"The Red Menace"
by: Ashley (last name?) & Matthew Vargas
copywrite: April 9 to (not yet finished)
(DO NOT STEAL THIS STORY, i dont know how disclaimers usually are, so this is mine, steal it and i will kill you)

   Chapter 6

    *He should be here by now! where the hell is he?* Megan thought to herself. She had been standing in the spot she had met Asher at nearly 6 hours ago. She was looking extremely impatient and very mad.

    "Well you know, most people would have known I was right behind you the whole time," Asher said with a little sarcasm. "So where is this party at?"

    "It is a few blocks away, it might take a while to get there...." Megan said.

    "Dont worry, I have our transportation covered," Asher swept her up and flew off, thinking of how beautiful she was. She was wearing a black spaghetti string top and nice fitting black shorts to go with them. Asher couldnt help but notice her perfect curves, perfect cheek bones, and to be general, a perfectly slulpted body.
    "You seem silent, why is that?" Megan asked.

    "I was thinking about a friend of mine," Asher lied.

    "Stop!" Megan screamed.

    "What? Did I pass it?"

    "You are right above it"

    "Right." Asher smiled sheepishly and landed softly on the ground, holding Megan in his arms.

    "Who is this guy? Baby you know I dont like you being with other men, so tell me, who is he?" a really nasty looking guy said in a New Jersey tone of voice. He had about 10 or 15 men behind him, all dressed the same: tight shirt, black vest, tattoos, black leather pants, and a bandana on his forehead.

    "Leave me alone Preston, the reason I broke up with you is because you slept with other women and never talked to me at all, so leave now, or I will call the cops,"

    Preston glared at Asher, Asher stared at him blankly. " Whats your name pretty boy?" Preston said.

    Asher did not move his lips, but the words were heard in all of Preston's gang's heads... the words they heard were in a menacing whisper; "I am your worst nightmare". All of the men looked around at who had talked. Asher still had not opened his mouth once the entire time. Suddenly, he flew at Preston, punching his face and sweeping out his legs, bringing up his foot, and slamming it down on his sternum, breaking it. Preston's gang stared in awe, one pulled out a knife, and a few more pulled out chains and bats.

    "Asher run!" Megan screamed.

    Asher shook his head as the whole gang attacked at once. He did not flinch, he disappeared and was found standing on one finger on the top of Prestons nose. "Oh man, this guy is good," one of the trashy men said. Asher flipped up and kicked the bats out of everyones hands, and flicked one finger at them and sent a wave of invisible ki energy at them, just enough to knock them all out.

    "Nice to meet you Mr. Preston Lightfoot," Asher said. Megan gawked and said, "How did you know his last name?"

    "I have my ways,"

    "Well lets go before they call the cops," Megan said.

    "Okay," Asher said and walked off with Megan close to him, so if she were to be met by any of her ex-boyfriends, he would be there to stop them.

    "So you left him because he was doing other girls? Did he not give you enough or what?" Asher asked curiously.

    "No! I am saving my purity, what kind of girl do you think I am?" Megan said.

    "Sorry, well at our age, most people have done the dirty deed at least once, myself NOT included," Asher said smirking.

    "Well I am on the list of NOTS too." Megan said rudely.

    "So anyways, where is thi-" Asher was cut off by sirens wailing and police shouting, "Dont make any sudden moves buddy! You too pretty lady!"

    "Asher, listen to him!" Megan said urgently.

    "Why should I? When I can do this..." Asher smirked and said, "What is the problem? I was simply defending my girlfriend from harm by her ex-boyfriend biker. They all wanted to hurt us, so I just knocked them out, they shouldnt even go to the hospital," Asher had an extreme tone of innocence in his voice, almost as if he were a lost child.

    "Okay, just dont hurt anyone else, and be careful!" The officer said.

    "Okay mister, I promise, and we wont get drunk either!" Megan said cheerily. *I am starting to like Asher more than I already do...* Megan thought to herself as they flew off, her tight in his arms, protecting her from wind in her face.

    "Man that was close, I had to use a lot of my power to sound that innocent!" Asher exclaimed half heartedly.

    "Yeah, me too," Megan said.

    "Hey there is something I found today, and I was going to show this to you....." Asher said as he flew a little higher up.

    "What is it? Megan asked.

    "Youll see.... just hold your breath okay?" Asher said.

    "Alright, but you had better not drop me!"

    "I promise I wont drop you."

    Asher flew to a shore far away, and he told Megan to hold her breath, and brace herself.

    "Okay!" Megan said.

    Asher shot into the water, still holding Megan in his arms, he continued, but at a slower pace. He swam down, and a shark came at him, large mouth thrashing. Asher shot a small blast at it and blew it into pieces.

    Asher flew further down, and finally went straight forward, and flew back up, when Megan looked up to see above her, she saw an underwater cave looming up at them.

    Asher came into the cave head first, he was taller than Megan and he was able to breathe again, Megan however almost lost her breath from the beauty of the cave.

    "This is beautiful," Megan barely whispered.

    "That is why I took you here, you fit in with it, a beautiful lady in a beautiful place, it is too perfect to be true..."

    "About that thing you told the cops...."


    "About you being my boyfriend," Megan said trying to sound casual.

    "I was trying to get them to back off, I didnt mean any harm, dont get mad, please," Asher held up his hands as a sign of surrender.

    "I was going to ask this earlier, but you brought me here, but since we are alone, can I please tell you?"

    "Of course you can," Asher sat down on a large rock and layed back.

    "So since you saved me and lied to protect me, all on your first day, would you consider me your girlfriend?" Megan asked trying pathetically to sound like she was only making conversation.

    "Maybe..." Asher smirked and laughed at her red face. Even if he had no telepathic abilities, he could still read all over her face that she liked him. He smiled more as she stuttered trying to get out the next words.

    "S. s....s....ssssoooo c--c-ca-can I be your girlfriend?"

    Asher broke into a full head of laughter at her embarrasment and quickly shut up when she gave him her cold look. He thought *Oh my God, she is so beautiful, and yet, so strong, she may make good friends with Kiara*

    " I try to be nice and kind to a new person and I get this! Sheesh! this is the last time I try to be polite!" Megan yelled.
    "Hey, dont get mad, I was only laughing at how funny you looked trying not to show your embarrasment, sorry," Asher said with a little disappointment.

    "Well the way you laughed at me was mean! I really like you and you laugh at me! I dont think sorry is going to do!" Megan yelled.

    "Maybe this will..." Asher said as he walked to her and brushed the hair out of her eyes. He pulled himself closer to her and kissed her. *Damn! He is a GOOD kisser!* Megan thought with surprise.

    "Better?" Asher asked.

    "Much," Megan said slyly, "But I think I want a little more..." she crawled to him and kissed him again, this time she had control, not to mention the element of surprise, which worked to her advantage as she was able to lightly open his mouth with her tongue and probe around teasing him and making him "hmmpf" in surprise.

    "Whoa, so I guess that answered your question huh?" Asher said as he tried to grasp the taste of her soft lips one last time.

    "Well that all depends on what you think," Megan teased again.

    "Well I think it makes me very close to you, but not quite enough,"Megan frowned as he said it. "I am hungry....." he said as he gave her an eye, "I think I want a little bit of-" he was cut off as he kissed her and they once again had to break it off minutes later for lack of oxygen. "Megan." he said.

    "What?" Megan asked.

    "I think I wanted some of Megan, and; mmm mmm mmm, it was good," Asher laughed as he said it.

    "Are you two love birds going to be here all night? some married couples here want to have some fun too," Chichi said laughing.

    "Yes, maybe it would be best if you can sort of," Bulma motioned her hand towards the watery exit, "you know, shoo and find another place?"

    "Yes this place is a little taken by us," Goku laughed out.

    "Shut up Kakarot! You find the dumbest things funny!" Vegeta yelled.

    "Oh shit!" Asher grabbed Megan and flew as fast as he possibly could out the exit, swearing to himself making a mental note to find a special cave just for Megan and him.

    "Well that certainly was interesting." Megan said a few minutes later as she dried out her hair and looked at Asher turning extremely red.

    " Well my "long lost cousin" just discovered I have a girlfriend when I havent been here for two days, and it took him a few years to decide that he likes Bulma!"

    "Who is Bulma, and who is your cousin? Oh wait! Bulma is the head of Capsule Corp. and her husband must be your cousin! So that makes you an heir to the Capsule Corp. foundation! Cool!"

    "No, Trunks and his younger sister Bra are the heirs, I am simply a friend and cousin of Vegeta, nothing special okay?"

    "Okay, sorry I mentioned it. Isnt Trunks the kid who won the Tenkaichi Boudoukai when he was about 8?"


    "How do you know so much? You just came here a few hours ago!"

    "I have telepathic abilities,"

    "So thats how you scared Preston the loser so bad..." Megan said thoughtfully.

    "I guess"
    "So what do you want to do?"

    "Lets finish what we started in the cave..." Asher said.

    "Not to be rude, but I dont believe in sex before marriage," Megan said.

    "I dont either, I was talking about the kiss..." Asher said laughing.

    "Oh..thats what..well dont I feel stupid." Megan remarked quietly.

    "Beauty and stupitidy are not two traits that God mixes together." Asher said.

    "Are you attempting to flatter me? Or just stating a religous quote or something?" Megan asked curiously.

    "Well you could say I am doing both." Asher smirked as he finished his sentence.

    "Good enough." Megan said as he drew her in for another kiss........

    *Hmmmm.....I wonder where the hot guys are at!* Kiara thought to herself as she walked through the mall. *He looks good...nooo...too hairy...oohh. he is NICE looking! No, wait, he has a girlfriend...* Kiara was wandering around when she slammed into a big man, one of the men whom Asher had hurt before, he had a bloody nose but was walking around like it hadnt happened.

    "Watch where your going you little witch! Say! you are sexy! How about coming with me into the bathroom here?"

    "Back off Sparky, I dont go for men who have more cellulite than brains," Kiara remarked.

    "You are going to pay for that!" this man said. He cracked his knuckles and was about to throw a punch at her. Kiara would be able to defend herself.

    "Why dont you try fighting a guy?" a figure said, he was standing tall and proud, arms crossed, and purple hair wisping in his face as a slight wind blew through the open-roofed mall.

    "Look, I already fought a pretty boy earlier, make things easier on yourself, I know martial arts, and I can hurt you," the man said.


    "Sparky" flew at Trunks and ran with speed above average, but not fast enough for Trunks, who stood like he wasnt there at all. Trunks appeared directly in front of the man, stopping him dead in his tracks.

    "Is it me? Or does it take a weak person to try to harm a person weaker than him physically just to satisfy his own sexual and egotistical cravings?" Trunks asked coldly. He held two fingers in the mans face, and distracting him with the two fingers in the air, made a sharp movement with his other hand, straightened out fingers, hard as rock, driving into the man's throat. Blood spilled out of his collapsed windpipe, and the man fell loosely to the ground.

    "Well that seemed easy enough," Trunks said as he wiped the blood off on a paper towel.

    "I could have taken care of myself," Kiara said, but she was really thinking, *Oh my Gosh! This guy is majorly hot! Maybe I should ask him out? NO! He is bloody! Bloody men arent appealing, but look at his arms! and his chest! Oh my!* she nearly passed out on her feet.

    Trunks began to walk away but she stopped him. "Where are you going?"

    Trunks responded by saying, "Slowly insane,what are you doing here this late anyways?"

    "Actually, I was looking for a place to stay..my brother and I could always sleep in our spaceship, but you know that that wouldnt be too comfortable. So can we please stay at your place?"

    "Normally I would say no, but you are really pretty, and if you are an alien, then maybe my dad would be able to keep you from harming my mother or sister."

    *If only he knew how powerful I really am!* Kiara thought to herself.

    "So it is a yes?"



    "I dont know, you just met this guy at the mall? And he is offering to let you stay at his place? Maybe he is going to try to hurt you or something..." Asher said a few minutes later, he had taken Megan home after playing for a while, and was now standing with Kiara talking about Trunks, who was standing a few yards away.

    "I know it sounds wierd, but I feel like he isnt lying. He is trustworthy, I know it." Kiara complained as Asher crossed his arms and shook his head lightly, really emphasizing his 'no' by the way he looked.

    "At least let me check him over for a few things first," Asher said reluctantly as Kiara stuck out her bottom lip and gave him chocolate brown puppy eyes, "I am only doing this because of that damn look!" Asher said.

    "He seems alright, wait....no.....oh my..."Asher said a few minutes later as he read Trunks' mind while he didnt even know what was going on.

    "What 'oh my'? What the hell did you do?" Kiara asked.

    "Well Mr. Trunks Briefs, it appears to me that you are Vegeta's son, am I correct?"

    "How did you know that?" Trunks asked, he had been standing around while the extremely good looking young lady named Kiara sat talking to her brother, Asher.

    "Nevermind, lets go," Asher said as he, Kiara, and Trunks flew home.

    "It took you that long to figure out who I was?" Mirai Trunks said a few minutes later. They stood in the Capsule Corp. mansion while Kiara got dressed in Bra's room with some of Bra's old clothes. Pan and Chibi Trunks were there and were believed to be necking in Trunks' room.

    "Hey, I wasnt expecting Vegeta to have a son okay?" Asher said. He was wearing a tight black shirt, and a pair of black shorts that came down nearly to his knees, but not quite, showing off his well sculpted body, nearly causing Bra to pass out. Goten stood behind her with his arms crossed and a look of disgust on his face at Asher.

    "What are you looking at you low class saiyan scum?" Vegeta asked as he walked in.

    "Oh come on Vegeta, he is just looking at Asher, sizing him up, he doesnt have to keep his looks away from him, heck Asher is in better shape than us all, I dont blame Goten for not liking him much," Goku said with a grin, "and look at the way Bra is looking at him, it is bound to make Goten a little jealous!"

    "Shut up dad!" Goten yelled with a hint of embarrasment to his voice.

    "Well, this is where we are staying tonight Asher!" Kiara said as she walked downstairs. She was wearing short shorts, blue with a small fringe on them, a tight white shirt, and her wavy hair cascaded around her shoulders. Mirai Trunks gave her a look, turned blue, and fainted.

    "Stupid excuse for a son!" Vegeta said.

    "Oh please Dad, you do have to admit, she looks pretty good," Chibi Trunks said as he walked out with Pan," as soon as he said it, Pan turned on him, giving him a look that said, "if you touch her I will rip your head off".

    "Hey honey I was just kidding, she looks pretty, but not as pretty as you," Chibi Trunks soothed.

    Asher raised an eyebrow and said, "I can feel the attraction you have towards Pan, and most men arent able to control the attraction felt for Kiara, I am impressed that you dont faint like the other one did."

    "Shut up Asher, I dont need you to protect me,"

    "As you wish sister deary," Asher said as he stalked off into the house, going to his room to sleep.

    "What is up with him?" Pan asked.

    "He is probably still embarrased that we caught him kissing that girl in our cave," Bulma and Chichi both said as they walked into the room also.

    "He was what?!? That dirty little piece of crap! He got someone to go out with before I even met a half-decent guy! Sheesh!" Kiara said.

    "Well, it runs in the royal line of Saiyans to get women quickly," Vegeta remarked, but was hit over the head by Bulma who said, "You loser, it took you a while to snag me, so dont say it didnt take long!"

    Goku and everyone else laughed, as Mirai Trunks still lay on the floor, passed out.