The Anime World
Its not The Real World, Its not MTV... matter of fact, its far from both!

    Welcome one and all to the first season of The Anime World. Just a taste of how Anime characters from different backgrounds, manga, and T.V. series all act when cramped together in a house! Why do we do it?... I dunno... something about ratings linking to live youth television. Anyhow, relax, sit back, and watch just what happens when people stop being polite and get Anime!... Wait a minute, that didnt make sense at all! Who wrote this garbage?


TRUNKS- From Dragon Ball Z and GT! Trunks comes from a very violent anime and background. He is part Saiyan warrior and part Human. However, he takes his Saiyan heritage very defensively and sensitively! So whatever you do, dont make any dirty monkey slurs around him... unless youre ready for an hour-on-end lecture of his heritage and why he gets upset over it every time.

D- From Vampire Hunter D! This anime character is strictly for the movies, though I doubt any of you even HEARD of his 80s debut. He comes from a dark, futuristic, sanity-sickening background in which he must destroy all mutants and vampires. Hes a very odd, mysterious, dark man that rarely ever talks... thus he can never say the wrong things... thus he becomes everyones friend... thus they all think hes cool! You think D is exponentially cool!

DUO- From Gundam Wing! He comes from a world of mobile suits, psychotically-obsessive women, space battles, and alliances. Though this sounds like a tough world, dont be fooled... all he has to do is slash some OZ mobile suits into ribbons with his Deathsycthe for him to become an instant legend to add on to his cushy, cake life! Oh, and he has a mucho big secret! ...Hes GAY! ...What? Did I spoil it for you? Oh cmon, if you didnt know he was yaio by now you dont DESERVE a surprise!

SPACE GHOST- From Space Ghost Coast to Coast! He had an action show in the 60s, but no one cares about that! ...Okay, you got us. He isnt a REAL anime star. He just showed up one day and begged us to be on. After sleeping on our doorstep for about a week, we decided to let this super hero has-been be on the show. However, his extreme laziness makes him the outcast by the rest of the house.

SAILOR MOON- From Sailor Moon (Duh)! She comes from a bright, happy, romantic background where destroying bland,boring monsters and deciding what to wear for your date are a complicated as things get! If you want to keep your virginity, best stay away from this blonde! When you get within five feet of her you better put up or shut up... or better yet run away!

AYEKA- I'm not sure if thats how you spell her name, but it's the princess from the Tenchi Universe series! She comes from a space background of love, betrayal, heart break, and stalking a boy called Tenchi. Though desperate for a deep relationship in the house, her bossy attitude drives her to be quite unpopular. *Sniffle* So sad...

MISTY- From... you guessed it! The pre-teen brain washing marketing blunder that is... POKEMON!!! She comes from a world of... Pokemon. Thats really all there is to it. Contrary to her Anime personality of being spunky and light hearted, she is really quite depressing and extremely suicidal... but after putting up with about two-hundred episodes of "Gotta catch them all, I gotta catch them all", who wouldn't be?

    For those of you that dont know much about 'The Real World', the real show that this is a spoof on, there are two sequences you need to know.

TELEPHONE SEQUENCE- Someone in the house is on the phone with someone important to them.
INNER FEELINGS SEQUENCE- One on one interview between someone in the house and the camera. Mainly to share their feelings about what is currently going on.

Feature Presentation... THE ANIME WORLD!
(To start the season off flashy, the house will be a large mansion at the end of the West Capital. Where exactly is this 'West Capital' located? Dont know... but almost every anime series has one!)
-=WEEK 1=-

::A taxi slowly reers up to the West Capital Mansion. The door opens and out walks a purple haired young man holding his luggage.::
TRUNKS: "Wow!"
::Trunks looks in awe at the mansion. He shuts the door and is about to walk in, then a cabbie immediately stops him. The cabbie has a heavy, hispanic accent.::
CABBIE: "'Ey! You owe me $23.50!"
TRUNKS: "...Um... I thought the travel was all expense paid."
::The cabbie looks at Trunks for a while, then points a finger straight at his face.::
CABBIE: "Dont piss me!"
::Trunks backs away a little nervous.::
TRUNKS: "No, no! I'm not trying to... 'piss you'. They told me the travel here was all expense paid!"
CABBIE: "...Now you piss me!"
::Trunks panics and whips out all the money he has.::
TRUNKS: "Here! All I have is $18.00!"
::The cabbie takes it and gives Trunks a disgusted look.::
CABBIE: "I hold you for my $5.50 you prissy!"
::With that, the cabbie drives off. Trunks gives a disgusted as the cabbie drives off, and continues to the mansion.::
TRUNKS: "I tell ya... never was any respect for half Saiyans, never will be!"

::Trunks takes one step inside the mansion and is already amazed. A large, two story mansion that has beautiful paintings on the wall, expensive carpeting, gorgeous wall paper, and... and... ahh I'll stop right here. I'm running out of descriptive adjectives.::
::Trunks drops his backpack and looks around the whole house. He gasps for air being he's in such wonder.::
TRUNKS: "This is incredible! Look at this!"
::He drags the camera over to the paintings.::
TRUNKS: "Have you ever seen paintings like these before? Heh... notice how you dont see any SAIYAN portraits. Why? Saiyans too DIRTY for this big beautiful house?! Huh??! Are my BIG, STINKY half Saiyan vibes ruining this BEAUTIFUL atmosphere?! HUH?!?!?!"
CAMERA MAN: "Umm... Who are you talking to? You're the only one in the house."
TRUNKS: "Good! I wanna let myself hear me! I want ALL of myself to know the pain and prejuidice I'm dealing with! None of me knows the kind of pressures I'm going through!"
CAMERA MAN:"...What??"
::There is a brief silence, then the sound of wheels pulling up is heard outside. Trunks and the camera man rush to the window to see who it is. Whoever just arrived, they came here in a limo. Trunks looks at it and rolls his eyes.::
TRUNKS: "Oh, THEY get a limo!"
CAMERA MAN: "...Yeah, okay..."

::The limo door opens and out walks a tall dark man dressed in a cloak, a hat, and a sword sheathed on his back.::
D: "...We're here..."
::After him walks out a teenage girl in a skimpy sailor outfit and two extremely long pig tails.::
SAILOR MOON: "Yay! We're here! *Giggle*"
::She smiles and wraps her arms around D in delight. D simply stands calm and emotionless.::
D: "...For the fifth time, stop touching me like that."
SAILOR MOON: "Aww you're such a cutey!"
::She pinches D's cheek then slaps his ass.::
SAILOR MOON: "I bet I can make that pale skin of yours blush! Hee hee!"
::D rolls his eyes::
D: "...Lets just go inside and see if anyone else is here..."
SAILOR MOON: "Yay! More hunky cuties!"
::D walks in while Sailor Moon skips in. Trunks is there to greet them.::
TRUNKS: "Hey, hows it going? I'm Trunks."
::He extends a hand to D. D shakes Trunks' hand, then a munching sound is heard.::
::He holds his hand in pain and gives a puzzled look to D.::
D: "...Sorry... it bites..."
::He shows Trunks the symbiote that lives in his hand. The symbiote smiles to Trunks::
D's HAND: "You taste like turkey!"
TRUNKS: "...Riiiight..."
D: "...The scantly clad girl beside me is Serena... or as she likes to be called, Sailor Moon."
::Sailor Moon looks to Trunks with big heart eyes and a big smile. Trunks smiles and extends a hand to her.::
TRUNKS: "Hi! I'm Tru--"
::Before Trunks can finish, Sailor Moon pounces on him and begins to smother him while ranting.::
SAILOR MOON: "Oh-my-gosh-your-so-cute-your-even-more-cute-than-D-lets-find-us-jacoozi-and-play-pin-the- tail-on-the-Sailor-Moon-I-mean-it!"
::After about a minute of this, D gets a bottle of water and sprays Sailor Moon twice.::
D: "Back! Back!"
::Sailor Moon hisses and runs into a corner. D look to Trunks.::
D: "...Are you alive?"
::Trunks lies on the floor in a dazed state.::
TRUNKS: "...Mommy?...Where are you mommy?"
::D raises an eyebrow.::
D: "...Try riding with her in a limo for thirty minutes..."
::Just then, D hears some more wheels pulling up to the house. Him and the camera man look out to see who it is. Out of the big red bus walks out a teenage boy with a ponytail, a purple haired woman in pink robes, and an orange haired girl wearing a shorts and a t-shirt.::
D: "Well... looks like we have company..."

::Duo, Aeyeka, and Misty all walk in with their luggage. Duo is first to greet the three that have already arrived in the house.::
DUO: "Hiya! I'm Duo Maxwell!"
AEYAKE:"I'm princess AYEKA, pleased to meet you."
::D waves hi to Duo and Aeyeka, then notices Misty is being quite antisocial.::
MISTY: "...Yeah, hi... whatever..."
::She folds her arms and turns away from everyone else. Trunks gets up and shakes the daziness off.::
TRUNKS: "Huh? Wha? Oh, hi! I'm Trunks."
::Sailor Moon instantly has her eyes glued on Duo. She gasps and pounces on him.::
SAILOR MOON: "Oh-my-gosh-you're-so-cute-I-never-thought-I'd-meet-anyone-cuter-than-Trunks-but-here-you-
::D immediately takes out a whip and starts cracking it.::
D: "Back! Back!"

::Sailor Moon wimpers and crawls away. Duo has no expression of being dazed on his face.::
DUO: "Well, that was weird."
::He gets up and brushes the dirt off him.::
AEYAKE: "Well, I suggest the most logical and best thing to do would be to select rooms."
::Says AYEKA with a cocky, confident smile on her face.::
TRUNKS: "Wait, isn't there one more person coming?"
::AYEKA's face instantly becomes serious.::
AEYAKE: "...E-...Excuse me? D-...Did you just contradict me?"
::Trunks gives her a slightly concerned, nervous face.::
TRUNKS: "...Well I just thought it's be best to pick rooms when EVERYONE gets here."
AEYAKE: "Wait wait wait wait! Heh heh... YOU... are telling ME... We cant pick rooms NOW?!"
TRUNKS: "I..."
AEYAKE: "No no no no no! Picking rooms NOW is the most LOGICAL thing to do! Now, I say we PICK ROOMS NOW, or else some certain SOMEONE or SOMEONE'S may find a certain 'trinket' in their bed at night... understand?!"
::AYEKA leers to all of them with her hands on her hips. Everyone else in the house stands silent with a traumatized look on their face.::
D: "...I say we pick rooms..."
DUO and SAILOR MOON: "Yeah, sounds like a good idea!"
::Trunks folds his arms and looks to AYEKA sternly.::
TRUNKS: "...This is because I'm half Saiyan, isn't it?"
AEYAKE: "What?"
TRUNKS: "Dont act all cute and innocent with me now! Girl, you gots some hate issues and I aint gonna take it!"
::Trunks snaps his fingers and bobs his in a circular motion.::
TRUNKS: "Mmm hmm, das right!"
::Misty sighs and has a depressed look on her face.::
MISTY: "*Sigh*, Even when I'm away from my show I cant escape the sadness..."
::She slowly aims a gun to her head, but then stops as she hears wheels pulling up to the mansion. They all instantly get excited and crowd at the window. The car is a beautiful, shining Jaguar XK8. Every part of it glistens as is goes into a halt. The tinted windows keep everyone from seeing who it is.::
TRUNKS: "Wow! Who is it? I bet it's Pan!"
D: "...Dorris? Could it be?..."
AEYAKE: "Please please please be Tenchi!"
::The door slowly opens, still none of them can see who it is.::
SAILOR MOON: "C'mon Mamo-chan!"
MISTY: "Whatever it is, it BETTER not be a Pikachu...Pikachu, oh gosh... the horror, the horror! EEK! Think pleasant thoughts, think pleasant thoughts, think pleasant thoughts..."
::Duo has his fingers crossed and repeats the same thing over and over.::
DUO: "Quatre, Quatre, Quatre, Quatre, Quatre..."
::They all look to Duo with puzzled faces. He looks back to them.::
DUO: "...What?"
::The person takes a step out of the car, so they can all get a full glimpse of them. Their excitement quickly diminishes as they see the white costumed, yellow caped man walk to the door. He walks in and greets all of them.::
SPACE GHOST: "Hiya! I'm Space Ghost!"
::Everyone else's mouth drops as they look to him.::
SPACE GHOST: "Hm, in shock I see. It's okay! It's not everyday you see a superhero like me."
TRUNKS: "Thats... not why we're shocked..."
SPACE GHOST: "Really? Hmm..."
AEYAKE: "Um... who are you and what are you doing in our house?"
SPACE GHOST: "Me? I'm Space Ghost! I was picked for this show to--"
D: "No. What she means is..."
DUO: "You're not exactly a..."
::Misty sighs and simply breaks the news to Space Ghost.::
MISTY: "You're not an Anime character!"
TRUNKS: "Yeah... so what're you doing here?"
SPACE GHOST: "...Well, my movements are jerky, I can fly and shoot rays, and I travel through space. Thats anime enough for me!"
::Space Ghost smiles, drops his luggage on the floor, and stretches.::
SPACE GHOST: "So... we gonna pick rooms now?"

TRUNKS: "My first thoughts on everyone? Hmm... well, D seems cool, I've learned to stay away from Sailor Moon, and the others seem pretty nice... except for Aeikea, or whatever her name is. She has BIG racial problems and, I'll tell ya right now, I am NOT gonna put up with it! You see, being half human and half saiyan, you REALLY gotta stick up for yourself and not take crap from anyone! As for Space Ghost? Hmm, technically he's not one of us ANIME characters but, hey, lets give the guy a chance, he seems nice and ::Screams off camera for AYEKA to hear:: NOT RACIAL!!!"

D: "...First thoughts? Well no vampires or mutants, though that Space Ghost one comes close... all and all I think I can actually relax here. Trunks seems a little edgy, Sailor Moon scares the beegeezus out of me, although I'm still puzzled as to why Duo was so anxious to see Quatre... Hmmm..."

SAILOR MOON: "Wow! First thoughts? Hmm, hee hee! Well, at first I thought D was really cute... but then I saw Trunks and WOW!! But then, Duo's a real hottie too! Space Ghost? Hmm... Well, I like his tight suit! Hee hee hee! Gee, now I gotta wonder is who is the best out of all them. D would be a real challenge! I like that! Oooooh I just cant decide! I figure if I get a big case booze and a giant bubble bath something is bound to happen! Hee hee hee hee hee!"

DUO: "My first thoughts on everyone in the house? They all seem nice and cool. After we all settle down I think I may share my deep, dark secret with them. ...What? ...What do you mean everyone else knows?! NO ONE IN THE HOUSE KNOWS YET, RIGHT?!! Oh... good... heh heh, nevermind then, heh heh..."

AEYAKE: "First thoughts? Well, everyone here has a major attitude! If they would all just pipe down and listen to reason we'd all get together! ...What? No I am not that voice of reason, I just happen to know most of the right choices to make! Trunks has attitude, Sailor Moon has attitude, Duo has attitude, Misty has attitude, Space Ghost ESPECIALLY has attitude! The only cool one appears to be D. ::Screams off camera for Trunks to hear:: AND I AM NOT RACIAL!!!"

MISTY: "...Who cares about my thoughts. No one cares. No cares about me. Whats the point? Life sucks. Thats right! Life SUCKS!!! You'd think the same way if all your life was revolved around catching impish freaks and hanging around personality-less LOSERS!! RRRRGH!!! SHOOT ME NOOOOWWWW!!!"

SPACE GHOST: "This house is really neat! That was my first and foremost thought. About everyone else? Well... they look a little different from the cartoon crew I'm used to hanging out with, but hey a little change never killed anyone! I just hope Moltar, Zorak, and Brak dont wreck the show while I'm gone. Besides this gig, it's all I have left!"
-=WEEK 3=- ((You'll notice I skip weeks to fit the page limit.))

TRUNKS: "Well, the past few days haven't been so bad. We all picked rooms... took us three days to figure out who gets what room, but we did it! D, Space Ghost, and I all sleep in one room. Sailor Moon insisted that she sleep in the same room with us... but luckily we have padlocks. Misty insisted that she sleep alone... she picked a dark, dank, lonely room. Weird. Princess Aeyaikah and Sailor Moon sleep in the same room along with Duo! Duo says it's best he sleeps in their room rather than ours, I wonder why that is? Hmm... speaking of Duo, the second day we were together he said he had a secret and he still wont tell us what it is! That aint right! Leaving us dangling like that! He says he'll tell us today... HE BETTER!!"

::Aeyaeka, Duo, and Trunks are all sitting at the breakfast table while D flips some pancakes.::
AYEKA: "All right Duo, spill it! Whats you're big secret?"
DUO: "Mmm... I'll tell you LATER today."
TRUNKS: "Oh c'mon Duo! At least give us a clue!"
::Duo holds his chin and begins to think.::
DUO: "...Okay! I'll tell you my secret in japanese."
TRUNKS: "Yes! We'll all get this one!"
DUO: "Yaio."
::They all look at him with blank and confused faces.::
D: "...Come again?"
DUO: "Yaio."
::They all think about it for a while.::
AYEKA: "Damn! After all the japanese anime I've been in thats the ONE word I dont know the meaning to!"
TRUNKS: "I have no idea what that means. Any clue, D?"
D: "...No... thats not a word I think I've heard in my series of anime."
AYEKA: "Me neither! What does it mean, Duo?"
DUO: "Nuh-uh! That was your one hint! You wanna know my secret you'll have to wait later today."
::Trunks slams his hand down on the table in frustration. Space Ghost throws a vase from another room at them and it instantly shatters against the wall.::
SPACE GHOST: "Quiet in there! I'm trying to sleep!!"

AYEKA: "Okay, This Space Ghost freak is REALLY pissing me off! I know I've said that about everyone in the house, but I mean... well look at him! He just sits on his lazy ass all day while the rest of us work and slave! ...True that the most chores we have to do is make dinner, but still! No help from him for that either! Not to mention he isnt even one of us. NO COMMENTS OUT OF YOU, TRUNKS!"

::Sailor Moon walks down the stairs in her night gown and brushing her hair. Trunks walks by her and stops.::
TRUNKS: "Oh! Serena! I got a question for you."
SAILOR MOON: "Yeeeeaaaaah?"
::Sailor Moon leans over to him and bats her eyes flirtatiously.::
TRUNKS: "Duo told us his secret in japanese but no one knows what the word means. Maybe you'll know."
SAILOR MOON: "What is it?"
TRUNKS: "He said 'Yaio'."
::Sailor Moon blushes and giggles insanely.::
SAILOR MOON: "Oh my! Heeheeheeheehee!"
TRUNKS: "What? Do you know what it means?"
SAILOR MOON: "Yeah! We used that to describe Darrien a lot of times!"
::She runs off giggling.::
TRUNKS: "WHAT?! What does it mean?"
SAILOR MOON: "Oh my, oh my! Heeheeheeheehee!"
::Sailor Moon continues to run and Trunks chases after her.::
TRUNKS: "C'mon! Tell me!"
SAILOR MOON: "Oh my! Heeheeheeheehee!"
::Finally, Sailor Moon runs out of sight. Trunks gives up chasing her and tries one last attempt by giving her an offer.::
TRUNKS: "C'mon! Tell me! I'll do you!"

::AYEKA walks over to Space Ghost, who is sleeping on the couch, and gives him an angry look.::
AYEKA: "Space Ghost! Get off your lazy ass and wake up Misty!"
::Space Ghost snores and grumbles a bit.::
SPACE GHOST: "Hrrm... why would I wanna do that?"
AYEKA: "I dont know! To make yourself USEFUL perhaps?!"
SPACE GHOST: "Ya know, Aiayka..."
AYEKA: "Thats Aeyeka!"
SPACE GHOST: "Whatever, your gettin' to be a house warlord."
AYEKA: "What?! I am not!"
SPACE GHOST: "Sure, but ya know.. people are talkin'..."
AYEKA: "Absurd! No one's saying anything about me!"
SPACE GHOST: "Hmm, dont take my word for it... Well, as long as you dont have a problem with everyone thinking you have a bossing-around problem..."
::Space Ghost rolls over and AYEKA takes a second to think. Afterwards, she turns around and walks off.::
AYEKA: "Fine! I'll wake up Misty!"
SPACE GHOST: "Good call. *Yawn*"
::AYEKA walks over and bangs on Misty's door.::
AYEKA: "Misty! Wake up! D's slaved for 2 minutes over hot stove making pancakes! Get up and have some!"
::There's no answer. AYEKA walks in on her, Misty is holding a small flask of blue liquid. She instantly turns to AYEKA in horror.::
MISTY: "Stay back! I'll do it! I'LL DO IT!!"
AYEKA: "Yeah okay, but before you do, have some breakfast. You'll have bowel problems if you drink posion on an empty stomach."
::With that, Misty takes a quick swig of the blue liquid. She gags five times, then instantly falls to the ground, limp. AYEKA slowly walks over to her and examines the flask and blue liquid.::
AYEKA: "...Dammit, Misty! Thats was the last of my 'Exotic Jurai Perfume'!"
::Misty's eyes bug open.::
MISTY: "...What?"
AYEKA: "Next time ASK before you waste my expensive cosmetics!!"
::AYEKA storms out. Misty quickly gets up and scrapes at her tongue.::

::The day quickly passes and it is now 7:35 PM. Everyone is eating chinese food in the dining room. Space Ghost breaks the silence of eating with his question.::
SPACE GHOST: "Hey, Duo! Hows about telling us that secret of yours?"
AYEKA: "You dont deserve a secret, Space Ghost! All you did all day is sit on your ass and watch 'Astroboy' re-runs!"
SPACE GHOST: "Ahem... who's the one who got us this nice Chinese food?"
AYEKA: "That was because you were too lazy to take out 5 minutes of your life to make 'Hamburger Helper'! Besides, most of us had a chip in for this!"
SPACE GHOST: "Yeah yeah, whatever... so Duo, whats your secret? I'm sure everyone wants to know."
MISTY: "...I dont..."
::Misty plays with her food, a sad expression on her face. Sailor Moon blushes a deep red and giggles insanely again.::
SAILOR MOON: "Heeheeheeheeheeheehee! I know Duo's secret!"
TRUNKS: "Yeah but you wont tell anyone! Or me at least... figures, being I'm half Saiyan and all..."
::AYEKA rolls her eyes. Duo scratches behind his head and blushes a little.::
DUO: "Ehhh... okay... I'll tell you."
::Everyone at the table cheers, except Misty. Duo gets and walks toward the room he sleeps in.::
DUO: "Come with me."
::They all follow him, except Misty.::
SAILOR MOON: "C'mon, Misty! Hee hee! ^-^"
::Misty gets out of her chair and follows everyone else with her shoulders slumped over and looking down. Duo finally reaches his room and opens a cardboard box in the corner. He ruffles through all the styrofoam pieces and pulls out five framed pictures. He displays them all on a shelf. Everyone examines the pictures closely.::
D: "...Okay... so how about your secret?"
DUO: "...Eh...I think these pictures speak my secret pretty well."
::They all examine the pictures closer. One picture is of Duo and Heero flying a kite. The second is of Duo with his arm around Heero and smiling, Heero's expression is of him rolling his eyes. The third picture is of Duo and Heero on a ferris wheel, Duo lies on Heero's shoulder while Heero has an expression of disgust on his face. The fourth picture is of Duo and Heero in bath tub, in this picture Heero is horrified and trying to escape the bath. The fifth picture is all blurred out.::
TRUNKS: "...Hmmm..."
D: "...Hmmm..."
AYEKA: "...Hmmm..."
SPACE GHOST: "...Hmmm..."
SAILOR MOON: "Oh my! Hee hee hee hee hee!"
::Many of them try to contemplate Duo's secret. Misty sighs and rolls her eyes.::
MISTY: "...He's GAY you morons!"
::They all get immediately surprised.::
AYEKA: "...Oh my... yes, well... Oh... my..."
D: "Hmm, well... an alternative IS common in this day and age... and in our line of animation."
TRUNKS: "UGH! Oh my god! Oh my god! AUGH!!!"
::Trunks runs out of the room screaming in horror. They all watch him run out.::
SPACE GHOST: "Hmm, not used to this sort of thing I see."
DUO: "*Sigh*. Well, thats my secret. I'm gay. This is my boyfriend Heero."
SAILOR MOON: "Wow! What a hottie!"
DUO: "Yeah, but not for you, Serena. Heero's a one man man!"
::D examines the pictures closer.::
D: "...You know... Heero's expressions in these pictures seem a little... 'odd' for a gay man."
DUO: "Oh, thats what I love about Heero! He always plays hard to get! Always saying stuff like 'Stop calling me', or 'I like women', oh but he's just playing! Heero knows that kind of playing turns me on anyway!"
::Space Ghost shudders and walks off.::
D: "...I see..."

::Duo picks up the phone and starts dialing.::
=====>> On Phone: HEERO
HEERO: "Hello?"
DUO: "Hey sweety."
HEERO: "...Dammit! Duo is that you?!"
DUO: "How'd ya guess?"
HEERO: "Duo, for the last and FINAL time stop calling me! We could've been friends, we could've been buds, but this yaio obessesion of yours is freaking the hell out of me and I now want NOTHING to do with you!"
DUO: "Hm hm hm, I love it when you play hard to get."
HEERO: "I am NOT playing hard to get!! And you BETTER stop telling people that because we are NOT a couple!"
DUO: "Aww Heero... well, good news! I spoke of our blooming love to everyone in the house."
HEERO: "WHAT?!?! You got accepted to 'The Anime World'? We're on TV now? EVERYONE!!! LISTEN TO ME!!! DUO AND I ARE NOT A COUPLE!!! HE'S FULL OF BULLS**T!!!"
DUO: "Shhh, Heero! I know you're excited but you cant say those nasty-wasty words on TV."
HEERO: "Shut up, freak! Two words for ya... Relena Peacecraft!"
DUO: "Oh Heero! Everyone knows that's just on our anime show! Everyone knows we're the TRUE couple!"
HEERO: "Hey, Relena may be annoying as hell but for some strange reason I feel A LOT more comfortable around her than around you!!"
DUO: "Heero! We were meant to be! Besides, everyone always pairs us up in their fanfics and KNOWS we should be together."
HEERO: "Screw what everyone else thinks! Not EVERYONE in anime has to be gay!! And I'm not one of those yaio people!"
DUO: "Aww, you're so cute Heero. Did you get my letter?"
HEERO: "Yeah, I did! For the seventh time, stop writing me these letters about 'big, strong beam sabres'! Bye, ya freak! And if you call me again I'm sicking the entire OZ elite on you!!" *click*

DUO: "It's so hard, being torn away from the one I love. Of course, Heero can't come over. So overwhelmed with his Gundams and all. Hopefully, after all this is done, I'll be able to see him again!"
-=WEEK 5=- Time= 6:22 P.M.
::A bunch of shadowy figures sit in an R.V. and watch the 'Anime World' mansion from a afar. A spikey haired individual observates the scenery with binoculars.::
FEMALE MYSTERY PERSON: "Is that the house?"
SPIKEY HAIRED MYSTERY PERSON: "Yep... thats it all right."
::The spikey haired one keeps a close watch. Then a mystery figure wearing a hat walks up to both of them.::
HAT MYSTERY PERSON: "So, when are we gonna we catch 'em?"
SPIKEY HAIRED MYSTERY PERSON: "For the last time, we aren't CATCHING anything!"
HAT MYSTERY PERSON: "Oh... so... what're we doing here?"
::The spikey haired one rolls his eyes.::
SPIKEY HAIRED MYSTERY PERSON: "Brief this dimwit over here of our mission yet AGAIN!"
::The female mystery figure pulls the hat wearing one aside while the spikey haired one continues to watch the house. As he watches, Misty and Sailor Moon walk out of the house.::
SCANTLY CLAD MYSTERY PERSON: "All right. Lets do this!"
::The spikey haired one throws away his binoculars, then everyone in the R.V. rushes out and swiftly sneaks their way to the mansion.::

::D, Trunks, and Aiayka are sitting in the living room reading magazines and books. Space Ghost is sitting in a bean bag chair watching reruns of his old show, and Duo is in the bathroom washing his face. But lets focus on everyone in the living room for now.::
TRUNKS: "...I wonder what Nameks taste like?"
::There is a brief silence, then D's vampiric ears sense a noise.::
D: "Hn? You hear that?"
AYEKA: "...Hear what?"
D: "Shh! There it is again..."
::They all hold still and silent.::
TRUNKS: "Uhhh... D? What do you hear? I dont hear anything."
::D listens for the noise again, then gets up out of his chair and walks for the backdoor. In confusion, Trunks and Aiayka follow him. D turns and walks in the backyard, it is totally dark from the evening sky. Trunks and Aiayka follow him out.::
TRUNKS: "D? Whats going on?!"
D: "Shhhhhh!!"
::They all stay silent, then D flips a switch and many lights turn on in the backyard. Suddenly, six intruders can be seen. Goten (From Dragon Ball Z/GT), Ash (From Pokemon), Tenchi (From the Tenchi Universe), Miyuu (From Vampire Princess Miyuu), Sailor Mars (From Sailor Moon), and Relena Peacecraft (From Gundam Wing). D folds his arms.::
D: "Well well well, if it isnt the 'Anime Road Rules'!"
::Sailor Mars groans at this sight.::
SAILOR MARS: "Ugggh, great! First time we were ever caught doing one of these ridiculous missions."
::Trunks look to the side of them and notices a whole rack of unfinished egg catapults.::
TRUNKS: "So, planning to yolk our house up, eh?"
::Aiayka gives a pissed look to Tenchi::
AYEKA: "Oooooooh! How could you Tenchi?!"
TENCHI: "I...uhhh...well I..."
::Tenchi begins to blush a little and laughs faintly. Goten rolls his eyes.::
GOTEN: "For crying out loud, Tenchi, you don't have to stammer and blush at EVERY girl you see!"
::Aiayka's face turns beat red and becomes more pissed.::
AYEKA: "WHAT?!?! You've been blushing and stammering to other women?!"
::Aiayka dashes at Tenchi in a blind rage, Tenchi runs and they continue the chase. Trunks looks to Goten.::
TRUNKS: "Damn, ma main man! Why would you do this?"
GOTEN: "Look, Trunks, it's nothing personal. It's just that in Anime Road Rules they have us do really idiotic missions, egging up your house is just one of the many. C'mon, man! We are half Saiyans! Us Saiyans gots to stick together man!"
TRUNKS: "I know, I know."
RELENA: "So you'll let us egg up your house then?"
D: "No!"
ASH: "C'mon! Just let us have this ONE mission! We havent failed one yet! Dont make us look bad!"
D: "You got caught! You ALREADY look bad."
GOTEN: "You don believe we're forced to do this?! Miyuu! Get the missions tapes!"
::Miyuu gets out a tape player and a bunch of tapes and plays one after the other.::
TAPE: "Congratulations Anime Road Rules squad! You have succeeded in hitting a hornet's nest with a big stick!.. *Fast forward zip*... You're next mission, squad, is to run into a tiger pit with steaks strapped to your under arms!... *Fast forward zip* Congratulations, Anime Road Rules squad! Now you must climb Mt. Everest and drop $29.50 in an amount of coins. *click*"
GOTEN: "Thats not even HALF of the ridiculous crap we're forced to do!"
MIYUU: "Please... PLEASE be easy on us and just give us this mission! Please?!"
D: "...Hmm, let me think... NO!!!"
GOTEN: "Trunks! C'mon dawg! We half Saiyans! We gots to be tight like dis!"
::Goten crosses his fingers to show how TIGHT they must be.::
TRUNKS: "Why are you talking like that?"
GOTEN: "...I dont know."
::D Whips out his humongous katana and starts slashing it around violently.::
D: "Now get off my property!"
::They all groan and head back to the RV::
SAILOR MARS: "Great. The first mission we ever failed."
ASH: "Big deal! So we dont get 2 out of our 200 Anime Road Rule points."
GOTEN: "C'mon Tenchi! We're headin' out!
::Tenchi dashes for the RV and locks himself in it. Before they leave, Relena hands D an enevelope.::
RELENA: "By the way, Heero told me this give this Duo. Be sure to give it to him."
D: "Yeah, sure."
::The Anime Road Rules group goes inside the RV and drives off. Aiayka waves her fists at it and throws a hissy fit.::

::They all walk back in the mansion. Sailor Moon and Misty are back from their trip, Duo walks out of the bathroom to greet D, Trunks, Aiayka and everyone else.::
DUO: "Hey! Whats going on?"
D: "Just those 'Anime Road Rules' punks trying to pull a mission on us."
DUO: "Bummer."
D: "Yeah. Anyway, this is from Heero..."
::He hands Duo the envelope.::
DUO: "Oh! My sweetheart misses me! Aww, but I'll have to read it later... the 'E Hollywood Special: The Cabbit' is on."
SAILOR MOON: "Ooh! I always wanted to see that!"
AYEKA: "To the T.V.!"
::Duo leaves the envelope on the table and they all head to the TV. Just as they leave, the envelope peels open... then immediately explodes.::

*TO BE CONTINUED... Will Trunks ever get over his half Saiyan heritage? Will D show any personality? Will Duo meet his long lost love? Will Aeyeka meet the man of her dreams? Will Sailor Moon get laid? Will Misty actually kill herself? Will Space Ghost get off his lazy ass and actually do something?! These questions and more will be answered in the next episodes of... 'The Anime World'!*

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