The Secret-Part 1 by SS2TrunksGTZ

Note: Trunks is about to turn 10 (and someone else!). Goten 8. Everybody is
alive. Pretty much everybody is older. But there is another force of evil.
Now enjoy the story!

"What who are you? I'm your brother. Huh?!?" Trunks woke up. "Oh it was only
a dream." Trunks said. Trunks heard his alarm clock went off. It was time for
trunks to go find Goten to spar. Trunks got his fighting suit on and flew
over to Goten house. On the way Trunks was wondering about the dream he had
last night. Trunks stop sensing a familiar power lever is coming. When it got
closer Trunks saw the person and flew towards him. "Hey Trunks! It's me
Goten!" Trunks thought it was Goten because of his power level. "Oh hey Goten
I recognized your power level. So where should we go spar?" Said Trunks.
"Let's go over to my house since it's closer." Said Goten. Trunks shook his
head. They flew to Goten' s house. Then they arrive the front yard of the
house. Chi Chi came out and said,"Goten! Come inside and eat your
breakfast.'' Then Goten said, "Okay Mom did you say hi to Trunks yet?" Chi
Chi said hi to trunks and trunks gave a he! llo. The boys walked in the house
and went in the kitchen. At the table they saw Gohan and Goku eating. Trunks
said hi  to everyone. Goku and Gohan said,"hello Trunks." Goten sat down and
ate his breakfast."Trunks would you like some breakfest?"Asked Chi Chi."A no
thank you I'm not hungry." The 3 other Saiyans are eating like crazy because
of their appetite. Then they finish eating and Trunks and Goten are just
leaving out the door until Chi Chi said, "Goten where are you going?"Goten
said,"Trunks and me are gonna go spar, mom." Chi Chi knotted her head."But be
back before lunch, ok?" Said Chi Chi.Goten knotted his head.Then the boys
went out the door and flew to their favorite place to spar. Then the boys
found Goku at the spot. "Hey,dad what are doing here?" Said Goten."Oh, I just
came here to mediate. Why are you here?" Said Goku."This is are favorite spot
to spar." Said Goten. Goku shook is head and moved back he also go! ing to
watch the boys. Then the boys charge up to super saiyans and started
fighting. Punches and kicks and using energy waves. An hour later the boys
got tired and took a rest. "You boys fight very well, you two boys make a
great team." Said Goku. Both of the boys gave a thanks."Hey Goten, last night
a strange dream."Said Trunks. "Yeah what is it?" Said Goten. "Well I dreamed
that I had a brother and he exactly look like me like we were twins, but the
only thing difference between us was our color of our hair, his was red."
Said Trunks. Then Goten said, " that's a weird dream, hey do you want to go
over your house and go play?" Trunks thought about it and said, "no, we
shouldn't my dad isn't in a good mood today, but maybe we could see if their
having a tournament pretty soon?" Goten replied, "yeah that's a good idea and
besides your dad is never in a good mood, and dad tell mom I'll be back
before lunch ok?" Goku shook his ! head and the boys took off. On the way their
Trunks was still thinking about his dream last night. He just couldn't stop
thinking about that dream.  "Hey Trunks, this is the spot where they post
when are the tournaments."  Said Goten. The boys flew down and got on the
ground.  Trunks looked at the postings and saw that there was one tournament
this month. Trunks saw the date and fell over and started crying. "Trunks why
are crying?" Goten was wondering why.  "Why? Why?!, because its on the day on
my birthday,! That's why!" Said Trunks in an angry and sad way. Goten is
still wondering why it's that much important because he knew he loves
fighting more than him (Because Trunks sort of have Saiyan blood from a royal
bloodline). " Trunks I know it's on your birthday but wouldn't that sort of
be a surprise present? Because you love to fight," said Goten. "But my mom
and dad said that something their giving me that'! s really special and
something that would really freak me out a little. That's what they said,''
said Trunks. "Oh.'' Said Goten, "Maybe you should go tell your parents that
there's a tournament and I'll bet you and your parents will work something
out,'' said Goten, " yeah maybe I should little calm down, yeah I'll go talk
to my parents, thanks Goten," said Trunks. "Your welcome, I should go home
it's getting close to lunch believe it or not. Well see ya Trunks later,"
said Goten. "Okay bye Goten," said Trunks. Then the boys took off and headed
to their own houses.