Willing to live-Willing to die-Willing to make any
sacrifice-I’m willing to go-Willing to stay.

Trunks’ Story
Chapter 1

By Anika

The sun fades in the horizon far from where a young boy sits
alone. He watches the sun escaping, yet another hopeless
day. He watches and wonders; wonders if hope will ever come.

His face is dark and sad, unlike the bright sun. His blue
eyes were red from crying and tiredness. He lets tears
escape his face, tears he didn’t even know he had. The boy
seemed helpless against the androids, but he knew better. He
heard someone sit down besides him. The young boy didn’t
look up, for he knew who it was. His mother put a hand on
his shoulder.
"Trunks, I’m worried about you. Ever since Gohan died,
you’ve been sitting out here, alone." She told him. Trunks
glared at her.
"You don’t understand! You will never understand!" He
yelled. His mother seemed surprised by his outburst. "I miss
him. He was the only friend I ever had."
His mother rubbed his hair. "I miss him, too." She told him.
"Everyday I think about Gohan…and your father." Trunks
glanced at her. Her blue eyes showed tiredness. She smiled
sweetly to him.
"Kaasan, I’ll come inside in a little bit, I just wanna be
alone." He told her. His mother got up and left.
Trunks sat there, thinking about the last battle that Gohan
had fought. He wished that Gohan would of let him fight
along side him, and then maybe he would still be alive. He
felt alone, now that his best friend and mentor was dead.

***seven years later after the Cell games and one year
before the Buu saga ***

It was midnight when the Capsule Corporation was attacked,
by another evil dude. Trunks woke up to his mother screaming
his name. He looked around, he noticed a breeze. There
wasn’t supposed to be a breeze. Trunks wasn’t allowed to
have his window open at night.
He tried to get up but was pined down by something. He
looked around, his was pined down by his book shelve and
dresser. He shoved it over and got up.
"Kaasan! I’m over here." He said. His mother ran to her son,
hugging him.
"Trunks, you’re bleeding," she said as she touched his
forehead, Trunks winced in pain.
Trunks stared at his once clean room, now was a wreak. He
saw his sword and picked it up.
He walked out with his mother. She stared at him, she
noticed that he was swaying a little. "Trunks, are you
okay?" she asked. Trunks kept walking.
Damn, I’m dizzy, very dizzy. Must be from the blow to the
forehead…he thought, before everything went black.
"Trunks? Trunks!" his mother yelled as another ki blast hit
the Capsule Corporation, his mother covered her son’s body
with her own, blocking debris.
A part of a wall landed on her, braking her back in two
different places and killing her instantly. Her body covered
her son’s, protecting him, she had carried out her duty as a
mother and friend.
Trunks woke up hours later or what seems like hours later,
which was a half hour later.
He got up, making his mother fall to the ground. Lifting the
wall, he gasped. "Kaasan? Kaasan?" there was no answer.
Trunks fell to his knees, he picked up his mother, "KAASAN!"
he yelled, cradling her lifeless body.
He gently stood up. "Kaasan, you promised you wouldn’t leave
me." Trunks grabbed a blanket near her and wrapped her up.
He also grabbed his sword and went to the back yard.
His time machine was out, his mother must of been working on
it…and she had been, for his final return to the past. He
got in and press several buttons and everything went black.

Note: To avoid confusion, Future Trunks is called "Trunks"
and chibi Trunks is called "Trunks-kun"

Trunks woke up in a bed, around him was blurry people. He
blinked several times.
"Bulma, the brat is up." A familiar voice said. Trunks
turned his head.
"Tousan…" he mumbled. Trunks sat up but was pushed down. He
fell back to sleep.
"Well, he was awake," Vegeta mumbled. Bulma walked up to
Trunks, she brushed his hair out of his hair.
"Do you think he’ll remember coming here? I mean he did have
that nasty bumped on his head." Bulma said, she stared at
"I’m not sure, it’s been a week since he came." He replied,
and walked out of the room. He looked back, staring at his
son from the future.
The next afternoon, Trunks woke up, his head hurting. He
looked around. The room was familiar. It was almost like his
room back home but wasn’t. He sat up and searched the room.
He saw his sword sitting on a small, round table.
Dizziness over came the boys as he sat down, the room
stopped spinning, he looked up to see a young boy, about
nine or ten saw him.
"kaasan! Tousan! That guy is up!" he yelled. "Who are you?"
Trunks looked surprised.
"I’m…uh…I’m…" he didn’t want to tell him before his parents
did. Bulma and Vegeta came in the room. Bulma walked over to
"Trunks-kun, sweetie, go play in your room. I brought a new
video game it’s on your bed." Trunks-kun ran to his room and
slammed his door shut.
Bulma turned to Trunks, who was confused. "Trunks, how are
you feeling?" she asked him. Trunks frowned.
"Fine. I don’t remember coming here. The last thing is
finding my Kaa—my kaasan dead…" he started to crying. Vegeta
looked at him. "I passed out and when I woke up she was
dead." Bulma held him close.
"Hush, now." She said. Trunks stopped crying. He stared at
them and then stared out the little balcony window. He got
up and opened it and flew away. Bulma and Vegeta stood there
silently for a few seconds, when Vegeta went to follow him.