"The Red Menace"
by: Ashley (last name?) & Matthew Vargas
copywrite: April 9 to (not yet finished)
(DO NOT STEAL THIS STORY, i dont know how disclaimers usually are, so this is mine, steal it and i will kill you)

   Chapter 2

    "So tell me again whats going on here Asher," Kiara said, they were on their way to Earth and were talking to each other via advanced scouters, capable of detecting power levels over 200 million without shattering.

    "There is a monster whom I encountered when I was young. It told me that it would some day kill the one named Kakarot and Prince Vegeta. At the time I hadn't known who Kakarot was, but I did know Vegeta, he was my first trainer and was very harsh on me. I do not want any innocent people to get hurt when we are facing this monster, because I have felt his power level and it is extremely high, over 400 million, and we need a few of the things on Earth to increase our power levels enough to defeat him. On Earth there is a place, I believe they call it the Room of Spirit and Time. Inside a year is equal to one normal day in the outside world, only two people can be in at one time. So my plan is to go in and Kakarot uses these Potara Earrings to fuse with someone his level, maybe Vegeta, and then we have two others, possibly you and I, fuse with another pair, we go inside and train for years, techincally a few days but that's aside the point. The fact of the matter is that with a few years of training with us being advanced in power just from the fusion, with years to train we will have unfaminable power. Capable of destroying this monster."

    "I agree, we will be powerful, but what if Kakarot is evil, and Vegeta and he destroyed Earth? Then what the hell are going to do?"

    "Simple, we fuse, and together we will be enough to defeat them. I have reason to believe that they are not evil, even Vegeta, who had a cold heart is good now."

    "How do you know?"

    Asher smirked, "I have telepathic abilities, I have seen them sparring on Earth in my dreams and have seen them use the room, which is how I knew about it."

    "Damn, you really have to tell me all there is about you so I know what to expect when we actually go into battle" Kiara said irritably.



    "Six more weeks and we'll be there sis, don't be too excited." Asher said sarcastically as Kiara looked bored as she blew away a boulder with a flick of her wrist.
    *Damn, she is good, better than I am by a long shot, good thing she is my sister and won't hurt me* Asher smirked as he powered up to supersaiyan 3 and attacked.

    Kiara powered up to supersaiyan level 3 and raised her hands once again, her tail grew out and wrapped around her waist, resting tenderly as if afraid to touch her. She formed a small blast in her hands, threw it into the air, and it exploded in artificial moonlight.
    She then began to transform into Oozaru, when she was finished, she still looked pretty despite the ape-like features. She screamed and exploded as she transformed once more and was larger, three times as powerful, and still extremely pretty.

    *Shit, I wonder how the human , Yamcha will react around her* Asher thought as he began to transform into Oozaru form. He completed the transformation and sighed, bored with sparring with someone much more powerful than he, who wouldn't dare hurt him badly. *No danger and no death makes Asher a bored boy* he thought. Standing there, he looked like a mythical creature. Immense and powerful, blonde hair cascading around his shoulders and his blue eyes shimmering, he charged at Kiara, firing a ki blast out of his mouth, she flew out of the way, but he had expected that, he spun and sweeped her feet out from underneath her, sprawling her on the ground, he flew up and fired many blasts at her large form and as she rolled away from them, he fired blasts from his mouth and formed a large, flaming circle around her.

    "Cut the crap, you cant beat me, you know it, lets get out of these forms before we destroy the whole solar system," Kiara yelled as the flames got dangerously close to her face.

    "You take the fun out of everything!" Asher complained as he jump kicked the moonlight blast and destroyed it.

    "Now whos acting like the young one?" Kiara teased as she reverted to her saiyan form and powered down.

    "Hey I cant help it, what can I do? You are too powerful for me to fight and you wont hurt me, what the hell should I do?!?" Asher yelled.

    Asher flew off to go train and forgot about Kiara as he began to work out on a large rock.

    "Lightning......." Asher powered up his new attack, "crystal.......death wave!!!" he shouted as the large blast flew from his hands and went straight through a herd of some type of Bison and continued on. *That looks deadly, maybe I should try to advance it and use it when we fight the Red Woman's Husband* Asher thought as the black ki blast hit a mountain, shattering it and causing the earth to quake.

    Asher had been gone now for 4 weeks, training himslef on this strange planet called Deadly Dragon. *The name makes no sense, the dragons on this planet were weak and were destroyed without even going supersaiyan. No matter, I must concentrate on becoming stronger* Asher thought to himself.

    Meanwhile, about 40 miles away, Kiara practiced her kata and began to grow slowly stronger each day. She screamed as she went supersaiyan 3 and powered up the attack she had just developed days before. "Obsidian....Butterfly........EXPLODE!" she yelled as the black butterfly shaped ki blast hit a dragon and turned it into nothing but a few blue-green scales laying in the dirt. *Damn, that was a good blast, Ill have to show it to Asher* she thought.

    While our supersaiyan friends were training away from each other on another planet, on Earth, things were different.......

    "Oh no, he is on to me, he is strong, really strong, I didnt know he had this sort of potential, maybe I should run...no, he would catch me and destroy me anyways." Chibi Trunks thought as he was attacked by his enemy, wearing a blue cape and black sunglasses. "Aaaaaah!!!" Trunks yelled as he was about to get hit in the head with a ki blast, suddenly, it stopped, and Goten took off the sunglasses and said, "Gotcha didnt I?" Trunks grinned as he realized that his "attacker" had been his best friend, Goten. But something wasnt right about him...something he thought wasnt really him.

    "You arent Goten, you are too strong to be Goten, you are almost as powerful as Gohan, it isnt possible, I saw you four days ago, and nobody could increase their power level that fast.

    "Relax dude, I was hiding my power the other day, Gohan trained me more and now I'm really strong, I can kick your ass now. hehe" Goten smugly remarked as he took off the corny cape.

    "Nobody can kick my ass but myself! And maybe Pan if I dont call her when im supposed to. At any rate, there is still no way you could have raised that much in this short a time, it has been only weeks. Even Goku-san cant do that."

    "My dad can do anything!" Goten exclaimed, "But I used the Room of Spirit and Time for two days so I am really good now. Oh yeah, your mom told me to tell you, we have a visitor, and hes here to train you."

    *Damn I look good!* Chibi Trunks thought as he looked at Mirai Trunks, *he looks just like me, but he's more powerful and he has longer hair.*

    "So are we going to go to the Room or not?" Mirai Trunks asked. "By the way, mother will be coming tomorrow, so if we stay for two days, when we get back she going to want to see us both. Let me warn you, she is going crazy from arrogance, she built another time machine so she thinks she can do anything."

    "Yeah Ill see her then, now lets go," Chibi Trunks said.

    "Damn, you are pretty strong," Chibi Trunks said as he wiped blood from his lip where Mirai Trunks had punched him.

    "Father taught me never to show that you are hurt, get back up and lets go!"

    "Yes Sir" Chibi Trunks said sarcastically.

    Mirai Trunks disappeared and reappeared behind Chibi Trunks and flew up, spun back and kicked him in the left shoulder blade, forcing him to fall to the ground. Mirai Trunks landed on the ground softly and said, "Dont play games, now I want to train if it is okay with you."

    "Fine with me," Chibi Trunks said as he fired a kamehameha at Mirai Trunks. He didint flinch, just took the blast full on and it deflected back at Chibi Trunks. He dodged his own blast and began to fire a barrage of punches and kicks at Mirai Trunks, who dodged them with ease. Chibi Trunks had been anticipating that and appeared behind Mirai Trunks, but he too had expected that, and spun around and kicked as hard as he could and hit Chibi Trunks square in the jaw.

    "Damn I need to get stronger to beat you, but fighting you might help. Maybe I-" he was cut off as Mirai Trunks kneed he in the stomach, knocking out his breath. He flew above him and put out his hands, "Burning attack!" and Chibi Trunks was helpless to dodge, but he had one last technique he hadnt tried much, he screamed and went supersaiyan and used sheer strength to catch the blast and hurl it at Mirai Trunks, who was surprised at this feat, and was hit in the chest, flew back about 80 yards and landed in a heap.

    "I got you! Yesssss!"

    "It was lucky, Ill be waiting for it next time."

    "Uh-huh, sure mister I am the greatest"

    The training went on for days in the human world, but years in the Room. Finally, 2 days after they first went in, Both Trunkses walked out, long lavender hair to their butts. Mirai Bulma and the present
Bulma gasped and then shrieked as they realized the hair was real.

    "Oh my gosh! You need to cut it! That is so ugly! No son of mine is going to have hair longer than mine!" Mirai Bulma stated.

    "Relax mom, Ill cut it today, I just finished training, let me rest a while, " Mirai Trunks said.

    "Okay okayokay, but it looks so inhumane that way!"

    "Mom, Im not all human remember?"
    "But I still think you look like that idiot Radditz."
    "Whatever, lets talk about something cheery,"
    "Oh Trunks Pan is going to kill you when she sees you, you didnt tell her you were going to leave and she called last night asking where you were, " Bulma said.
    "Pan?!?" Chibi Trunks cried out as he realized he had forgotten to tell her.

    "Yes, Pan," Bulma said.

    "Trunks!!!!!! I am going to kill you!" Pan screamed as she turned supersaiyan.

    "Whoa! Okay calm down I forgot to tell you, dont hurt me,"
    "You should have told me!"
    "I know, I was an idiot, Im sorry. I love you."
    "I hate when you do that, you always save yourself from a beating by telling me that." she powered down and walked to him.

    "Thats why loving you is so fun," Trunks said as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply.

    ::click:: "What the hell?!?" Trunks yelled as he turned around and saw Marron holding a camera, "Wait till I show Gohan, he is going to kill you,"

    "He wont, he knows we are going out, and he accepted it."

    "You suck,"

    "Thank you,"
    "You are not welcome,"
    "Shut up,"


    "Bye," Trunks said as he grabbed Pan and flew away holding her tight thinking about how much she had grown since they were children.

    "You are so beautiful..." Trunks whispered as he stared at Pan go supersaiyan. "Your eyes are great, you just look so good. It makes me happy to know I'm engaged to you."

    "Cut the mushy stuff, I wanna train, so lets train!"

    "As you wish honey,"
    "Dont call me that,"

    "Call you what?"


    "Whats wrong with honey?"

    "I dont like honey,"

    "Thats stupid,"

    "Shut up,"

    "Fair enough,"

    They began to spar with each other while Bra watched. *They look so good together, I wish Goten and I were that close* She sighed and screamed as she was suddenly picked up by a large man, "How ya doin babe?" he asked. Bra realized it was Goten, "You scared the hell out of me!"

    "I know"

    "Anyways, I have to tell you something,"

    "What is it?" Goten asked, "Is it bad?". "No, it isnt bad, just that Dende sensed two really high power levels a few days ago."

    "Damn, I can never be able to live a normal life! Always fighting aliens and stuff!"

    "Relax, Goten. He said they were enormous, but Goku and Daddy can take care of them"



    In his spacepod , Asher thought that he sensed a high power level in the planet they were just passing. "Did you feel that Kiara?" he asked.

    "Sure did, want to check it out and see if its good?"

    "Hell yes,"

    They flew towards the planet and landed. Asher saw four large purple animals squabbing over a dead rat.

    They walked towards where they felt the power level, they found a group of over sixty men dancing around a fire, a large orange cat-like creature was getting ready to pounce on them when Asher screamed "NOO!!" and flew towards it, firing a blast at it and killing it. "You idiot! You have killed Pinotl, the lord of our village!" a man screamed. Another yelled, "Kill them! Kill them both and burn their bodies!"

    "Shit, try to be helpful and look what we get," Asher muttered as he held out his hand and shouted, "Quetzocoatl, breathe the fire of life, the ice of death, and come to give me strength!"

    This was a new move for him, Quetzocoatl was a large dragon who had lived on Deadly Dragon, the planet was named after him, for he was more powerful than any dragon, including Porunga and Shen Long. He had hated his weak heritage and destroyed as many dragons as he could before he was locked away in a mountain using magic. But Asher had freed him, so when he called his name, he flew into Asher's body and gave a boost of strength for a short amount of time before having to return to the capsule which Kiara had created for him. This time, he did not come, Asher was confused, but he heard Quetzocoatl's voice in his head, "I have died, it is common for my race to die without warning, do not grieve over me, I have given you strength one last time, mental and physical, so go now, and destroy the Red Woman's Husband and leave these humans alone. Go to Earth and live your life. I must go, farewell my good friend..."

    "Rats!," Asher said.

    "What?" Kiara asked, "Why did you say rats? Where is Quetzocoatl?"

    "He is dead, these people are not worthy of our presence, and the high power level was that small kitten I destroyed, let's go."

    "You know, I think we should get to Earth as fast as possible, we have wasted too much time playing around, the Red Woman's Husband may have stricken already." Kiara said.

    "Not possible, his power is so large that we would feel when he struck, and also, I saw in my dreams that the humans have a new ally, the one who is called Trunks now has an older version of himself, His fiance, Pan, is extremely powerful. Trunks's friend Goten is as powerful as Trunks, and Goten's older brother Gohan is a little more powerful than all of them, Goten's wife is able to go supersaiyan, so she is as powerful as Pan, maybe more, and Kakarot, whom they call Goku, and Vegeta are also able to go supersaiyan. This will be quite interesting when we actually do fight the Red Woman's Husband, he is very powerful, yet with our fusion earrings, we can all fuse into a being that should be able to surpass his power and destroy him, but the problem is that we wouldnt be able to get into our normal forms afterwards."

    "Damn, you have this planned out well dont you?"

    "Always sis," Asher said. "One other thing, this Room of Spririt and Time can be helpful, Pan and Bra arent nearly strong enough to fuse with any other fused form we may make, so they may have to train in the Room to reach that level."

    "Okay I'm scared now, you seem too calm about this,"

    "Some people get calm when they fear they may die........"