Trunks and Goten’s Unnatural Friendship : Chapter three- by Lunadeath1


Forcing down the last bite, Goten leans back in his chair feeling very satisfied. He watches as his mother clears away the table and begins to run the water to wash them.

"Goten, dear, I’m so glad you finally ate a lot. Of course, you had your father’s help." She grins at Goku who’s smacking his lips and patting his stomach.

"Oh, yes dear, it was very good. Thank you!" Goku smiles.

"You’re very welcome dear." Chi-chi smiles back.

"Well…" Goten finally sits up, "I guess I will be going back to my room…"

Just as Goten was about to head towards his bedroom, someone knocks on the door.

"Oh?" Chi-chi wipes her hands on her apron, "guests already?" She opens the door to find Gohan with Trunks hanging on him. "Gohan!" Chi-chi says with surprise and bewilderment. "And Trunks, you’re back! Didn’t you get enough to eat, Gohan?"

"Yes I did, mom. I just thought maybe if you had anything you could give it to Trunks…" he looks down at the young man who’s face looks a little white. Trunks tries to lift his head to look to see where he is.

"Oh! You poor boy! Let’s get you something…" Chi-chi hurries towards the refrigerator and grabs some egg rolls.

Goten stares at Trunks, not knowing exactly what to say. He didn’t think that Gohan would bring Trunks right over. Of course, Goten feels concern for Trunks; he’s just a little worried about what he’ll do once he gets his strength back. Now Goten watches as Gohan and Goku try to get his mouth open to eat. It’s a little silly seeing this, but he doesn’t feel like laughing. Once Trunks has finished his food, he still feels some fatigue. Chi-chi brings him some green tea, and Trunks drinks it down!

Goten can’t stand it very much longer! He goes over to Trunks’ side and places a hand on his shoulder. Trunks slowly looks up and notices that it’s Goten. He jumps up which makes Goten rear back in surprise.

"Don’t touch me." Trunks glares. Goten bows his head and frowns.

"Trunks!" Chi-chi waves a finger, "that’s no way to talk to your friend! Especially when he’s been suffering from hunger like you have!"

"I think it’s time you two buried the hatchet!" Gohan growls.

Trunks ogles Goten. He feels like they’re trying to force him to admit something that isn’t right. With shaking eyes, he looks away. He doesn’t think he can stand to see Goten’s face anymore. It just hurts too much.

"I’m going for a walk." Trunks states quietly. He slowly walks out the door. Goten watches him walk until the door shuts tight. He sighs once he’s gone.

"What are we going to do with you two?" Gohan folds his arms.

"I thought you talked to him." Goten says almost angrily.

"I tried. But he wouldn’t listen to me. Only his hunger was able to stop him before he flew away from me."

"I wish he’d eat more than just those two egg rolls." Goten says sniffling.

"I have an idea." Gohan says snapping his fingers. "Goten, come with me."

Trunks has walked quite a ways. He stops himself as he realizes where he is. The familiar pond sparkles and shines in the afternoon sun. He perches himself onto a rock near the edge. Looking down at his reflection, he realizes that a tear has slipped out of one eye. Quickly he rubs it away. He clears his throat and looks up at the sky. It’s beginning to get dark, the thinks to himself. The sun is slowly disappearing from the horizon. He pulls his jacket closer to his body as a cold wind rushes underneath it. He doesn’t understand why the cool breeze is bothering him. It shouldn’t considering that he’s a Saiyan...a Super Saiyan at that. Oh…scratch that again…he’s the new prince of the Saiyans. Which is something that his father is reminding him of time and time again, but he never really pays much heed. For some mysterious reason, Goten enters his mind. Or in other words, he won’t leave his mind. What is with him? Has he gone completely insane? His father would never let him live it down if he ever found out about their little innocent kiss. He would call him a whole bunch of nasty words that he doesn’t even want to consider thinking of. It’s not worth it, he thinks. It’s not worth the curiosity. But…he is my best friend…or…or is he…still?

"I did such a terrible thing…" Trunks sniffles a tear, "I shouldn’t have been so mean to Goten. I should have tried to let bygones be bygones…just like he said…"

Suddenly, Trunks hears a bunch of blasts and explosions near where he’s sitting. "Nani?? What the hell?!"

The sound starts getting louder. Suddenly he hears someone scream. Instantly, Trunks flies towards the sound of the fighting. He finds Goten lying on the ground, looking half beaten to death. A red puddle lay next to him. Goten’s hands are covering up what looks to be the area that he’s been hit. Trunks gasps. He immediately begins scanning for any life forms nearby. He holds his breath as he senses two really huge powers. They both feel familiar. Ignoring the two powers, he runs to Goten’s side. He picks him up and places him onto his lap.

"Goten! Are you all right?? Answer me!"

Goten opens his eyes slightly. A picture of Trunks slowly comes into focus. "T-Trunks…?" Goten murmurs. "…Is it you?" his eyes close again, and his head tilts to one side.

"Hold on, buddy. I’ll get you home in one piece." Trunks softly says in his ear. He picks him up and flies him towards the Son’s house. All the time going there, he keeps thinking to himself-"don’t die, Goten-san! Please…don’t die on me!"

Finally making it there, he rushes Goten to his bedroom window. Trunks forces the window open and lays him onto his bed. He gets some bandages to bind his wound. Goten peers one eye open and watches Trunks gather hot water and some white cloth. Finally all clean and bandaged up, Trunks stares into Goten’s eyes. He feels very responsible for what has happened, basically because he wasn’t there with him when it happened.

Goten gives Trunks a half grin, "I knew you cared!" he chuckles. "You wouldn’t let me die, would you, buddy?"

"No…of course not! I’d never let any harm come to you…" he stops himself. He thinks of the fight they had and the look Goten had on his face. "…I mean…I don’t want any harm to come to you…I wouldn’t…I mean…I’d hate to see you…um…"

"…Hurt?" Goten finishes. He smiles softly at him.

"H-Hai…" Trunks nods slowly. "I have had a lot to think about, Goten. I understand now that I wasn’t being very… ‘nice’ about the whole deal and…I shouldn’t have hurt your feelings like that. I’m sorry."

Goten grins. "The prince of the Saiyans is actually saying sorry?" He sits up on his elbows, "I’m flattered."

"Yeah…well…don’t get any ideas, ok?" he gives Goten a crooked smile.

"Alright!" Goten grins, "not a problem."

"By the way…buddy…" Trunks continues with the crooked grin and raises an eyebrow, "…while I was bandaging you up, I noticed that you didn’t have a very big wound. It wasn’t as bad as I have thought it was. You weren’t about to die, were you?"

Goten looks away and smiles to himself. "No…well…it wasn’t a lethal injury…why do you ask?"

"I know what’s going on! You made it look like you were more hurt than you actually were! Didn’t you??"

"Um…well…ah…look Trunks…ah…."

"Forget it." Trunks leans in close to him. "Let’s let bygones be bygones, ok?"

"Oh…ah…sure, Trunks. Whatever you say…" Goten trails off as their lips gently touch. Goten can feel his face flush bright red all the way to the tip of his head. Goten sighs as Trunks carefully begins to tower over him…letting him have his way.


That next morning, Goten awakens with a jerk. His eyes snap open and he sits up. The dream he just had was strange. Wondering if last night was just a dream also, he looks over to his side. No Trunks. Beginning to believe it was all just some fantasy, he remembered the bandages. He lifts up the covers and notices that they are still on him! It wasn’t a dream! Goten smiles to himself. We actually made up! But, why did he leave? Goten recalls the night all too well. He steps down out of his bed and gets dressed. He leisurely goes downstairs for breakfast.

"Morning, Goten!" Chi-chi smiles, "Glad to see you’re awake! I’ve made your favorite meal!"

"Thank you, mom." Goten gives his mother a slight smile. He begins to eat without any word. He finishes his meal quickly and gets up to go outside.

"Dear…Trunks was here this morning for awhile. He said he had some important stuff to do. Was he here all night?"

"Hai…" Goten nods sadly, "…he was here."

"Ah…that would explain a few things." Chi-chi nods.

"Like what, mom?"

"Oh…nothing. Don’t worry about it, dear. Just run along now."

"Alright." Goten leaves with a confused look on his face. ‘What did she mean by that?’ he thinks.

At Gohan and Videl’s place, Trunks arrives at the door. He rings the bell a couple times. Videl answers.

"Oh! Trunks! Come on in. We were just done having breakfast. So I’m afraid that you just lucked out."

"It’s alright, I already ate. I came by to talk to Gohan."

"Ok! Gohan! Trunks wishes to speak to you."

"I’ll be right there, honey." Gohan says, sounding very happy. He gets to the door and sees Trunks like it was a surprise to see that he’s here. "Ah, Trunks. What can I do for ya?"

"Well…I’ve been thinking about something that I need to talk to you about."

"Alright, what is it?" Gohan shuts the door behind him as they walk outside.

"Well…to let you know. Me and Goten made up."

"Ah! That’s good!"

"And I know your little secret!" Trunks smirks.

"Secret…? What secret??" Gohan says sounding innocent.

"The whole deal with making him look really injured! That was your clever plan, wasn’t it??" Trunks raises an eyebrow.

"Me?? Now why would I ever want to purposely hurt Goten?"

"I don’t know…to make it look real enough??"

"I suppose hurting Goten like that was different than the way you hurt him?"

"Well…sort of…maybe. No…I guess it wasn’t."

"Hai! You learned a very good lesson, didn’t you?"

"Hai…" Trunks gives him a half smile, "…you’re a sly one, Son Gohan."

Gohan smiles at the remark. "Thanks…I think."

"Well, I guess now that I got the truth out of you I shall be off. I’m gonna go give Goten a warm awakening."

"I bet you will." Gohan smirks.

Back at Goten’s place, Trunks arrives to get Goten out of bed. He notices that he’s already out of bed so he goes looking for him. He finally finds him sitting on a rock by the pond where he was before they made up. Trunks tries to sneak up on him, but Goten has already detected him. He lands down next to Goten without a word. They both stare at the clear water. Without even moving a muscle, Goten begins the conversation.

"So what now?"

"Now?" Trunks says, continuing to stare into the pond. "Now we got to be very careful with what we do."

"Hai." Goten says solemnly. "Don’t want your father to know what we did…and don’t want my mother to know what we did."

"As long as my father doesn’t know." Trunks points out.

There’s a long pause. Finally they look at each other, this time without regrets. Then they look back at the pond.

"So, what WAS with last night?" Goten finally says. Trunks gives him a raised eyebrow.

"What do you mean?"

"Well…that was not expected of you at all. I’m not saying I didn’t like it…I’m just saying that…you know…"

"It wasn’t Saiyan-like?" Trunks smirks.

"No. I guess what I’m saying is…it was a nice surprise. BUT I don’t want this sort of thing to be some kind of hobby of ours. You know what I mean?"

"Hai! I know exactly what you mean…" Trunks looks at Goten "…soul-mate."