"The Red Menace"
by: Ashley (last name?) & Matthew Vargas
copywrite: April 9 to (not yet finished)
(DO NOT STEAL THIS STORY, i dont know how disclaimers usually are, so this is mine, steal it and i will kill you)

Chapter 9

    "Are you almost finished?" Megan was in the living room waiting for Asher. She was seriously bored. "You know, you should get into the habit of turning around." She jumped at the sound of his voice behind her. "I don't need to. You need to stop doing that!!" He chuckled. Megan decided to yell at him more. She turned around to look at him. Her jaw almost hit the floor. *He looks better than he did an hour and a half ago!!* Asher blushed slightly when Megan began to drool.
    He cleared his throat loudly. Megan snapped back into reality. "So how do I look?" She fell over. Asher just smirked. He towered over her and offered a hand. "You know, I was only kidding." She grumbled. "Whatever. You look good. Where did you get clothes like that?" He grinned sheepishly. "They are Chibi Trunks's clothes. But I don't think he will mind." She giggled. "I am ready for the movies now. You look ready, want to go." He smiled. They went to her aircar.

    "Goten, lets go out tonight. I mean, we slept here all night. And you haven't taken me out in a while." Goten thought about what she said. She was right and he was bored. "Yeah. Where do you want to go?" Bra was happy. "How about the movies. I will go tell Trunks and Pan that we are leaving." Bra ran off to tell the couple about their plans. A few minute later she came back to him. "They said they would stay here tonight. Let's go!!" Before Goten could protest, Bra pulled him into the air.

    "Megan, what exactly do we do at the movie?" She laughed really hard. But after a few minutes she caught her breath. "It's a t.v. show on a huge screen." He looked confused. "We are going to go somewhere just to watch television?" She choked on her laughter. "No. Don't ask anymore questions, you will just hurt yourself. Trust me you'll like it." Asher gave her a very skeptical look. "Okay. When will we get there?" She didn't answer for a couple seconds. Then she said, "We are here." They both got out.
    Megan decided to watch "A True Warrior". She thought Asher might like it. "So what do we do now?" They were in the lobby. "Well, do you want something to eat?" Asher thought about his appetite and declined. "Maybe later. So what do we do now?" She was getting agitated. "Follow me." He followed her into a giant dark room, with a lot of seats in rows. "What is this place?" She fought really hard to control her anger. "Just follow me and shut up!" Asher never lost his confused look, but followed her.

    Bra dragged Goten to the movies. She looked at what they were showing. "Look Goten! "A True Warrior" is playing. I heard that movie is really good. Can we go see it?" Goten smirked. "Yeah, but can you get the food and tickets. I am kind of broke." He laughed nervously. She glared at him and hit him in the gut. "Get a job, Goten." He grumbled but stayed behind her.
    They got to their seats as fast as they can. But the food they were carrying slowed them down. "Why did you have to order so much?!?!" Bra whispered a little to loudly and got shushed from this young woman.

    The crowd was a frantic. They heard two girls screams and panicked. Asher and Goten prepared to knock out whoever messed with their girlfriends. After all the commotion, the both fell over. "Bra why were you screaming?" Goten asked in a whinny voice. Asher just looked confused. Then Megan screamed, "What are you doing here?" Bra just grinned. "I wanted to go out. Who would have guessed we chose the same place. I guess great minds really do think alike!" Megan nodded and grinned. Asher realized his cousin and her boyfriend were here. The same for Goten. They were about to talk some more when the manager came to them.
    "I am sorry ladies and gentleman, but you have to leave." Asher then asked "why?". The manager slumped back a little and replied. "You were disturbing others. You made too much noise." Asher snorted but Megan took his arm. "Don't worry sir, we will leave." Asher and Goten looked irritated at them and the manager. But the girls gave them a cold glance.

    They left the theater and stood in the parking lot a while talking about what were they going to do now.

    "Let's have a double-date since we are here." Megan agreed to Bra suggestion. Goten and Asher really didn't care. "What do you want to do?" Bra thought for a minute at Megan's question. "I heard that there is a new club opening up in downtown Satan City. I think it's called Chocolate City." The men's faces lit up at the sound of chocolate. "We are going to go somewhere called Chocolate City? Let's hurry and get there now!" Bra was about to protest but Megan stopped her. She pulled her a little bit away from the boys. "Why should we tell them. Goten hates dancing and I don't think Asher could dance. If we don't get them to go, we'll never have any fun." Bra smirked at her idea. "Okay, so do you think they will get suspicious?"
"Who cares if they do. They are going to stay whether they like it or not." Bra grinned. Then they went back to their men.
    "What were you two talking about?" They didn't reply to Asher's question. "Let's just go. We might miss all the fun." Goten was so anxious. "We're coming." They both went into their separate cars to Chocolate Cities.

    When the couples reached the parking lots, they heard a loud wail. "BRA!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT WE WERE GOING TO A CLUB!! YOU KNOW I CAN'T DANCE!!" Bra was laughing to hard to pay any attention to him. "Sorry honey. But we really wanted to go. You would have never agreed if we told you the truth." Goten grumbled. "Anyways, you are going in weather you like it or not." Goten opened his mouth but immediately closed it. Bra's eyes shot fire at him. Asher was baffled but Megan only laughed. "What's going on?" Megan smirked. "You will find out soon enough." Before either of the two men could get a word out the girls dragged them to the entrance.
    The couples stepped into the "Chocolate City" club. Asher was confused but Megan just pulled him along. Bra turned and grinned at Goten. "Want to dance?" Goten shook his head. "No way in hell!" She ignored him and pulled him on the dance floor.

    Then Megan asked Asher "Want to dance to?" Asher said "I am with Goten I am not dancing and you can't make me!!" Then Megan said "Whatever you going to do it anyhow!! Megan pulled Asher with her. "But I don't know what to do!! What are you doing to me?? I thought you liked me!! Why me!!" Megan laughed at his insecurities. "Just do what I tell you to do, okay?" Asher grumbled. "Thought so."

    Goten had two left feet. *I can't believe she is making me do this! She knows I can't dance. I thought she loved me!!* Goten tripped on his own feet. Bra laughed when he fell on a table. "Goten, who taught you how to dance?!?" Goten didn't find the situation funny at all. "Bra, you know I can't dance. Why must you torture me?" She laughed at his whinny voice and sad puppy eyes. "You are so cute when you look pitiful." She kissed his cheek. Goten blushed but soon stopped. Bra pulled him back up to dance again.

    Asher was a different story. "So we are dancing?" Megan tried her best not to laugh. *Calm down girl. You got to remember that he isn't from around here.* "Yeah, sweetie. Just try and move with rhythm." Asher still didn't understand. He looked at the other men. What they were doing looked a lot like a kata he knew when he was younger. He tried to remember it.

    Megan was shocked. *He learned how to dance!! I am a better teacher than I thought I was!!* She looked at Asher. The way other women looked at him made her want to brag about him and rip their eyes out of their sockets. *If they think he is going to go with them. I will knock them out!* She gave icy stares at the other girls. Most coward down, but one girl didn't take her eyes off of Asher. She had dark brown hair. She also looked kinda stupid. Megan knew her. She was Goten's ex-girlfriend. Bra beat the stuffing out of her. She hated Paris.

    *This is cool. Everyone is staring at me. I must be doing something right!* He also noticed other people dance with other people.
So when this dark haired girl came to him he danced. He didn't notice the piercing glares he got from Megan.

    Everyone at the club just stared in awe. The people on the floor danced like they were born to do this. It was weird and cool. Some of the other girls decided they wanted to dance with the handsome stranger. His moves were like silk. It was almost magic. Some saw how he danced at the first few seconds of the song. Then he danced like 'whoa'!!

    Megan to put it lightly was pissed off. *What the hell is wrong with him!!* But she knew she couldn't blame him. She wasn't mad at Asher really. Just the slut. *I will kill her.* She smirked and walked up to him when the song ended.

    Bra pulled Goten up, after he fell again. "You are so clumsy. I can't believe-" She stopped. She saw Paris dancing with Asher. *I need to kill both of them.* Her mind went blank when she saw Megan walk up to them. *If she needs help, I want to be there.* "Goten, I have to check on something. Can you go buy me something to drink?" Goten didn't look like he knew what was going on. "Fine. Be back soon." As soon as he was gone, Bra went towards her friend.

    Asher sensed something bad was about to happen. The look Megan gave him, forget about how strong he was. *Damn! Why is she always getting mad at me?* Asher was about to apologize when Megan tapped the dark haired girl's shoulder. She spun around only to gasp. Megan punched the in the face. The girl fell hard on the ground.
"Slut! Why can't you ever find your own man?" Megan was about to hit her again when a hand stopped hers. She turned to look at her long time friend Bra.
"Don't beat her up so fast. Save some for me." Bra smirked. Megan knew she wouldn't get another chance to hit Paris. Bra loved fighting, and you couldn't tear her away from it.

    When Asher saw Megan walk away, he went after her. "Why did you do that? I didn't know you could hit that hard!" She smiled and kissed his cheek. "She was someone I knew from my past." He nodded in agreement. "So, how do you think I danced? Was I good?" Megan laughed. "Yeah. You said you didn't know how. But you were really good." Asher smiled a toothy grin. "I know, I was perfect wasn't I? I bet you couldn't tell I was doing a kata." She laughed hard this time. "Is all you think about fighting?" He had a thoughtful expression on his face. "No. I think about food and you." She blushed. "I want to go now. I think Bra is getting a little too happy." Asher understood and went to find Goten. Megan went to pry Bra off of Megan. When they were together again they left the club. "I see you later Bra and Goten." Megan waved so did Bra. "Asher, you going to Capsule Corp.?" He nodded and Bra gave him the security code. "I'll be there later. Bye now."

    Megan pulled up into Capsule Corp. "Had a good time Asher?" Asher thought about everything that happened tonight. "Tonight, I got into more trouble than I have ever been. It was a weird night." Megan thought he was kidding and laughed. Asher was serious, and thought it really was a weird night. "I have to go now. See you tomorrow, okay." She went up to him and gave him a long sweet kiss. "Bye."
    Asher stood there for a while. "That makes the night worth it. But I need some sleep." He walked inside. As soon as he hit the bed he was sleep.

    "Trunks, can we take a break? I've gone four months without a real meal." Trunks powered down and walked over to her. "Okay. But please don't mix that stuff around me." She smirked and kissed him. "While we are on this break, go brush your teeth. You have really bad breath." Kiara ran as fast as she could from him. "Kiara, come back here!! You need a comb." She turned to face him. "Well, you need a bath!" When the words left her mouth she zoomed out of his sight.