"The Red Menace"
by: Ashley (last name?) & Matthew Vargas
copywrite: April 9 to (not yet finished)
(DO NOT STEAL THIS STORY, i dont know how disclaimers usually are, so this is mine, steal it and i will kill you)

Chapter 4

    Kiara was getting restless. *I haven't had anything 'good' in weeks! Why does this dehydrated crap, taste like crap?* Asher came in through the scouters, liked he sensed what she was thinking about. "Don't worry sis. The Earth food is remarkably tasteful."
"And how did you know what I was thinking about??"
"I didn't. I heard that stomach of yours." He chuckled at his own joke but immediately stopped when he sensed her power level go up.
    Kiara decided to change the subject. "When do we get there? I want some real food and to see the men down there!!" Asher frowned at this. "When did you start dating?" She facefaulted. "You idiot!! I am 24 years old. I need a man in my life!" She knew he was going to say something back to her. "But I need someone who can provide a challenge for me. First, you are my brother. Secondly, you are weaker than I. And last, do you know how boring it is being on the same ship as you? You are Mr. Nice Guy. I want someone with an attitude problem. I want..." She was cut off by Asher. "I get it!! You need a man badly. I don't think I can stand your bitchin' any longer. And to answer your previous question we land in three hours. She was silent when he said that. Asher sighed and thought to his self before he drifted off into sleep. *Are all little sisters this annoying?*

    *There isn't anything to do. And I am so hungry.* She looked over at Asher. She was a little worried now. Asher was sure someone was going to die. And she was bored. She didn't know what to do. But she also had weird thoughts about Earth. For some strange reason, she was certain Asher and her would never leave there. And she would eventually leave Asher. But that part scared her the most. He was all she had left now, and if some really good reason kept her from Asher, she needed to know it badly. All her life she has never had anyone she could rely on. But she was great at making friends and getting people to like her. But it was impossible to have someone she could trust. Asher she trusted, and would put her life in his hands if he thought she needed to. *I am happy I found the last of my family. I don't know what I would do if I lost him like I did my father.* A tear rolled down her cheek. She couldn't help but to think about how she lost her father, Xander.

(**flash-back scenes**)
    Kiara looked into the sky. Her long green hair swaying in the wind as she moved. She always wanted to know her mother. She finally got enough courage to ask her father one day. "Daddy, where did mommy ever go?" The tall, light blue handsome man turned to his only child. "I am sorry honey, but she died when planet Vegeta-sei exploded. I will explain it all when you are old enough to understand. "But daddy, why. Why couldn't she stay here with me. I want someone to play with." Tears spilled out of her eyes. She gave her father the look only three year olds could.
    It pained him to see her like that. *Don't get soft Xander. She is going to be the strongest female in the universe one day. Don't get soft on her.* Xander was thinking to himself. He tried to convince himself that he was getting soft on her, but in fact he was getting soft period. He lost his urge to kill when his brother betrayed him. *Zarbon why did you have to do it? I told you Freeza was a killer.* Xander was about to cry but pushed his emotions in the back of his mind.
    *I really need some help.* He looked at his daughter once again. He had to make her strong. She had his race and sayain blood in her. "Kiara, I need to start training you. I will not be easy either. And when we train, do not call me tousan or daddy. And most of all do not cry." Kiara jumped at the fierceness of his voice. "Do I have to?" She whimpered. "Yes!! Now go and get the armor I got you." She ran along to do as he said. *He has never yelled at me.*
    It broke his heart to do that to her. He knew he was never going to be the same again. He suddenly got lost into his thoughts. *Why did she have to leave me? What does she mean I am no challenge to her anymore?* All he had left of Jade was Kiara. He is determined for her to be a great fighter just like her mother. When Jade said she was leaving and wanted to take Kiara, it took everything he had not to cry. "No!! She is my only child. You have a son. Let me keep her." "She is just a baby. What do you know about them anyhow?" The look on Xander's face was enough to shut Jade up. Jade looked mad but stormed off to the nearest capsule. She was so mad that she couldn't take her daughter. But before she left she threw he prized possession at the Xander. "You better give this to her when she's older. And don't spoil her. I will get her back someday." She shut the capsule door and it zoomed off into space.
    Xander snapped out of his thoughts. *Didn't she know how much I loved her? Why is everyone dumping or betraying me?* He decided to stop thinking. He looked at Kiara when she walked in. He knew she was going to be a beautiful and strong warrior some day. He big brown eyes looked very pretty with her green hair. But he didn't understand her skin color. It had a deep tan to it like her mother's and pale blue tint. But it suited her well. He walked closer to her. She jumped back a little but relaxed when she saw his hands. *Is daddy going to give me that sword?*
    Xander looked at her again. He knew she loved her sword. But who wouldn't. It was impossible to break. The silver double edged blade shined in the lights. The handle was a nice grip decorated with pretty jewels. Kiara touched it. But pulled away before she could. "Here Kiara. It's yours. Your mother told me to give this to you before she died. So take good care of it." She smiled and grabbed the sword. Even though the sword was bigger than her, she love it. He was a little upset she would never remember her mother. But soon recomposed him self. "Come on Kiara, it's time to start your training." She shrunk down when she heard that tone in his voice again. "Yes da..., I mean Xander. He picked her up by the collar and flew to a secluded part of the planet.

    For the next ten years Kiara has gotten stronger and stronger. But she didn't realize her father's condition. Xander knew he was going to die soon. But he was happy at the way his life turned out. He had a strong beautiful daughter to show for it. But on this certain day, all of the training Xander has given her would show for it.

    "Xander, when am I going to have a 'real' fight? All I ever do is spar with you?" He turned to look at the impatient thirteen year old. He was going to snap at her due to her impatience but was cut off. The duo turned to look into the distance. What their eyes saw was what their brain wouldn't accept. "What is that thing? If they want a fight they are going to get one." Xander looked at his daughter like she was crazy. *She's about as stubborn as her mother.* A wistful, sad smile played on his lips. He then sensed a familiar power in the distance. All of a sudden the realization hit him. *What the hell is Zarbon doing here? He has been dead for years now!!* Xander was panicking. He noticed something different about his brother also. His pale blue skintone,med almost white. "Zarbon, what is the meaning of this?" Kiara turned to look at her father. "Papa, you know him?" She forgot all her rules of training as the figure moved closer. Xander knew he was going to die soon. "Kiara, my child, get off the planet now!!" "No! We can beat it. I know papa."
    Xander knew better. *How can you kill something that's already dead?* He looked at her, his last time. He saw the blood lust in her eyes. He knew she was going to make him proud one day. "Kiara, I love you. But please leave the planet for me?" She was still not convinced they should leave. "Papa we can kill it. And who is it?" "That's your uncle. His name is Zarbon. He was right-hand man to the being who destroyed your home planet." He quickly realized he made a mistake. Kiara do not get revenge. Just go!!" He used that tone in is voice again. He hasn't used since she was three. She shrunk back down at it too. He was secretly pleased it still had it's effect though. "I am sorry my daughter, I must leave you now. Remember I love you." She was too stunned to talk. Xander breathed deeply and charged at Zarbon. Xander rose into the air to deliver the first strike. "Akuma Dragon Rage!!" Xander fell to the ground tired. *That was my strongest blast. I hope it works.* He didn't have time to recover as he was struck again and again in the back my ki blasts. *I am getting too old for this.* He knew it was a hopeless battle. But before he died he wanted to know why.
    "Brother dearest, why are you doing this? Why are you here?" He said that the gentlest way he knew how. Zarbon looked at him in a confused way. "I am not your brother. I may have been, but not anymore." Xander looked at him puzzled. "Then who are you?" "That is not important. I am here to pay a debt of vengeance. In my past life you have done something to me. I won't remember, but I know I must kill you. My spirit will not rest until you are dead" At this point Xander was horrified. *What kind of shit is this. And what did I ever do to him? If it's about me not joining him with Freaa, then I am going to die.* Xander kept his insecurities to his self. He got ready to defend his life, with everything he had. Even though it isn't enough.

    Kiara was scared. *I shouldn't be scared. I am a sayain, and I have my father's blood in my veins. I just hope nothing happens to papa. He's all I have left.* She watched in horror as her father was struck in the head. He cried out in pain. She then saw something new. Her father had a new move. Her father did some fancy moves with his hands and cried out, "Ice Demon Fire!!" When he said that, a being leapt out of his hands and went at her uncle. He let out a piercing scream as the being closed around him. It burned inside a frozen shell. She turned her head away so she couldn't see the grotesque site. She looked back to see her father exhausted. She was running towards him, when a menacing laughter made her stop.

    "Fool!! When do expect to give up? I told you my spirit will not rest until you are dead. So just give up! You are going to die anyways!!" Xander realized some truth to his words. But he would not give up, no matter what. He struggled to get up, but he finally did it. He glanced around his surroundings. His blood ran cold. *I thought I told her to leave!! I don't want to see her suffer, emotionally or physically. "Kiara leave now!!" But she was frozen to the spot she was. Her mind was telling her to move, but her heart said stay. She had some strange feeling she needed to see this. So she stayed.
    He knew she couldn't go. He knew that also. But he could still try. He used the last of his strength to knock her out. While he was gathering energy, a blue beam came through his heart. Crisom ooze ran all over his delicate, soft, blue skin. He fell hard on the rocky ground. For Kiara time stopped. As she looked into his glossy eyes, she saw him mouth three words. "...I...love...you..." Then for him everything went black. She was sad. She was about to cry, but realize this shouldn't happen. She saw her 'uncle' smile at his handy-work. She was totally pissed off. As her anger grew so did her power. All at once her rage became so intense she let out a battle cry. But that didn't last long. Her lungs couldn't produce no more sound but she still kept screaming. Xander's death replayed in her mind. With that a sudden power boost came over her. Her long green hair stood straight up. It looked like it was on fire. Her eyes became white, but she saw blood. Her rage didn't end there. She kept screaming and yelling. Another power wave swept over her. Her spiky blonde hair, now had green streaks. But she had a weird presence about her. She looked at Zarbon and charged at him. He tilted his head back and laughed. "Pitiful little girl. Do you miss your daddy? My work is done here. I don't have time to baby-sit you." He laughed again. But her anger still rose. She yelled, "Obsidian Butterfly!!" But it went past him. He grinned as he faded away. His evil laughter still ringing in her ears. His presence left her for good, never to return again. Her power drained her body as she fell. And everything went black.

(**end flash-back**)

    Kiara woke up in a sweat. Asher leaned over her with worry written all over her face. He looked into her dreams. He saw what she went through. But by just looking at her you couldn't tell. She was smiling or eating all the time. He felt so sorry he wasn't there to save her. "Kiara, are you okay?" She switched back into reality. "Yes. Just a little shaken up. Don't worry about me." She smiled a small smile. But he still frowned. He knew she was strong but still, that didn't keep him from worrying.
    "I am hungry. Are you sure all we have is that dehydrated crap?" He smiled. She ate more than he did but didn't show it. "Yes. That's all we have. Wait till we land again." Instead of protesting she asked, "When do we get there?" He looked at the computer screens. "I think about four hours, maybe less than that." She smiled. She was going to get some food. She was going to get stronger. And her favorite reason... she was going to find a man. She smiled at the idea. "What are you smiling for?" She smiled wider. It was so easy to talk to him. "I am going to get me a man and some food on Earth." Asher regretted asking her that question. *Why do I even bother?!?*

    On Earth, Goku and Vegeta were sparring. They decided they needed to work out before they came. Goku suddenly tensed up. He felt some enormous powers heading closer to Earth. He stopped to see if his partner could sense them too. "Hey Vegeta. Do you sense the powers coming closer out there?" Goku pointed towards the sky. Vegeta concentrated a bit and felt them too. "Yeah. I wonder what they want. Can't be too bad though. I need a good challenge. Your weakness is beginning to bore me." Goku ignored him. It would be a while before the powers got here. "Vegeta let's just keep sparring until they come. That way, we'll be ready." Vegeta's only reply was a punch in the chest at Goku.