and pain, "that’s where…where Goten is..."

"Exactly." Gohan flies off with Trunks around his neck and shoulders. "Just hang on, Trunks. Just hang on…"