"The Red Menace"
by: Ashley (last name?) & Matthew Vargas
copywrite: April 9 to (not yet finished)
(DO NOT STEAL THIS STORY, i dont know how disclaimers usually are, so this is mine, steal it and i will kill you)

Chapter 10

    *Hmmmmm.... Asher is so nice, sometimes I wonder why he chose me, and not another girl* Megan thought as she walked along on a dark street at 2:00 in the morning. She had gotten back from yet another date with Asher, three days after the dancing mishap. and had left him with a small kiss on the lips, lightly, just enough to make him smile....*He is so nice* she thought.

    Megan suddenly was grabbed by a big man and thrown into a garbage can. She screamed, but it was muffled by a large hand covering her mouth.

    "Oh man! I am tired, Megan can wear me out by just going on a date. AGH! I wonder why she likes me? She could have gotten with a different guy, maybe an Earthling so she wouldnt feel wierd around him," Asher said to himself as he lay on his bed, he hadnt yet taken off his clothes,and was laying there, hair pooling out around his head. This made him look terribly obscene and Kiara walked in right as he began to sit up.

    "Oh!" Kiara exclaimed and began to walk out. (she thought he was with a girl or something, and had been terribly embarrased). She was stopped by Asher grabbing her arm. She looked down at the arm and smiled, she realized Asher was fully clothed and didnt appear to have a girl with him at the time. She explained her thoughts to him, but he wasnt really listening. He was thinking, *What was that? I thought I sensed something, something bad is happening... and I dont know what it is.*

    "Are you listening?" Kiara asked, she had just taken a shower, and her long green hair was still wet, making her look like the cover girl for some "Aliens Monthly" magazaine.

    "Huh? Oh I am sorry, but I felt something, oh crap it happened again!" Asher said, he had felt another twinge, he didnt know what was wrong, but he wanted to see what it was.

    *Hmm.....where was it again?* Asher thought to himself as he slowly flew over the city. A few minutes had passed and he was now looking for the power he had felt, it was just a twinge, not a threat, but he sensed it was hurt, or possibly being hurt now.

    He glanced down and saw four struggling forms in an alleyway, one he realized immediately as Megan. He shot down and stood glaring at the three men holding her down as her screams were gagged by handkerchiefs in her throat.

    "Leave her alone," Asher said coldly. He crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow as the large human pulled out a small cylinder, about the length of Megan's shoe, he realized it was a gun, he had seen a few kids pull them and threaten people while taking things from a store. They were dangerous, this he knew from Pan, who had helped him learn some things about the city, and Earth.

    "Damn, what the hell is up with tha' pretty boy? He is the one who busted Preston's bone thing." the man who held Megan said to another, small, but well-built, he had small, puny legs, but his upper body was firm, not freaky, but not close to Asher, both Trunkses, and the rest of the Z fighters. The other one just stared and looked up icily at Asher, "You are gonna' pay for hurtin' my brother!" he screamed, Asher realized it must have been Prestons brother.

    "Get back, or I will blow off her fuckin' head," the man who held Megan said. He put the gun under her chin, and without Asher noticing, the one who hadnt said anything yet was behind him, a gun to the back of his head.

    Megan finally got the gag out and yelled, "Asher get away! They will kill me whatever you do, just leave!"

    "Ma petite, I am afraid I cannot do that," Asher said, he didnt feel like hurting anyone tonight, and he didnt want to see Megan hurt either.

    "Please! Just leave!" Megan grew limp and began to sob.

    "Oh, honey I wont kill you, I will have some fun with you, then we will all have fun when we kill your boyfriend." the man said slyly.

    Megan twitched, being raped was her worst fear and she didnt want this to happen, *No! NO! NO NO NO NO!* she screamed to herself, *Why cant Asher leave? I dont want him hurt because of me!*

    The man, who's mind had been read by Asher, his name was Theodore, Rooster as his friends called him. The small one who had been so violent was named William, and was called Sticky by his friends. The last one, who held him at gunpoint apparently had no name, and went by Pee-Wee.

    "Oh boy, she is going to be fun boys!" Theodore said, he had ran a hand down Megan's thigh, and she shuddered, *He has dirty finger nails and his hands are cold, I wish he would die!* Megan thought violently.

    Asher was silent the whole time, but when he spoke, his voice was firm, and very seducing to Megan, who stared at him as if he had grown four feet. "Do. Not. Touch. Her."

    "And what are you going to do pretty boy?!?" Pee-Wee said, he rammed the gun into Ashers head, spilling out blood, but Asher stood as if he hadnt been touched.

    Rooster began to caress Megan's back, almost as if afraid he would hurt her. She moaned in distress and this small, yet meaningful signal made Asher's ki flare, it went up, blowing past 40 million, continuing on past 50.

    "I said, do not touch her.." Asher said in a warning voice, Rooster continued, he began to unbutton Megans shirt, and he ran a cold hand over her bare stomach. She wimpered and Asher's eyes widened, making him look like he was insane.

    "Do not go any further Theodore K. Sanchez," Asher said in a bold voice. Theodore looked at him as if he was an idiot, here he was, about to rape a young lady, Asher had a gun pointed to his head, and he was acting as if he had the gun.

    "Yeah whatever," and Rooster continued on. He placed his hands behind Megan and began to un-buckle her bra, she kneed him in the crotch, and he moaned in pain. He stood back up and punched her in the face, making her beautiful face bloody. He continued and he ran a hand over her breast.

    "Asher help.." Megan whispered silently.

    "I SAID DO NOT FUCKING TOUCH HER!" Asher's ki blew through, way past 100 million and he turned quickly, he shoved a fist into Pee-Wee's face and flew to his unmoving body, he threw a barrage of punches at him and forced him to puke out all of the alchohol and other things he had consumed that night. Asher moved away and appeared behind Sticky, he thrust his thumb into his eye from behind, and ruptured the eyeball, forcing him to cry out in extreme pain. He fell to the ground, clutching his eye and Asher lifted a foot, and slammed it down, breaking both of Sticky's legs as he crushed both bones with the force.

    Rooster continued on and he had his pants halfway down, he was ready and about to take off Megan's clothes, Asher walked behind him silently and said, "Listen here asshole, if you touch her one more time, I swear to God I will rip off your fucking dick and burn it."

    "Pee-Wee! Shoot da' pretty boy," he said, he hadnt heard any of his men be knocked unconscience, nor had he heard the sounds Asher made,aside from his scream, his mind was pounding at the thought of being with this extremely beautiful woman. "Pee-Wee? Pee-Wee? I said shoot his ass!" he lightly brushed his hand over Megans milky white thigh, which had been exposed as he tore off her pants.

    "I will now have to make you lose your fucking manhood," Asher said, he spun Rooster around and thrust his hand into Rooster's stomach, a quick movement, knocking out all of his breath. He procceded to pull down his pants and make sure that he was true to his word, he threw it against the wall where it hit the ground and twitched. He powered up , yelling, "Death Fire!" and a large blast flew from his entire body, pulling violently on his clothes, nearly tearing them off. The blast hit the rather small piece that made up Rooster's manhood and burned terrificly, a small flame, but hot enough to melt an entire house.

    Asher ran to Megan, hugging her tight and helping her put her clothes on. When she had finished he hugged her again and placed his left hand just above her waist, his right hand an the back of her head, he came to her face slowly and whispered, "Mon petit, vous a-t-il blessé du tout? S' il je me jurait le détruira, suis-je si désolé pour ne pas aider plus tôt, est-ce que j'ai voulu les laisse aller unhurt, mais devine cet isnt possible maintenant, est-je lui?"

    Megan responded saying, " Non, il didnt m'a blessé, mais je le récupérerai, séjour juste en arrière pour maintenant." She had learned French when she was in sixth grade and had taught Asher how to speak it as well, they often had conversations in French, and now that she had been nearly raped, he whispered it softly to her to comfort her.

    She walked to Rooster, whose body lay twitching slightly, she picked up his gun, kicked him over, and glared at him with such hatred it could have killed a normal man. She aimed the gun, and emptied eight bullets into his face, when the gun clicked empty, she continued holding the trigger, clicking it even though it wouldn't do any more good. Asher walked to her and wrapped his arms around her, whispering in her ear, "You killed him sweetie, there is no better revenge than killing a person, he wont come back, and he will never hurt you again, if anyone ever hurts you again, I will kill them, and you will never have to worry about being hurt." he turned her head and kissed her deeply, with such passion that she gasped when they broke it off.

    "Lets go, I have somewhere I want to take you, but first, let me get you some better clothes." Asher said, he took off his jacket and covered her exposed chest, it had been covered by a small strap of the shirt that had been torn off, and made her look more than obscene. "Th-th-th thank you Asher." she whispered quietly as she hugged him again, "Thank you for saving me."

    A while later, at 3:09, Megan had been dressed in some of Pan's old clothes, Asher flew her to the ocean and blasted under water after going out away from the land. They flew on and he eventually noticed she was losing her breath, he had larger lungs, and held more air in them than her, so he attempted a move he had done only once.

    *There, you should be able to hold your breath longer* Asher said to Megan, he had used his extremely high ki to fuse their minds telepathically, and she was able to breath more, she now shared everything with him, his thoughts were hers if she wanted to know, and vice versa, everything he ate, she tasted, but didnt gain any weight, it was good for both of them. If anything happened to her, if she was hurt, he would feel it, and if he was hurt she would sense it also. *Go ahead, think what you want to say, and think about me when you think the thoughts.* Asher "said" to her. Megan looked surprised, but after a few tries, she managed, *Whoa! This is cool, what did you do?* she asked. Asher explained, and said a few mintues later, *Okay, we are here, since the first place I took you to was 'occupied' by a few couples, I took the time to find one just for us...*

    "Oh Asher, it is just perfect" Megan said. she gazed at the large cave her boyfriend had found for her, there was a small waterfall that somehow was filtered out and made into fresh water, where it splashed and a small trickle of it ran down and formed a hot spring. 'A natural hot tub' as Asher called it. She gazed around more and saw that he was taking off his clothes, she blushed violently and looked away. "Its okay, I am just changing into my swim trunks." Asher said. Megan thought to herself, *Oh man! I am such an idiot!*.
    *No you arent, you are smart, pretty, and perfect, there is nothing more I could want from you, and another thing, I bought this for you* she turned and looked at him, he was holding up a two piece swim suit, a midnight blue color, which he had known would fit Megan perfectly, she was the same size as Kiara, and he had learned the size of Kiara from her rambling on and on when they were on their way to Earth.

    "Oohh...nice" Megan blushed as she took it from him and went to look for a place to put it on. "Uuum...where do I put it on at?" Megan asked curiously, she was blushing furiously, but managed to sound bold despite her embarrasment. "Its okay, I wont look," Asher said as he turned around and covered his eyes.

    "You can look now," Megan said, it was about three minutes later, and she had changed into her swim suit, making Asher stare wide-eyed at her and say shakily, "Y-y-yyyyy- you- you are p- p- pretty". Megan laughed and stepped into the "hot tub". Asher followed and sat down next to her, she rested her head on his shoulders and he sighed as he let the warm water relax his muscles. He noticed Megan was shivering, and he asked, "Are you okay? You are shaking, is the water too cold?" Megan smiled and said, "No, I am still just a little shaken up about earlier tonight," Asher looked at her lovingly and said, "Oh, well in that case...." and he disappeared under water. Megan looked confused, but laughed as she looked down and saw Asher nuzzling her exposed stomach under water, he looked up and smiled again at her, he popped up and said, "Well, are you feeling better?".
    Megan laughed and nodded. He grabbed her arm and they both swam down, the "hot tub" was deep in many parts, deep enough to make a good swimming pool, they swam down and Asher held her close to his body, keeping her warm through the cold water(the water got colder farther down). She looked at him and 'said', *Asher, this is so nice, thank you so much for everything*. He smiled goofily and replied, *O contraire Ma Petite, thank you, for showing me to that party the other day and just being you*.
    She grinned and he pulled her closer still. She looked into his eyes, and they stared at each other, a moment of perfect understanding, and they kissed extremly passionately, she rubbed her hand down his back, and he shivered. *Megan, I want to tell you something...* Asher spoke to her as they continued to kiss. *Mmmm? What is it?* she asked as they still kissed each other. He broke it off, and smiled at her with such love you could tell he would give his life for her. *I love you..*
    She looked at him with the same look of love on her face and said *I love you too...* and they went in for another kiss, deep underwater, miles away from civilization, and in a small cave in the ocean, they kissed each other with all of the passion in the galaxy, she ran a hand lightly down his back, and he suddenly turned blue, she looked at him, and she turned blue also. He held her tight and they swam up at an extremely fast pace and got a huge gulp of air, he looked at her, and she made him gasp as she lightly touched his chin, he grinned at her once again and hugged her, whispering in her ear silent promises of love and protection for all eternity. She gazed at his muscular chest and couldnt resist the urge to slowly slide her finger down it and make him laugh.
    He put a hand on the back part of her neck and his other hand on her back, just above her perfectly curved buttocks. He grinned slyly and he moved down, lightly kissing her stomach, making her giggle and finally burst into laughter. He knew this would happen, he was trying to make her laugh to show his undying love for her. She once again gave him a look of love and moved lower, she resisted the urge to brush off the water droplets on his chest and she gently lined her tongue over them, slowly licking off every last drop. Asher began to laugh full-out and turned beet-red as she continued tickling him with her tongue. Finally, much to Asher's relief, she stopped, making him able to talk once more "You are going to kill me" he said to her, she replied with a kiss on his throat. He smiled and looked down, she looked up at him and she kissed him, he kissed back, probing her mouth with his tongue, and she did the same, exploring and 'tongue wrestling' as Chibi Trunks called it. He kissed her all over the face, a kiss on the eyebrow, the eyelashes, her nose, ending on her lips. He traveled down and kised her throat, making her giggle childishly.
    "We should stop," Asher said.
    "I dont see why, as long as we dont have sex, then it is alright,"
    "I know I know, but my hand is cramping, lets move up where it is shallow."
    Megan smirked and nodded her head. She followed him as he slowly floated towards where they first got into the 'pool'. They began to kiss once again,and she rested her head on his shoulders. She sighed and kissed his ear lightly, nipping it and making him laugh once again. He turned and stared at her, her bare stomach looked great, her curves showed beautifully, if there was a Saiya-jin's girlfriend magazine, she would definitely be the most popular star in it. The midnight blue swim suit made her look terribly seducing. He kissed her again, and she moved herself so she was sitting on his lap, she moved down more and kissed him again and finally, she said to him through her mind, *Maybe we should sleep here tonight, I am tired, and I dont feel like going through that cold cold ocean water* she broke off the kiss and gave him a pleading look, he smirked and said, "Okay, I was prepared for this.." and he got out, he came back around a corner of a rock pile with sleeping bags and a few pillows. She smiled slyly and said, "Asher, you are just the best boyfriend any woman could ever hope to have."

    Asher awoke the next morning with Megan's arm draped over his chest, he remembered the fiasco with the 'pool' and his confession to her, he remembered the man she had killed, but mostly, he remembered what he had done before they went to sleep.......

    "Man, I am getting sleepy," Megan yawned as she put her arm over Asher's chest, they hadnt gone to sleep, it was 3:54 in the morning and they had been talking about life, when Asher's grin suddenly turned wider and he said, "Ill be right back". He came back in about two minutes later, and he sat back down on a large rock, he had something hidden, but he put it behind a rock and motioned for Megan to come over. She sat down with a smirk on her face. He said, "You know I love you, dont you?" and she smiled and said, "Of course I do, how could I not?". Asher grinned and turned around.

    "If we both feel this way about each other, then I have a surprise for you," he said teasingly.
    "What is it?" Megan asked curious, she was totally confused.

    Asher got down on one knee, gave her a white rose and said, " Megan Renae Polando, will you marry me?"
    Megan's smile widened to the point of bursting and she said, "Yes, yes, of course I will. Oh I love you so much Asher!" And he picked her up and swung her around. He showed her the ring he had picked out and stared in awe. It was a golden ring, a double diamond on it, and despite the fact it was so beautiful, it fit her slender finger perfectly. "Now you know what this means?" she asked him.
    "No, what does it mean?" Asher asked.
    *It means......we get to have a house, and spend our whole lives with each other.....* He smiled at her and said, *Dont forget the kids, the kids may be a pain, but dont you think two kids would be cool to have?* Megan laughed and said, *For you it would be great, but it might hurt me just a little!* Asher smiled and said, *I know, just teasing, but on a serious note, instead of paying for a house,we can live here, it isnt that hard to get to, and we dont need to worry about burglars.*
    *Perfect idea..* Megan said as she kissed him deeply and passionately in such a way it sent shivers down her spine, and a lot of tongue for both of them........

    Asher smiled as he recalled that night, he checked the clock he had set up he day before and it read 10:36. *Well, I guess we had better go huh babe?* Megan asked him.
    *I dont see why we have to* Asher pouted.
    "Oh come on, stop the telepathy stuff for now, I want to go talk to Kiara today, and I want to announce our engagement," Megan said as she dragged Asher towards the exit. He groaned and was silenced at her soft lips kissing him and her seductive voice saying, "Remember what we get to do when we do get married," she teased him terribly, and he smiled and followed her, grabbing her and flying to Capsule Corp.....