"The Red Menace"
by: Ashley (last name?) & Matthew Vargas
copywrite: April 9 to (not yet finished)
(DO NOT STEAL THIS STORY, i dont know how disclaimers usually are, so this is mine, steal it and i will kill you)

   Chapter 5

    Goku was really tense now. He felt the powers and they would be here soon. Bulma (both), Chi Chi, Krillin, #18, #17, Yamucha, Tienshinhan, Vegeta, and the little mime dude came. Vegeta was cracking his knuckles for a good fight again. They decided to leave the kids out of this for a while. *I hope we can take them on without the brats coming.* That was one of the many thoughts that ran through Vegeta's head. All of the fighters were too busy to notice a young woman walking along the rocks.
    *I wonder what those weirdoes are doing? Maybe they can help me find animals along here.* The thought of poor animals dying in rock fields brought tears to her hazel eyes. She was constantly pushing her chestnut hazel hair out of her face. Suddenly she heard something in the sky. She turned to where the weird men were looking at. She used all of her will power not to faint there. *Is that really a spaceship?!?!?

    "Kiara, brace yourself. We will be landing in fifteen minutes." She grunted in reply. Asher was looking at the monitor. *I hope this is a smooth landing. And I hope they are not looking for a fight.* Asher turned to his sister. He knew she was going to like Earth. The food was exquisite. But he still didn't want her dating. It never crossed his mind that she could take care of herself. "Kiara, please don't let your first words down there be: 'Where's the food?' or 'Where's the cute guys at?'" He laughed at her. Her skin tone changed to a light tannish blue coloring. "I am not going to act in such a way. I am going to be polite and sweet." She flashed him a toothy grin. He smiled as the ship landed with a thud.
    *Note to self: Never let Asher land ships in future.* She shook her head to get her thoughts in order. "Are you okay? I kind of landed it a bit too hard." She sighed as he helped her up. "Shall I escort you to the Earth terrain, my dear sister?" She smiled a sugary smile and replied, "Yes you may. Brother dearest."

    The Z fighters got ready for a fight when they saw a tall man with raven black hair exit the ship. When they started to deliver the first strike they stopped. Out the ship came the most beautiful creature they have ever seen. She had long silky green hair. Her eyes were the color of chocolate. But the most precious thing about her was her skin color. It had a deep tan to it with a pale blue tint. Her body was remarkable. The curves the legs, everything was perfect. "Wow!! She's pretty." When the words left Krillin's mouth #18 slapped him over the head. Yamucha passed out. Vegeta and Goku couldn't turn their eyes away. But had to cause they were getting sore. When Goku and Vegeta turned to look at their mates they were confused. They followed their eyes to the man. He had brown dark eyes. That complemented his facial features well. Perfect skin. A cool nice tan that made wonders for his broad, muscular chest. The fighters stopped staring when they saw the blushes on the aliens faces.

    In a low whisper Kiara asked Asher, "Why are they staring at us like that?" He smiled. She had no idea what was going through these peoples head. In the same low whisper he said, "They are just seeing how we look like. After all we did come from space." She accepted his answer as they went all the way outside.
    "Hello. My name is Asher. And this is my sister Kiara. We would like to speak with Prince Vegeta and Kakarott." Vegeta looked at the man that called him self Asher. *I know I know him. He has close ties with me. But who is he?* Asher flinched when he saw Vegeta study him, with ice, cold, black eyes. "My prince, maybe you would remember me. I am Asher son of Tulpa and Jade. You trained me. And I am your cousin." The recognition clicked in Vegeta's head. *He is my cousin. But I don't remember him having a sister.* Kiara looked at her brother. He knew all the answers. "If you are wondering about my sister, she is of no relation to you. Her father is Xander, Zarbon's brother." Vegeta made a gagging sound. And Kiara frowned. "She's related to that blue freak, I killed?!?" He smirked and Kiara's frowned deepened.
    Asher sensed his sister's hostility spoke again. "I need to warn you about Red Woman's Husband. We have two years until they come. I have ten potara earrings so we can fuse. It is very necessary we do this. We need to train in The Room of Spirit and Time." Before anyone could ask about Red Woman's Husband, Kiara threw them a DVD tape. "Play that. I will tell you about the villains we will be facing. When my brother was explaining to me. I took the time to record it. So I couldn't forget." The men raced to touch the thing that just previously came out of her grasp. Kiara still didn't take her look of confusion off of her face. Bulma gave them her portable DVD player so they could watch it. Goku and Vegeta had determined looks on their faces when the tape was finished. "We have to get stronger. Do you have the earrings with you now?" Asher showed Goku the rings. "We will begin training as soon as you are ready." Asher and Kiara smiled and nodded.
    Mirai Bulma spoke up. "Where will you be staying?" The duo turned and looked at her. "We will be just fine ma'am. My sister and I are very resourceful." She was about to protest but Asher beat her to it. "We would though like to look around your beautiful planet. If you don't mind." Asher walked along but Kiara stayed behind. "Sorry bro, but I have got to go find me a man." Asher fell over anime style. He warned her to be careful and told her to meet him at the ship at sundown. She hastily agreed. And everyone went their separate ways.

    She couldn't take her eyes from the ship. But decided she needed to so she could finish her work. *I must be working to hard. I just saw a cute alien and a hoochie come out of a spaceship.* When she realized that she was checking out aliens, she sat down. *I really need a boyfriend.* She was thinking about everything that happened over the past minutes.
    "Now what am I gonna do? I don't even know this planet." Asher was complaining to no one in particular. He walked down the rocky feilds. He decided he was going to fly but something caught his eye. "I wonder who that is?" His curiosity got the best of him and he walked closer to the girl sitting against a big boulder.
    *Maybe I can go to the club tonight and find a man.* She was tremendously pissed off that she was checking out aleins. Her hazel hair kept blowing in her face. She suddenly looked up and saw him. *Oh my goodness!?! I hope I don't faint. Anyways, what is HE doing here?* She tried to cower closer to the rock.
    Asher looked at her. *She is cute. Maybe Kiara isn't the only one who's going to get hooked-up on Earth.* He smirked and walked a little closer to her. "Um... Hello. What's your name." Before he could anticipate anything he heard an ear peircing scream. "You!! You!! You are a... a...." She fainted before she could finish her sentence. *What did I do? I got rid of the scar, and people are still afraid of me. Can't they see I am a nice guy?!?!* He picked her up and laid her in the shade. It was a few minutes when she came back into coinscienseness.
    *I hope I didn't see what I thought I saw.* The girl slowly opened her eyes again, and wish she hadn't. "Who are you?" She asked frantically. Asher chuckled a little bit. *Maybe she saw the ship.* He didn't respond at first, but helped her up. "Sorry for the lack of introduction, my name is Asher. What's yours?" The girl looked up at him. Then spat out, "I don't really give a damn what your name is. Just leave me alone. And go back to whatever backwater planet you came from." Asher was surprised at how bold she was. "Fiesty! Now would you be so kind and tell me your name?" She was getting aggravated. "If I tell you will you leave?" She was trying her best to hide her nervousness. So she kept her attitude in check. "I'll think about it. But you also have to tell me what you think of me." She grumbled. "Fine, whatever. My name is Megan. And I think you are an annoying, weird, strange, but very cute alien." She walked as fast as she could away from him. *I can't believe what I said. I called an alien cute?!?* She was mentally kicking herself.
    Asher smirked. He looked more sayain when he did that. *I guess that answers my question that she saw my spaceship. But she also thinks I am cute.* He walked faster to catch up with her. "Megan, can I talk to you? Since you know I am not from around here." She stopped. She couldn't decide if she was more mad or afraid of him. *What does it take to get rid of him??* He lightly tapped her shoulder and she turned and faced him. Her eyes were ablaze. Asher jumped back when he saw her eyes. *They look like they are on fire. They are the prettiest and scariest thing I have ever seen.* "Just leave me alone, weird alien dude. I won't tell anyone I've met an alein today." She knew she wouldn't, unless she wanted to go to the nut house. "I just wanted to say..." Asher didn't know what to say. He liked her, but he couldn't understand why. "Say what?!?" Megan was getting impatient. "Can you show me around sometime. I don't know this place that good. Maybe we can..." She cut him off. *Maybe he's asking me out on a date. I should go. He is cute, and he hasn't tried to kill me yet. So maybe I should try and be nice.* "I will take you to a party tonight. You will meet me here two hours after sundown. If I do this, will you leave me alone?" Asher smiled. *She probably likes me.* "Yeah. Thanks a lot too." She frowned, but was smiling inside. *I wonder if the alien knows how to kiss?* "Remember what I said too, Asher." He grinned. She didn't call him alien. "I will. I don't want to get on your bad side." She didn't hear him as she walked away.
    "I got to get back to the ship and tell Kiara." He couldn't wait to see the look on his sister's face, when he told her that he got a date.

--back at Capsule Corp.

    "Vegeta, do you think those kids are telling the truth?" Vegeta tensed slightly. "Yes, Kakarott. That boy is MY cousin. The royal family does not lie, unless they have a good excuse." He smirked but continued, "But his sister, I do not know about. I think she is honest. Someone as pretty as she couldn't lie either." When the last word left his mouth, Bulma smashed a frying pan over his head.
    "Woman!! What the hell is wrong with you?" He barked at Bulma. "What wrong with me?!?! You were checking some girl out--" Vegeta interrupted her. "Like you were not checking the boy out too." She blushed and dropped the pan. Vegeta shot a smug smirk at her. She marched out of the room trying her best to hold on to what ever shred of dignity she had left.
    "Kakarott!! We didn't finish our spar. And I am in no shape to die so soon. Get your sorry excuse for a sayain tailess butt over here now!!" Goku followed Vegeta into the gravity room, when the ringing left his ears. "Yeah, Vegeta. But why do you have to yell so loudly?" Goku grinned sheepishly with his hand behind his head. Vegeta 'hmph' in reply.


--On kami's lookout

    "What is taking them so long?" Pan complained. "And why didn't they take us with them."
    "Chill out babe. It's only been two hours. They had their reasons I guess." Trunks tried his best to comfort Pan. But only got smacked on the head for his efforts.
    "Trunks, leave her alone. If she wanted your comfort I think she would ask for it." Bra said in defense for her friend.
    "Shut up. I didn't ask for your opinion now did I Bra? What do you think Goten and Trunks." Chibi Trunks said glaring at his sister.
    "I am not going to say anything. I don't know about you, but the girls have gotten stronger. And I don't want to be their punching bag." Goten said looking at his friend.
    "Same for me. I really don't want to see them really mad." Mirai Trunks said catching what their conversation was about.
    Chibi Trunks glared at all of them but stopped when he received an equally cold glare from Pan.
    "Shut up all of you!! You are all giving me a headache!!" Pan half yelled half screamed.
    "Whatever," was the only answer she received from Bra.
    They were silent for a while until they got bored hanging around and went home or to go out on dates.