"The Red Menace"
by: Ashley (last name?) & Matthew Vargas
copywrite: April 9 to (not yet finished)
(DO NOT STEAL THIS STORY, i dont know how disclaimers usually are, so this is mine, steal it and i will kill you)

   Chapter 3

    "Two days Kiara," Asher said. It had been a few weeks since the incident on the planet with the proclaimed "Lord Pinotl" in Ashers own terms the "kitten". Now it would take 2 days to get to Earth and train for the great battle.

    "So tell me one last time who the Red Woman's Husband is, and why he wants Kakarot and Vegeta," Kiara said.

    "The Red Woman's Husband is actually a large red beast, when I first saw him I thought it was a hunk of flesh from a dead animal. I was 12 at the time, he explained to me that his name derived from an ancient Earthling society called the Aztecs. They believed that flesh and blood were gods, and that blood, whom they called "The Red Woman", was wife to the flesh, hence the name "Red Woman's Husband". They thought that the Red Woman was an all powerful being, and worshipped her as a god, in order to satisfy her needs for human blood, once a month they would take in the weakest person in their village, and slaughter him or her and extract all of the blood into viles, they would boil the blood and put it into a cauldron. They boiled it all together and added in the bodily fluids and would proceed to pour it onto her "sanctuary". They would take the liver, lungs, and other viscera and place it on top of a large stone, which they called the Offering Rock. They placed these parts here for her husband, the Red Woman's Husband. He used these parts to keep alive. While both of these self proclaimed "gods" were in reality mortals, they were worshipped as gods, and in the Aztecs doing this, it made the "gods' " egos grow, finally the "gods" were talking to each other one day. This was a special day, in which they "blessed" the "mortals" with their presence, they were in a hut talking, and The Red Woman mentioned how foolish the Aztecs were for believing their lies. Now mind you they had not told anyone not to come into the hut, and a small village boy had overheard. This young man told the entire village, they took out the so called "gods" and shunned them, they sent them away and destroyed the Offering Rock and the Stone they called the Red Woman's Husband's sanctuary. Away from "civilization", the Red Woman and her Husband grew slowly stronger, boiling with anger and vowing revenge on on anyone who simply resembled the small village boy who had told the village of their terrible secret. This boy hadlooked like Kakarot. So he therefore vowed revenge on Kakarot and Vegeta, for the young man resembling Kakarot had a brother, he resembled Vegeta, the Husband killed all of the descendants, and lived peacefully, until I met him....."

    "Oookay, a litle too dramatic but it was a good story, and why did he awake from his sleep?"

    "To kill Vegeta and Kakarot."


    "Oh what?"

    "Oh nothing,"


    "On a more happy note, the computer says that there is a shortcut, this should get us to Earth within 4 hours."

    "So did you pay attention to everything I said?"

    "Do I really have to answer that?"



    "Answer me, Kiara,"

    "Okay okay, no I wasnt paying full attention."

    "Thank you."


    *Man! She gets sexier every day!* Chibi Trunks thought as he looked at Pan, powering up to supersaiyan to spar with Bra.

    "Trunks you cans top drooling now!" Pan yelled.

    "Damn, you saw me."

    "Damn straight."

    "Are you going to spar with me or not?" Bra whined.

    "First, let me do this....."

    Pan flew at Trunks and kicked out his feet, he landed on the ground and she grabbed his hair, forcing him to sit up. She kissed him lightly on the cheek, rubbing her hands on his back.

    "Mmmm...tasty," Trunks said.

    Pan kneed him in the stomach and laughed as he writhed on the ground in pain. "Good one Pan." Bra half laughed as she watched her brother crawl around in agony. "*cough* Damn you are too strong Pan." Trunks choked out.

    "Thank you, now lets go Bra!" Pan yelled as she flew off, leaving Trunks on the ground.

    "Hey! I was going to *cough cough* give you some pointers!" Trunks barely whispered out as he layed back down on the ground.

    "Uuuhhhh....mom, I dont think I should do this..." Mirai Trunks said as his mother fixed his tie.

    "Of course you do, those damn Androids never let you have a normal life at home, so your "other" mother figured she can find someone for you to go out with" Mirai Bulma said.

    "Damn what?" #18 said as she walked into the room.

    "You know what I meant #18, I wasnt insulting you."

    "How can I be sure?"

    "Okay, name your price."

    "400, cash only please,"

    "Damn, you get more expensive to please every day,"

    "I bless you with my presence, dont spoil it with your ego," #18 said.

    Bulma choked as she tried not to laugh. #18 raised an eyebrow and walked away. Trunks fidgeted with his tie and said, "Screw it! I do not even want to go out tonight! There is no way I am going out with a gril i just met!" and walked to his room to take a nap. (Yes, he takes naps)


    *clonk!* The frying pan sounded throughout the house as Chichi hit Goku over the head with it and he said, "What was that for?!?". Chichi replied, "Showing my love for you honey,". Vegeta laughed and shut up when Bulma gave him a glare cold enough to freeze a chili pepper in a heat wave. "And you are always telling me not to let your wife control you!" Goku laughed as he noticed the way Vegeta quieted when Bulma looked at him that way. "Shutup Kakarot you low excuse for a saiyan!". Chichi walked over to him calmly and kicked him in the groin. "Dont talk about my Goku like that, you know he can kick your ass without trying, so do not lie to yourself and say he is lowclass," Chichi said slowly. Vegeta was in too much pain to understand a word she said and barely choked out, "When's dinner ready ma'am?"

    "Big tough saiyan indeed!" Bulma said as she shook with laughter.

    Goku laughed and suddenly became very quiet, staring intently at nothing in particular, but it was obvious he was concentrating. "What is it Kakarot?" Vegeta said.

    "I just felt two extremely powerful kis coming to Earth, I couldnt tell if they were good or evil, but tell the others, ill get #17."


    "Chichi, call Gohan and tell him to come to Dende's tower as soon as possible, and no fooling around." Goku said. "On it." Chichi said.

    "Woman, I want you to call both Trunkses and tell them to come to that old green fool's tower place as soon as possible also." Vegeta ordered.

    "Right, and my name is Bulma, not woman" Bulma stated jokingly.


    "Videl? Is Gohan there?"

    "Yes, let me get him." Videlsaid

    "Hello?" Gohan asked.

    "Son, Goku said to meet him at Dende's tower as soon as you can. And if Goten is with you, bring him."

    "Sure," Gohan confirmed.

    "Can you tell Pan and Bra to come also? They have grown incredibly strong since last time I spoke to them, they may be helpful this time,"


    "Ja ne,"

    "I felt these powers a few weeks ago, but they must have been hiding their true powers, they are now three times as strong and may be capable of winning in a fight with Goku and Vegeta," Dende said.

    "Ha! I am the strongest saiyan ever! They will be no match for my superior power!" Vegeta spat.

    "Cut the ego stuff, you are the second strongest."

    "Yes Vegeta, they are very powerful, and this is no time for your ego to take over." Dende said.

    "We will be able to destroy them if we all combine our powers!" Tien said with too muhc overconfidence.

    "I dont know, we wont be able to be wished back though if we die, any of us, not even Krillin, maybe we should sit this one out," Yamcha said, "We may be able to help a little, but when it comes to the main battle, we will have to get out."

    "Yes, I agree" Chaout Zu said.

    "Me too, no offense, but you aren't powerful enough to defeat me or Bra," Pan said.

    "And we are girls," Bra laughed.

    "Yes, we all know, Goten, you and Trunks go use the gravity room, train until we contact you and saythey are here."

    "Right dad."

    "Right Goku-san"

    "This sounds serious, maybe we should turn it to the max," Goten said.

    "I agree. Lets do it little buddy!" Trunks said