"The Red Menace"
by: Ashley (last name?) & Matthew Vargas
copywrite: April 9 to (not yet finished)
(DO NOT STEAL THIS STORY, i dont know how disclaimers usually are, so this is mine, steal it and i will kill you)

Chapter 8

    *I wonder if she really likes me.* Trunks walked to his room in a daze. He couldn't think straight no more. He didn't see where he was going and ran into something tall with an explosion on his head.
    "Brat! Watch were you are going." Bardock said in an unusual cold manner. "Sorry, Bardock-san. But I...." Trunks trailed off on the sentence. *Why am I acting this way?* He knew the answer. Kiara's face came into his mind. Bardock looked at him strangely. The purple haired kid fainted. "I cannot believe that is the Prince's son. Maybe I have just been dead too long." Bardock was muttering to himself as he walked away from the disturbing scene.

***the next morning***

    Kiara woke up. She looked outside and gasped. "Oh cracker snaps!! I am going to be late." She hurried up and put on her armor. She decided before going to Kami's palace, she would eat a big breakfast. "I don't care what Asher says, I haven't found Earth food that good." She pulled her hair into a loose ponytail and walked to the kitchen.
    When she got to the hallway near Trunks' room. She tripped. "Oww!" Two voices said at once. She looked around. "Why are you on the floor, sweetie?" Trunks mentally kicked himself. *Why did I have to embarrass myself in front of her??* He stood up and looked at her. "Nothing, just looking for something." She raised an eyebrow at the stupid excuse. She was about to say something when Trunks kissed her. "Sorry, but you looked really good this morning. I just had to kiss you." She blushed slightly. "You know," they walked to the kitchen together, "I want to go to that room thingie with you. Maybe we can learn a little bit more about each other." She smirked when he almost fainted again. "If we hurry up, maybe we could go when Asher and Gohan come out." Trunks didn't waste no time. He picked her up and rushed to Kami's Palace.

    "Megan, wake up. Asher will be out soon." Megan woke up with a start. "When will he get here. And how long have I been here?" Bra laughed at her friend. "He will be out in about an hour. But you have slept out here, all night long. Don't worry though. Goten and I slept here also." She smiled at her again. "I can't wait to see him. He might have more muscles than before." Megan said dreamily. *It would be so cool. My boyfriend will be hotter than he was before!* She smiled. "What are you smiling for?" Megan grinned slightly embarrassed. "Nothing. Just can't wait to see Asher." Bra took that as an expectable answer. And went to go find Goten.

    About an hour later. Asher and Gohan came out of the room. Everyone was there except Kiara and Mirai Trunks. They were about to ask someone to come in next. Mirai Trunks with Kiara in his hands flew right by them and into the room. "I guess, we don't have to ask then?" Dende said with a smile. The others laughed. Megan looked at Asher and her eyes got big. *He looks better than he did yesterday.* Asher looked at her and smiled. *I haven't seen her in a year. I wonder what she thinks how I look like now.* He smirked and walked up to her. "Miss me?" She growled. "No, I didn't miss you. Why would I?" Asher frowned but smiled when he saw her smiling. "Yes, I missed you. I was bored too. Who can I get mad at when you are gone. Even if it has only been a day." He smirked at her comment. "Come here." She looked confused. He grabbed her waist and pulled her close to him before she took a step. "You know I haven't seen you in a year. Well to me, anyways. I am going to take you somewhere cool tonight." She smiled. "Did you cheat on me when I was gone?" She fumed and hit him as hard as she could. "No! I spent the night here you idiot. What did you think I meant when I said I missed you!! And where exactly am I going to find someone in one day!! I am going home!" Asher didn't have any time to blink. She stormed off. *Why me?* He raced after her. He left before he could hear the loud laughter coming from the other warriors.

    "So this is what this room looks like?" Kiara looked out into the vast nothingness around the house.
"Yeah, this is my second time here." She nodded but her eyes still fixed into the emptiness.
    "I'm hungry. Can we start after I eat?" He smirked.
    "Okay. I am hungry too. Let's see what they have in the refrigerator."
    She beat him to it and started pulling things out. When she thought she had enough she closed the door. Trunks stood across from the table. But quickly regretted it. She found some banana pudding and threw it on her sausage pizza. She inhaled that quickly. She had some lasagna and pickle juice with macaroni and chicken. *I can't believe she eats like this?!?!* She sensed him watching her eat and got mad.
    "What? Do I have a piece of meat between my teeth?"
He smirked. "I just can't believe the things you eat."
She looked at him in confusion. "Without mixing this stuff, it tastes bad." She made an ugly face to get her point across. Trunks chuckled.
    "Here try it. It's really good."
Trunks backed away slowly. "I don't think I am as hungry as I thought I was."
She shrugged and finished eating. "Do you want to start now or tomorrow?" He asked her when she stood up.
"I guess tomorrow. I said I wanted to know you better." Trunks controlled himself. But that didn't help the blush spreading on his cheeks.
"Okay, so what do you want to kn--...."
Trunks couldn't finish his sentence because Kiara jumped on him. "Did I ever tell you how, good you look?"
Trunks didn't respond but only kissed her. He finally opened his mouth to breathe. But said four words, before he kissed her again. "Kiara..."
"Yeah." She was kissing him hungrily. But at the same time she was in twisted positions on him. "I....."
"What?" She stopped and looked at him. "Kiara, I like you." She smiled and kissed him deeply. It seemed weeks before they finally broke. Both of them felt a bit different but couldn't pinpoint the feeling. "Do you really mean it?" She asked in a small voice. "Yeah." Trunks said in the same tone. He decided to be really bold with her. *I hope I don't do anything to embarrass myself.* He gulped and pulled her against himself closely. He whispered in her ear very softly. "Do you like me?" She felt her blood run hot. *What is with me? What did he do to me?* "Yeah. You are the sweetest guy I have ever met." He smiled. He then kissed her hair. She just stood really still. He then turned her head to face him. "I hope you will be my girlfriend." She felt like her eyes were about to water. He kissed her forehead. "So, what do you say?" He looked at her with pleading eyes. Her senses finally kicked in. She laughed softly and nodded. "Good. I got worried when you laughed." She shook her head. "Let's begin training now. I feel stronger now." He smirked and went to find his sword.
    They stepped into the nothingness and took a battle stance. Kiara shouted "wait". Trunks looked at her weirdly. "If you are going to use your sword I am going to use mine too." Trunks looked interested at the way she called for her sword. A bright black flash erupted around her. "Cool." She smiled. When the black flash cleared a double edged sword with a handle of jewels were in her hands. "You like??" "Yeah. Want to begin in normal form or super saiyan forms?" She thought for a while. "We should stay in our normal forms. Because I have other transformations besides my SSJ ones." He understood and waited for her to attack first. She saw he was waiting for her to make the first move. "Obsidian Butterfly!!" A black butterfly escaped from her hands and hit Trunks. He didn't expect her blast to be so strong and took most of the blow. She didn't wait for him to recover. She did some fancy moves with her hands and screamed "Fire Mist". With a final move a giant mist headed towards Trunks. He didn't understand what the attack did. He rolled over, but not in time. His shoulder got hit with the mist. The mist erupted into fire when it touched his skin. *I can't believe she is that strong!!* He managed to get t his feet. "I have a fire trick too." She smirked. He the brought his hands forward and positioned them in an order. He yelled, "Burning Attack". The fire blast left him. Kiara counterattacked it with a chi blast. When the smoke cleared, Trunks located her and went after her. She sensed him before he came and prepared. All at once the clashing of swords were heard. Both were very talented with the weapon. Kiara knew she was loosing with the weapon. But would not end the sword match without a little satisfaction. When he had his sword in the air, she leaned forward and kissed him. He was taken back and dropped the weapon. She looked away when she punched him in the face. Trunks doubled over but had a trick too. "Kiara...," She flew over him. And asked "what?" He flew up to her and said, "You know I love you, right?" She looked like she seen a ghost. Trunks clasped his hands together and pulled them over her head. He smashed them into the small of her back. She fell to the ground hard. After she recovered she didn't show it much. Her blue tint got a bit darker. But she still fought. Trunks saw this and frowned. "We can quit now. I don't think you can fight right now." She nodded and walked to the house. Trunks was really worried and helped her there. About half way there her color changed and she hit Trunks in the gut. "That was just a trick. I love you too, sweet heart." Trunks smiled despite the pain he was in. "I want to go back anyhow." She helped him up and walked back.
    "How long have we been in here?" Trunks walked to the fridge and took an apple. "I think about a month." She looked surprised. "Wow! I am going to bed now. So see you next week." Before Trunks could ask her about that she was sleep.

    "Megan. Are you mad at me again?" He trailed her. But she didn't pay any attention to him. "Megan please talk to me." He was pleading and she still ignored him. "Megan..." "Will you leave me alone!!" She pulled to a curb on the road. "How could you even think that I would cheat on you? I am not some kind of slut. But you obviously think of me to be that way. You are just so, so, so-" Asher landed and cut her off. He put his finger over her lips. "I am sorry." He felt bad. He was kidding but it was a dry humor joke. He saw the tears roll down her cheeks. He felt really bad now. Then he pulled his fingers back. "Why did you bite me?" She snorted. "You have been training for a year. Your fingers are sweaty and smelly. And I didn't want them on my lips." He smirked. *I guess she forgives me.* "Do you forgive me?" She had a thoughtful expression on her face. "I guess so. Just don't say stupid jokes around me." He half-smiled. She smirked. They stood that way for a while when she broke the silence. "Have you ever been to the movies?" He looked confused. "Good. Come on." She pulled him into the car. But before they went to the movies the went to Capsule Corp. "Why are we stopping here?" "Because, you stink." He chuckled. "Okay."