"The Red Menace"
by: Ashley (last name?) & Matthew Vargas
copywrite: April 9 to (not yet finished)
(DO NOT STEAL THIS STORY, i dont know how disclaimers usually are, so this is mine, steal it and i will kill you)

    "Lazer Beam....." Kiara screamed, "Blast!". The black ki blast flew with amazing speed towards the creature that had first attacked her. Miraculously, the creature was unharmed as it was hit with the blast, which it simply smacked away with its right hand. *Shit,* Kiara thought, *That was my best move, and he acted like I threw a doll at him. I will have to raise it up a notch*. She clenched her fists tight and began screaming wordlessly, animalistic as the beast within her took control and she went supersaiyan.
    She fired a large ki blast at the creature, which dodged and kicked her in the chin, sending her flying about 50 yards away. *oh no,* she thought as four more of the hideous beasts appeared out of nowhere and began to advance on her. *I am going to have to go up a level*. She screamed with such intense hatred that she blew a nearby boulder into pieces by simply looking at it, with a large blast, she turned super saiyan 2 and stood glaring with her golden aura glazing around her like a golden mist. Suddenly, a man appeared, he was wearing a black cloak and a black hood covering his face.

    *he's so beautiful...* Kiara thought as he flew at her with speed something more than human. Just as she thought he was an enemy and he had come to kill her, he jumped and kicked about 2 feet above her head, crippling the first creature she had been fighting. She thought *hes good, almost as good as I am, but he isnt saiyan*. This man had shoulder length blonde hair which covered half of his face making him appear more mysterious then he actually was. He screamed and turned super saiyan 2, much to Kiara's amazement, for she had been certain he wasnt saiyan, he had hidden his true power well. He destroyed two of the creatures with a flick of his hand, sending out a wave of his immense power and killing them instantly. The others he took care of easily, throwing ki blasts from all angles and appearing behind them right before they were hit and kicking the head to the right, snapping it. *He is really good,* She thought as she passed out into a deep sleep.

    She awoke a few hours later in a space pod. With much interest, she padded around looking for the man who had helped her in her fight. She found him in a small room with his legs crossed and staring intently at a black beast in the room. She gasped as the beast turned to her visciously and ran towards her. "Down boy, she wont hurt you nor I," the man said. He was tall, about 6'0 and his hair still covered half of his face as it did when he had fought on the planet with Kiara.

    "What is your name anyways? And why did you help me in that battle? I had it under control." Kiara asked. "You were going to die, I had to help you because I do not wish for people with powers such as yours to die. And there was no way you had it under control, even by going supersaiyan 2 you werent powerful enough to defeat them." he stated. "You didn't tell me your name, my name is Kiara, now tell me what yours is.". "I know your name, and you should have known mine. My name is Asher, I came to bring you to mother , she is dying and wished to see you one last time."
    "But who is your mother? And what does she want from me?" Kiara asked with intense curiosity. "You will see soon enough." the man who called himself Asher said simply.

    Three days later, after Kiara had known Asher just a little bit more, he announced they would be arriving "home". She thought this absurd since her home had been destroyed by Freiza. They both walked down a long stone hallway after landing on a planet with nothing more than a torn, desolate landscape and a larger than it appeared building. "So who is your mother Asher?" Kiara asked yet again. "You will find out" he said, much like he had been saying since she first met him.

    They finally arrived in a large stone room, lit by a large candle, which flickered and threatened to burn out. There was a small pad in the corner of the room in which a small yet defiant looking old woman lay. "Asher, is it her?" the woman called.
"Yes mother, she has finally returned."

    "Okay I am getting mad, who is this woman, and what does she want with me?" Kiara asked angrily.

    "I said you would find out Kiara, and now you will. Kiara, meet your mother, Jade."
    "What?!? My mother was a saiyan, she died when our home planet exploded! This is not her!"
    "Kiara, calm down, she is your mother, you see. When I was young, my father was a great warrior, he was born into a royal line of Saiyans, he was King Vegeta's cousin. So that is why I am able to turn supersaiyan, because my mother, your mother, is a saiyan, and so was my father. This is a complicated story, I will tell you all of it at dinner"

    "Where should I start?" Asher asked.

    "You can start by telling me who your father was, and why you wanted me here"
    "Fair enough," Asher said sarcastically, "My father was Tulpa, as I said before, King Vegeta's cousin, so when I was young, I got special treatment, the best trainers, the best meals, but one thing was missing, my mother, Jade, who is here now, was the strongest female saiyan ever, yet she was not royalty. So she was shunned and banned from walking in the public. I never saw her, only when I would visit her at nights, but one day I was discovered talking to her, they sent her off, to another planet where I would never see her again."
    "Tulpa was outraged, but he soon realized my fighting potential, so he decided to train me himself. He was a good trainer, I soon reached a level higher than any saiyan, and yet I still craved more, more fights, more power, just to be powerful. So I left one day in a space pod, I landed on a planet and was met by my mother, whom I had thought was dead. There I trained until I became supersaiyan, I eventually went to level 2 and now am the strongest saiyan next to you in this solar system. Mother had found a man here, brother of Frieza's henchman, Zarbon. He was kind and married mother, that is how you were born, which explains your enormous power, and why you have two transformations, Oozaru and the transformation in which all of those blue guys have."
    "Wait, so this is my mother? My father told me she died when Vegeta-sei blew up, but now I guess she is here now, sleeping like the weakest person in the galaxy." Kiara said.
    "Correct," Asher confirmed.
    "But why is it that you have no tail? I have a tail, yet you and Jade have none."

    Asher smiled and raised his hands into the air, almost as if by magic, his tail grew and curled around his waist. Jade was too weak to extend her tail, but she had the ability to. "Whoa, I thought only I could do that," Kiara said. She too raised her hands and a green tail grew and curled around her slender waist to match with her wonderous long green hair.

    "My children, reunited at last," Jade said weakly. "I must go now, my time is gone, I will miss you both," she said with the faintest of whispers.
    "Mother no! Do not leave me now! Not yet! We still need you! Kiara needs you, she has lived her life without knowing you! Dont die!!!"
    "My precious child, I love you, I would never leave you, nor will I leave Kiara, I will always be with you children, in spirit, remember me, and fight all enemies...." she said as she took her last breath and died.
    "Mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No! Why did you have to die? ?Shit!" Asher screamed as he turned supersaiyan 2 and exploded with anger, he flew off down the hall and flew as far away from Kiara as possible.

    "Asher? Is that you?" Kiara questioned at the black figure with his hands raised into the air.
    "Leave Kiara, I will come for you when I need you. Right now I need to be alone."
    "No, I just discovered that my mother has been alive all these years only to see her die, you are the only family I have left Asher, I will not let you get hurt."
    "Dont forget, I am older, and we are half brothers and sister, I do not need you to take care of me!" Asher spat bitterly.
    "Asher, please" Kiara begged as she brushed the hair which was covering the left side of his face to the side.
    Kiara gapsed as she discovered that the entire left side of his face was burned terribly, ruining his beauty and making him look monstrous.
    "Do you see now why mother was all I had left?!? She didn't care what my face looked like. I may be powerful, but I am ugly, and for that, I will never be around anyone ever again!" he screamed wordlessly and flew off once again, only to have Kiara follow him.
    "You may be my half brother, but I love you and I will accept your looks, besides, I have a way to fix this horrible scar. But first you must tell me how it happened."
    "If you promise to help me, I will tell you how it happened"
    "I promise," she whispered.
    "When I was young, I never really cared for looks, but I was in a terrible accident when I flew to a planet to visit my father, I hit a meteor and crashed to the ground, it burned my face, I survived but was foced to live like this for my entire life."
    "I'm sorry Asher, but I CAN help you...."   
    "Save it for later, let's train because I have one last surprise for you,but we must be stronger than we are now, so until then, we have to train"

    Months passed, Asher was now able to turn supersaiyan 3, Kiara too, could raise her power level enough to go supersaiyan 3. And she had also learned that the first beast she had encountered in his spaceship was just a playful overgrown dog, a race unknown to anyone besides her and Asher.

    Finally, the time came for Kiara's surprise to be revealed to Asher. She led him to a small capsule she had found on a planet called Namek that had held something she never really understood, until she found seven of them........
    She threw the capsule and it exploded and out popped seven dragon balls, but they were not ordinary dragon balls, they were smaller than Earth's and had blue stars in them. These were created by an evil namek, but the dragon was a kind hearted one, not evil in the least.

    "Tell me your wish mortal so I can sleep once a- hey its you Kiara!" the dragon exclaimed.
    Asher had been staring in amazement the whole time while Kiara carried on a conversation with the dragon and then finally said, "Asher, tell the dragon your problem, or rather, show him," Kiara said.
    Asher pulled back his hair, revealing his burn scar and made the dragon gasp at the horror.
    "Now tell him that you wish for your burn to be healed, he needs his sleep," Kiara said.
    Asher looked at her like she was an idiot, but said "Okay dragon guy, I wish for my burn to be healed."
    "Is that all? That is sooooo weak! Anything else you want? Extreme, almost god-like power? Anything for my friend Kiara's brother."    
    "HALF brother," Asher corrected.
    "Whats the difference?" the dragon asked skeptically.
    "So can you heal it or not?" Asher said.
    "Of course I can, but I'll give you a surprise too." the dragon stated
    The dragon glowed with a pale green aura and then opened his hand, revealing a small box. Asher felt his face and much to his surprise, found that the scar was completely healed.
    "Thank you so much Kiara! You too Dragon guy!" Asher yelled as he picked up Kiara and spun her around in the air.
    "There is more.." the dragon said. He opened the box, revealing over 10 pairs of potara fusion earrings.
    "Whoa! Those are cool!"
    "And now, I must go back to sleep, your weclome Asher, for healing your scar and the earrings, Farewell Kiara and Asher." The dragon diasappeared in a flash, and Kiara waited as the dragon balls flew out into the horizon.
    "That is the only downside to this guy.." Kiara muttered.
    "Our speed is increased, we can get them all easily," Asher said.
    For the first time, Kiara saw what Asher really looked like. *Damn if he wasnt my brother I would be all over him!* she thought.
    Asher smiled as he realized what she was thinking by the glazed look in her eyes. "Are you going to stare at me all day or are we going to go get those dragon balls back?" he asked.
    It took them 4 minutes to get every ball, Kiara put them back in the capsule, and then said, "So what do we do now?"
    Asher smirked and said, "We, my dear sister, are going to Earth, and we will have fun with some saiyans, much like us....."