"The Red Menace"
by: Ashley (last name?) & Matthew Vargas
copywrite: April 9 to (not yet finished)
(DO NOT STEAL THIS STORY, i dont know how disclaimers usually are, so this is mine, steal it and i will kill you)

  Chapter 7

    It was a sunny day outside the Capsule Corp. mansion. Chibi Trunks had slept over at Goku's house after fighting with Vegeta about whether he was a royal Saiyan or not, and if Asher had more authority than he did. Goten slept over at the mansion because Chibi Trunks had taken his spot in his room.

    Asher yawned as he woke up to the smell of breakfast wafting into his room. He walked out and saw that Megan was sitting at the table with Bra, talking and laughing. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and discovered he wasnt dreaming, Megan really was there. He nearly passed out from embarrasment as Bulma snickered and said, "Hey look, its the two lovey dovey dolls, hehehe..."

    "What are you talking about Mom?" Bra asked, she still had not been told about the "incident" in the cave.

    "Oh nevermind,"

    "Hi Asher, how did you sleep?" Megan asked cheerily.

    "Wait! How do you know his name? Have you two met before?" Bra asked with a sly grin.

    Asher hung his head in embarrasment, "Yes, we sort of went out last night,"

    "Oh cool! My second-cousin is going out with my friend since 8th grade, wonderful!" Bra said happily, if she was being sarcastic, you couldnt tell.

    "Good morning everybody," Mirai Trunks said as he walked into the kitchen.

    "Oh man! You get hotter every time I see you!" Kiara said as she walked in also, as she passed by Trunks, she managed at snag at his butt. Trunks jumped and passed out for lack of air, he hadnt been expecting such a beautiful woman to do such an obscene thing. "Does he always pass out when something like that happens?" Kiara asked. She was laughing too hard to talk extremely well but managed it anyways.
    "I guess so, last night he just passed out when you walked down the stairs for no reason!" Asher exclaimed sarcastically, "Hey Sis, you think maybe he likes you? Woo Woo."

    "Shut the hell up you idiot! At least I wasnt necking in my cousins "secret cave underwater with a girl I just met!"

    "Oh crap who told you about that?!?" Megan and Asher both asked in an almost yelling tone.

    "Bulma told me about it last night after you went to sleep,"

    Asher and Megan exchanged looks, Asher decided to surprise them all, in his mind, he directed his thoughts to Megan, he said, "I say we let them know that we are going to go out. Shall we?". Megan nodded her head slightly and walked to Asher, curling up into his chest and kissing him deeply before breaking it off for a gulp of air. Bulma, Bra and Kiara just stared in disbelief as Megan and Asher sat down, fingers entwined in the others, at the breakfast table and said, "So when is breakfast ready?"

    "Hyuh? what the heck happened?" Trunks groaned as he began to wake up, he saw Kiara was still there and nearly passed out again.

    "Hi Trunks! What's up baby?!?" Kiara asked as she walked to him and ran a finger down his chest, teasing him terribly and making him turn blue from total embarrasment. She cupped his chin in her hand and forced him to look up at her, she kissed him lightly, just a brush of lips, but it was enough.

    "Get the hell away from my sister you piece of shit!" Asher yelled as he threw Kiara off of Trunks, and dragged Trunks outside and stood him up.

    "Power up, we are going to train whether you like it or not!"

    "But I cant beat you, you are too strong!"

    "I dont give a damn, now power up!" Asher's ki flared to life as he skipped right over supersaiyan 1 and 2 and went straight to three.

    "Oh man this is not good!" Trunks said as he attempted to run away, in a blur of speed, Asher caught him and was about to punch him when, "Lazer beam.....blast!" Kiara screamed as her green ki beam flew at Asher and knocked him back.

    "What the hell are you doing? Get back inside! NOW!" Asher roared as he ran at Trunks again.

    "Asher stop it please! Dont hurt him! I was trying to get you mad, please dont hurt him, he didnt do anything to you! I dont want to have to hurt my own brother! "

    "What?" Asher asked as he powered down.

    "You heard me, I was just trying to make you mad,"

    "Can I go inside now?" Trunks asked as he lay on the ground, the impact from Kiara's blast had knocked him back too, and he was now laying on the ground about 20 feet away.

    "Get up you sorry excuse for a son!" Vegeta barked as he came out of the gravity room. He had been training with Goku for about 2 hours when they felt Asher's ki flare violently and surpass their own powers."You are pretty damn strong, strong enough to beat the Prince of Saiyans, maybe strong enough to take me on," Vegeta remarked coldly as he stared at his cousin.

    "I am sorry, fogive me my King," Asher bowed to one knee, "I was angry, I felt the need to protect my sister,"

    "Get up! You have no need to apologize when you are Royalty! Especially to other Royalty! Now get up and lets eat!"

    A few hours later, Piccolo was in the air, meditating, when all of a sudden; "Hiya Mr. Piccolo! Whats up?!?" Piccolo fell out of the sky as his friend Gohan came crashing in with Videl and Kiara.

    "Who is she? And why does she have a tail? Is she a Saiyan?" Piccolo asked.

    "Yes, she is, but she wont harm you, she is the half sister of Vegeta's cousin, Asher, he will be coming here shortly with Chibi and Mirai Trunks, Pan, Bra, Goten, Goku and Vegeta, we are all to go to Kami's tower and train, we will explain when we get there."


    "So why did your brother react so violently when you kissed me this morning?" Mirai Trunks asked Kiara as they both flew to Kami's tower.

    "Why do you think? He is older than I am, and he thinks he needs to protect me, even though when in a controlled battle, I am much stronger than he is." Kiara explained, "Though his power when he is enraged is incredibly enormous, he doesnt concentrate hard enough to control it fully, what we see is only a portion of his true power, if you were to ever get him really mad, we would all be in danger if we made him angry."

    "Damn, and I thought he was just another pretty face," Trunks joked, but he was really thinking, *I know how that guy knew what my name was last night, he must have the same abilities I do, but to a higher extent than mine, I want to train with him in the Room.*

    *Okay! No! dang, man this guy is hard to read when he is angry!* Trunks thought later as he watched Vegeta and Asher spar. He was attempting pathetically to read his mind, but then he sensed an extremely low ki head towards them, so he decided to check it out.

    "Oh Hi Megan!" Trunks called a few minutes later as he discovered the low ki had been Asher's girlfriend.

    "Hi, is Asher there? Bulma told me he was but I wasnt sure, so I flew here in my car. Megan motioned to her air-car as she stood at the edge of Kami's tower and tried to brush the hair out of her face because the wind.

    Asher had been sparring with Vegeta, and looked to the side of him, to see Megan, he stopped dead to look her over; pale blue tanktop with tight black jeans. She had no makeup on, and looked beautiful even without it. Asher's observations earned him a hard punch to the gut and a roundhouse kick that sent him flying off of the tower. He flew back up and smiled childishly at Megan, who was choking her laughter with a fake cough.

    "Man! Darn elevations! Making me sick!" Megan said playfully.

    "Oh please, Ill believe that when low class Saiyans fly!" Asher stated, he too was speaking playfully.

    "Hey look! Goku and Goten are here!" Trunks yelled as Goku and Goten flew and landed in front of Asher. Vegeta burst into uncontrollable laughter and could not stop until Goku raised an eyebrow and said, "What is he on?". Everyone laughed except Vegeta, who shut up and stood up again. "We had better start training, who is first?" Vegeta said.

    "Wait, we have to wait for Pan and Bra to get here so they can-" he was cut off as Gohan flew up and yelled, "Hey dad! I got the perfect idea!!!!"

    "What is it son?" Goku asked.

    "We can use the dragon balls to wish back your father so we ave another person to train with!"

    "You are a genius!"

    "I know,"

    "Cut the crap, you can use those dragon balls to wish people back to life?" Asher asked.

    "Yes we used them many times, on me, Goku, Piccolo, and many other people in the past," Mirai Trunks said.

    "What do you think Kiara?" Asher asked his sister.

    "I say, 'hell yes, lets do it!' "


    "We will get the dragon balls and try to get him here ourselves, you stay here, maybe Dende will let you use the Room for a while so a few of you can get to know each other better," Vegeta smirked as he said it, he was thinking about Mirai Trunks going out with Kiara. *They would make a good couple. Oh damn! What the hell am I saying?!? I have spent too much time around Bra and Bulma.*

    Asher, after saying a long goodbye to Megan, finally left into the Room with Gohan to train. Kiara and Trunks were left together, Chibi Trunks, Goten, Bra, and Pan all left to train by themselves. After talking to him a while, Kiara was about to ask him out, when he said, "So do you want to go out? I know it sounds straight-forward, but words cannot be fashioned for one so pretty as you,".

    Kiara smiled and said, "Of course I would go out with you. You are flattering, and plus you are really hot too!" Trunks blushed and said, "Okay, when do we go?"

    "How about right now?" Kiara suggested.


    "Oh man! That was so fun! I have never been on a rollercoaster in my life, it was fun, but not as exhilirating as the humans made it seem. You want to see something really exhilirating?"


    "Hold on!" Kiara grabbed him and told him to use his ki to fly as fast as possible, she flew along with him, held at an extremely close angle, and she flipped them over and over, around and around, through the water, upside down, when she had finished, her hair was all over her face, and his hair was all over his face too.

    "Now was that fun or what?" Kiara asked.

    "Uuuumm...I am going to go with what, because I'm not sure about fun, hehe" Trunks said as they flew slowly back towards the Capsule Corp. mansion.

    "You are so crazy!" Kiara flirted as she gently smacked his head with her hand.

    "Whoa! We must have been flying faster than we thought!" Trunks said as he landed on his lawn and walked inside. Kiara followed, it was 2:00 in the morning, and everyone was asleep, except, that is, for the lone figure on the sofa.

    "Who are you? What do you want?" Trunks asked.

    "I am Bardock, I came here to see my son, Kakarot, Goku I believe you call him.

    "Oh, well he should be here in the morning, go to sleep, Ill get a few blankets for you," Trunks said, Kiara bowed to him and followed Trunks.

    After Trunks had given the blankets to Bardock, Kiara and him walked upstairs towards her room.

    "I had a really good time tonight," Kiara said innocently, mimicking a girl she had seen on a movie the night before.

    "Me too," Trunks said.

    Kiara turned to go into her room, but Trunks held her shoulder and put his arm around her waist, pulling her into a deep, passionate kiss. When they broke it off, Kiara was blushing terribly but smiling, and Trunks was blue, nearly passing out again. "Good night sweet thang," Kiara said as she walked into her room.

    "Good night..."Trunks said as he walked to his room, jumping in the air with glee.......