Trunks’ Final Revelation

By Quincy Burney


It was Tuesday night, and Trunks was home by himself while Vejita and Bulma were out on the town. Trunks lay on his bed, thinking of things most saddening, like how he could ever think Goku – The worlds mightiest warrior, a happily married man, and a loving father, could ever want to be affectionately close with him. He thought himself a fool to have ever conceived it to be possible. He turned on his side, and closed his eyes. He soon fell asleep.

The next morning, Trunks woke up to find that Goku had come over for coffee. Trunks was always hoping that every time Goku came over that he would wanna see him. But it was the complete opposite, for Goku and Vejita had been spending more time together than usual, which was almost never. Goku and Vejita were starting to actually enjoy each other’s company. Vejita had even stopped calling him Kakarot. They still spar – rigorously for that matter, and they were still viscous rivals on the battlefield, but at home, or in the presence of their wives, they get along just fine. Trunks was so upset by the fact that Goku would wanna spend so much time with someone who spent most of his time trying to overthrow him in power and strength. And what was even more upsetting to him was that Vejita was starting to get more in tune with his feminine side. He was talking more about his feelings, he was expressing his dreams in a manner so gripping and often times moving, Goku would hold Vejita’s hand and comfort him in an almost brotherly manner. He even saw Goku put his arm around Vejita’s shoulder.

Someone might as well have tied him to a post and yelled Ready…Aim…FIRE!!!

Trunks could hear Goku and Vejita reminiscing about how Pokémon 2000 was the greatest movie ever. "I swear, that Pikachu is just the cutest little thing in the world" Vejita said. "I agree," said Goku. Vejita then continued, "But even though Pokémon 2000 left me awestruck, Pokémon the First Movie made me cry at the end. And in my books, if I cry at a movie, I’ll love that movie to the day I die!"

"I cried at the end too, but I like being spellbound and awestruck. I don’t know which to love more!" Goku had an undecided look on his face! While all of this was going down, Trunks was right around the corner listening to it all. "I wish Goku would ask me to a movie" Right then, he heard something that brightened the sad look on his face. Vejita told Goku of a third Pokémon movie that would be coming out soon. "NANNI?!?! A third Pokémon movie? W…What’s it called?" Goku asked anxiously. "It’s called Lord Of The Unknown Tower" Vejita said. Trunks smiled a smile of relief. He would be the one to ask Goku to the new Pokémon feature. He would finally have a chance to express his feelings for Goku. He was so busy fantasizing about what it was gonna be like, the he didn’t even notice that a rather large pool of drool had formed at his feet, and when he turned around to walk into his room, he slipped on it. "WWWWWWHHHHOOOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!" he shouted as he hit the ground hard. Goku and Vejita ran over to see what had happened and saw Trunks in a daze on the floor.

Trunks woke up in his bed, vision blurred, and all dizzy. He looked around saw a blurred Goku. He tried to sit up, but he had hit his head so hard when he fell, that he was dizzyfied, that he when he sat up a mere 5 inches he got one hell of a head spin. "Uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh! He moaned. "Don’t try to move. You hit your head pretty bad on that fall." Goku said. Then, Vejita walked in with an ice pack. He slid it gently under Trunks’ head, "There you go! How ya feeling, son?" Trunks answered in a mono-toned groan "I’ve felt better" Vejita left the room and Trunks was alone with Goku – like he has always wanted. "Goku…can I ask you something?" "Sure!" Goku said. "Can you take me to see the third Pokémon movie?" Goku looked at Trunks questioningly, "How did you know about the new movie?" He asked. "I heard you and Dad talking about it!" Trunks replied. "I was planning to go with Vejita. Perhaps you can join us. All three of us can go!" Goku suggested. "No, just you and me." Trunks said immediately. Goku thought a minute, "Fine!…" He said "But as long as I and Vejita see it first. You know how your father is about Pokémon."

"Yeah!" Trunks said "That’s OK!" he continued.

"Good! Oh! I know when it’ll be coming out! With Gohan’s help, I was able to translate a Japanese web site into English. The movie will be coming out

August 29th in America and Canada. That’s just two weeks away" Trunks was extremely delighted that. He can finally tell Goku how he feels.

Two weeks had passed, it was now the 30th. Goku and Vejita had the movie the day before, and it was now Trunks’ turn. Trunks himself was so giddy with excitement, that he was jiggin’ all over the house. (Jiggin’ = Jumping up and down vigorously) Bulma tried to calm him down, but it was no use. Trunks was jiggin’ so fast, and he was so excited, that he accidentally went SSJ. "TRUNKS!!!" Bulma screamed. Suddenly, Vejita burst into the room to see what all the commotion was about. He saw Trunks, and told him what he did. When he realized what he had done, he come out of SSJ, and sat on the couch. He was a little embarrassed which is until Goku walked into the door. Trunks’ face lit up as he saw Goku. "Hey Trunks! Ya ready to go?" he asked "Yeah!" Trunks said happily. They both headed for the car. "Uh… Goku, thank you for taking me along with you." Trunks said "Sure! Anytime!" Goku replied happily.

When they finally reached the theatre, Trunks was in such a hurry that he forgot to take off his seat belt as he hanged himself trying to get out of the car. Goku laughed as he helped Trunks with his seat belt.

They walked into the entrance while Goku was still trying to hold back his laughter. "Two for Pokémon 2000 please!" Goku said to the till girl. They bought their tickets and headed for the cinema. They sat down to in the center of the middle row, and got comfy. It wasn’t long before the movie started. During the movie, Trunks couldn’t help but sneak glances at Goku. His face was so handsomely accented by the light and dark in the movie theatre. Suddenly, when he looked away, he felt Goku’s arm come across his shoulder. His heart beat quickened, his mind started to race, he was beginning to lose so much control, that he thought he was gonna soil himself in the heat of the moment. "That’s it!" He said aloud. He grabbed Goku by the head, and pressed his lips firmly against Goku’s.

Goku looked quite surprised. "What was that for?" He asked in a whisper. "For being you!" Trunks said with his hands still grasped on the sides of Goku’s head. They then just sat back and watched the rest of the movie. During the rest of the time, Trunks was feeling very proud of himself. He had finally accomplished what he had been dreaming of for the longest time. The ride home was silent. When they arrived at Capsule Corp. Mansion, Trunks said Goodbye to Goku, and walked inside and smiled a smile of accomplishment.

The next day, Trunks assumed that Goku would want to talk about the big kiss he gave him, but for the whole day – no Goku. It was the same thing with the second day. Goku wouldn’t return Vejita or Bulma’s calls, Trunks was starting to get worried. So Vejita and him paid a visit to the Son House. ChiChi greeted him happily "Hello Trunks, Vejita. What a pleasant surprise. Do come in" Trunks entered with Vejita. "Goku’s in the shower. You don’t mind to wait do you?"

"No, not at all" they both said.

When Goku, came out of the shower, he seemed a little nervous to be around Trunks. It was like he was growing distant from him. Trunks would till Vejita had to use the facilities to talk to Goku. When the moment came, Trunks confronted Goku. "Goku, why have you been distant from me?" Trunks thought he would cut right to the chase and ask him the direct questions. "Ever since you came out of that shower, you’ve been reluctant to be around me. You’re fine around my father, but it’s a different story with me." Goku looked a trifle upset. Then suddenly, he went SSJ; he grabbed Trunks by the collar and flew out of the house at an alarming speed. He flew out to a deserted area of the wilderness, and threw Trunks to the ground. Goku floated to the ground with a serious look on his face. And Trunks knew that when Goku had that look on his face, that someone bad was about to go down. "What gives you the right, to kiss me like you did in the theatre. Huh? Do you not remember that I am a happily married Saiyan?" Trunks answered, "I… I love you Goku!" Hearing that, Goku made a deduction (and not being the brightest person in the world, this was quite a feat). "You only wanted to go to the new Pokémon movie, so that you could put your moves on me. Isn’t that right?" Trunks lowered his head in shame.

"I can understand if you never wanna forgive me." Trunks said in sorrow. Goku’s face phased from that of seriousness, to that of blankness "Dearest Trunks, I have already forgiven you." Trunks looked up. The light from the sunset sparkled on the tears that were forming in Trunks’ eyes. Goku walked up to Trunks, he put his hand on his shoulder, then said "Trunks, I don’t mind if you love me, but you need to realize that I can never be with you. Don’t love me so much that it drives you to the point where you wanna be intimate with me, because it can’t happen like that."

Trunks’ tears streamed down his face as he was pained to hear this. But he knew it was true. He had a wife and a son. And if Vejita ever found out about this, he would never let him live it down. Then, Goku asked a question, "Do you feel in your true heart of hearts that it’s right for you to pursue me?" Trunks thought for a moment, never taking his eyes off of Goku. Then he reached an answer… "No!" Goku smiled. But then, Trunks continued "But, can I at least kiss you one last time?"

Goku idled for a moment, then lightly nodded his head. Trunks sighed, and slowly walked to Goku. Trunks was pretty short, but Goku leaned over until their eyes were parallel. Trunks then he pressed his lips to Goku’s, he brought his hands over the sides of Goku’s face, he pressed harder against Goku’s lips, he slipped his tongue into Goku’s mouth, and ran his hands down Goku’s back. While all of this was happening, Trunks’ mind was racing, his heart was pounding like it’s never pounded before. And even though he was where he wanted to be, he knew that it was never meant to be. That was the thought that made Trunks break his kiss with Goku. "Why did you stop?" Goku asked, "Because I know it’s not right. I love you so much but… I know that we can’t…" Trunks began to cry, and before he could say anything more, Goku took Trunks into a tight embrace. Trunks’ tears turned into sobs, "Its OK to cry, Trunks. As long as you have a friend to help you through it. That is what I am here for. But, also don’t forget that you have a father who loves you dearly, and he will always be there when I am not around, and I think that it would be better for you if you could open up more with your father" Trunks looked up at Goku. He had a smile on his face, which seemed to make all the feelings of sorrow and pain go away. "But Goku, when I am near you, it’s like all my pain, and sorrow goes away. I feel safe with you. I feel like nothing can ever hurt me when I’m with you. I wanna have that feeling all that time, and I don’t ever wanna be away from you"

"I am always with you! I’m in your heart and in your mind. I will always be your friend, but I can never be your love." Trunks thought to himself. Goku was really making sense, and he knew what Goku said was true, "Yeah!… You’re right. I should never have thought it possible to pursue you! I’m so very sorry. I need to get myself a woman!" Goku laughed as he came out of the hug.

Suddenly, Vejita appeared with ChiChi. They had flown over, relying on Vejita to trace Goku’s power level. "What’s going on here? I have been worried sick." ChiChi asked in a very gruff voice. "Yeah Goku, what’s the deal. When I came out of the bathroom, you and my son were nowhere to be found. I was lucky to have picked up your power trail it was getting so weak." Goku explained that him and Trunks need a quite place to sort some things out. Luckily, Vejita and ChiChi bought into it. "Well, let’s go already. It’s getting cold. You three may catch pneumonia out here." ChiChi said in here usual overly protective way. They all flew back to the Son House. ChiChi had taken precautions and made them all (including her) a bowl of chicken soup. The time had come for Vejita and Trunks to go back home. "Well, I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow" Trunks said. "Yeah!" Trunks walked with Vejita out to the front, "So, what was it that you and Goku had to work out?" Vejita asked. Trunks was in a silent panic. He had to think of something quick. "Uuh… just a little thing I had about…girls." He tried to sound convincing. "Girls? **gasp** Do you have a new love interest?" Vejita asked in a very girly manner. "Uuh…no, I just asked him what I should do when a girl asks me out"

"Oh!…OK! I just wanted to get that straight." Vejita said. They took to the sky.

Trunks didn’t forget what Goku said. He would try to find a girl to love, and would love him back. Trunks and Vejita are getting to know each other better, and Trunks did slowly evolve into a girl happy guy. And ya know what? He liked it!