Trunks: A Modern Day Pop Band Leader
((By Steve Golebiewski- written 2/6/00))
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~*TRUNKS and the ZEDS*~

    ::A whole audience in a crowd is cheering frantically. Then the crowd gets into a big chorus of chanting Trunks.::
    ::Backstage, the whole band is tuning up. Goten is tuning the strings on his guitar, Mr. Buu rolls his drums around, Broly is testing out his bass guitar, and Juuanango tests out the pitches on his keyboard. Meanwhile, the band's manager is walking around nervously, biting his finger nails. He runs over to Trunks' dressing room but gets stopped by Trunks' bodyguard.::
MANAGER: "What the hell is he doing in there? The audience is tearing the place apart!"
BODYGUARD: "Relax. When Trunks is ready he'll come out."
    ::The manager paces around and starts biting his fingers so much they begin to bleed. He realizes they're bleeding and quickly spits out the blood.::
MANAGER: "I'm going in there!"
    ::The bodyguard quickly catches the manager before he can go in.::
BODYGUARD: "Hey, what did I tell you? He'll come out when he's ready."

TRUNKS: "Ohhhhhh, ohh yeah..."
    ::Trunks moans in pleasure while a short japanese guy is snapping all his limbs, making him less tense. Trunks is lying down on a table, face down as the japanese guy hammers away at his back. After hammering it, he raises his elbow and smashes it into Trunks' spine.::
TRUNKS: "OHH yeeaaahhh..."
    ::The chiropractor then jumps on Trunks back and starts hopping up and down on him, stomping away at his back. Each time he hops on Trunks back there is a huge snapping sound.::
TRUNKS: "Ohh, this is so relaxing! Yeah baby!"
    ::The chiropractor gets off of Trunks and hammers his back again.::
TRUNKS: "Oh! Oh! Do the neck, do the neck!"
    ::The chiropractor grabs Trunks by the neck, moves it to the side a little, then twists it all around making a huge snapping sound.::
TRUNKS: "Ohh yeah, thats the stuff..."
    ::The chiropractor does a few more slams on Trunks' back, then pats him and grunts, showing the job is done. Trunks gets up and shakes his limbs around.::
TRUNKS: "Oh, thanks Toshi. That really loosened me up."
TOSHI: "Hai!"
    ::As Trunks is congratulating Toshi, he arches his back a little.::
TRUNKS: "But, ya know, there's that one spot that just dosen't feel loose."
TOSHI: "Bah..."
TRUNKS: "You think you could give me a little acupunture?"
TOSHI:"Ahhh, hai!"
    ::Toshi goes over to his desk and gets out a box of acupuncture needles. First he takes out a small needle and shows it to Trunks.::
TRUNKS: "Hmm, nah, that won't do it."
    ::Toshi pulls out a really long big needle this time and shows Trunks.::
TRUNKS: "Ahh, quit playing around, Toshi! You know what I need."
TOSHI: "Ahh, hai!"
    ::Toshi walks over to one end of the room and Trunks turns his back to him. Toshi gathers a large amount of ki energy all around him. Soon enough energy was gathered, Toshi put both hands forward and released a large ki beam at Trunks' back. After a couple of seconds the smoke cleared to reveal a burnt, sizzling Trunks.::
TRUNKS: "Oh yeah! That really hit the spot! Thanks man! Let's rock and roll!"
    ::Trunks wiped the cinders off his face and ran out to the stage. After greeting the crowd, him and his band begin to play::

::A camera is focused in on Trunks face on a tour bus, obviously for an interview. Trunks sits down in front of the camera ready to tell his life story.::
TRUNKS: "I love being on the road, but it gets kind of tough when you're away from family. In fact, I'm done with all my touring right now so I can go see my folks. I guess you could say I had a pretty interesting childhood. When I was eight, for example, my dad beat me into becoming a strong fighter. I was winning tournaments before I was even in the fourth grade! Then I had to fuse with my best friend to beat a bad guy called Majin Buu. How many kids get to do that?! I'll tell ya right now, not many!
    I think it was my family that had the biggest impact of my life. My mom, for example, gave birth to me... which, turned out, to be a major turning point in my career. I think it was my dad, though, that had the biggest impact on me. Vegita always said... 'Son, as long as you always pursue your dreams, as long as you always reach for the stars and try your best... we'll always be proud of you.' "

VEGITA: "I don't know where we went wrong!"
    ::Vegita and Bulma are sitting on a couch in their home, also being interviewed for the story of Trunks' life::
BULMA: "He was always so good at fighting, we don't know what happened."
VEGITA: "He always TOLD us how he liked fighting, never even mentioned about becoming a pop star!"
BULMA: "I'm so ashamed..."
VEGITA: "Man, when Trunks was fourteen he used to beat away the Jehova's witness people! We laughed together, he was having so much fun."
BULMA: "You know he's rebelling against you because he's your illegitimate child."
VEGITA: "Oh, don't you start that with me again! I distinctly remember a certain 'someone' who was yelling over and over again 'C'mon, lets pretend we're the only male and female on the planet!' "

TRUNKS: "Yeah, my parents always influenced me on the basics of life, but I think there was one person in particular who influenced me musically. That person is my grandpa, the old harmonica player, Sweet Sugar Jones."

    ::A camera is aimed at an old black blues player with sunglasses on. He's sitting in a lawn chair in a field of wheat with harmonica in his hand.::
SWEET SUGAR JONES: "When Trunksy-boy was a little fighta, he would always ask me... 'Grandpa, would you teach me to play the blues?' When he asked me those memorable words... I whipped the boy to his back side with the old belt! After all, the blues CANNOT be taught, but must be felt! That's what we used to call the old black and blues, heh heh!
    Now ya'll know that Trunksy-boy be a big music star, he be a rich fancy man and everything! He be movin' to Florida, livin' in a mansion, being surrounded by beautiful women, gettin' all the music deals, and get this... two rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom! Now that's all well and good, but I'm the one who taught him everythin' he knows about music and I'm lucky to even get a postcard from the boy! He can be famous and all, but ya can't go around forgetten your roots like that!"

TRUNKS: "Most of my music at one time was all about fighting. Mainly because I used to fight just about everyday and with my dad. Some examples are, 'Show Those Androids Who's Boss' "
    ::A clip from the music video 'Show Those Androids Who's Boss' plays::
TRUNKS: "There's also, 'Burning Attack Funk' "
    ::A clip from the music video 'Burning Attack Funk' plays::
TRUNKS: "Finally, there was 'Just Kick It' "
    ::A clip from the music video 'Just Kick It' plays::
TRUNKS: "Do you have any idea what it's like going through life being known as the 'Kick It' guy? ...No, of course you don't, because I'M the 'Kick It' guy! Well, ever since then I've decided to stretch my horizon of music and start writing about things I know absolutely nothing about. Like for example...
    ::Before Trunks can finish, the driver of his tour bus makes a sharp turn and Trunks falls over.::
    TRUNKS: "Whoa!! Easy there, Jeeves! Both hands on the wheel."
    ::Trunks sits back in his seat, brushes his hair back, and tries to remember what he was talking about.::
TRUNKS: "Where was I? ...Ah, nevermind. You know, as much as I miss my own family, being on the tour bus with my band is sort of like family. Fat Buu, Broly, and Goten have been with me since the band started out. We added a new key board player, Android 17, or as he likes to be called Juuanango. As being the new guy, he has to do a lot of the stuff everyone else dosen't want to do.

    ::Juuanango is sitting on a chair behind stage, jittering because of the fact of being nervous. Then he gets up to reveal himself being dressed in a ballerina outfit and walks over to Trunks.::
JUUANANGO: "Trunks, we need to talk."
TRUNKS: "Sure, what is it 17?"
JUUANANGO: "Well, it's about this..."
    ::Juuanango shows off the ballerina outfit he's dressed in to Trunks.::
TRUNKS: "What, the tutu? You look great, man."
JUUANANGO: "Really?"
TRUNKS: "Yeah, that's a symbol of grace in our new video. Believe me, if you looked ridiculous, I'd tell you."
    ::Just then, Broly, Goten, and Mr. Buu all walk in the room to see what they're talking about.::
JUUANANGO: "Well, ya know, it's just that I'm gonna be a little embarassed. There's going to millions of people watching this video..."
TRUNKS: "Hey, don't worry about it. Listen, I want you to go out there, and show me all the ballerina skills you got!"
    ::17 stands up straight and has more pride in himself.::
JUUANANGO: "Yeah! Thanks Trunks!"
    ::17 walks off. When the rest of the band notices he's gone, they all try to hold in their hysterical laughter.::

TRUNKS: "So many people have had a direct impact on my career. Just to show my appreciation, I would like to sit down with each and every one of them and tell them how much they helped my career... but, of course, that would be a big hassle and take up way too much of my free time. However, there is one person that deserves special mention. He was the first person to play my music on the radio. That person was Piccolo of NML-105.5 , Namek Music Liberation.
    Mr. Piccolo would play my stuff on the radio about ten to twelve times a day. Back when the band and I had to record our stuff in the bathroom because we couldn't afford a real recording studio. One of my most requested songs on his radio was 'Just A Half-Breed Saiyan'. That hit instantly became number one.
    I can't possibly show how much I appreciate what he's done in any way, but there's one little thing I do for him to show my gratitude. It's a small favor, and I do it because I know it means a lot to him. So, every Saturday afternoon in the park... I give him a piggy-back ride."

    ::A clip of Trunks running around with Piccolo on his back is shown. They're running through a park with everyone looking at them like they're complete idiots. Piccolo is waving one hand in the air and hollering like a rodeo rider.::
PICCOLO: "Whoo!!! Whooo-eeee!! Ride 'em cowboy! Woohoo!"
    ::The clip ends with Trunks running off screen with Piccolo still on his back.::

TRUNKS: "Sometimes, nothing can be worse than being away from home then staying on a bus with a big smelly pop band. So, to keep our sanity, we often collect souveniers from the various hotels we stay at while touring. Let me show you some."
    ::Trunks reaches below his seat and pulls out a whole basket full of soap and towels.::
TRUNKS: "Hotels can never give enough of these babies! It's like they think we can never get clean!"
    ::Trunks picks up one of the soap bars and takes a big wiff of it.::
TRUNKS: "Ahh, this is from the hotel in California. We had a great show in that place!"
    ::Trunks takes a wiff of another bar of soap.::
TRUNKS: "Mmm, this is from the place where Broly got his head stuck in the stair banisters."
    ::Trunks puts down the soap and picks up a towel.::
TRUNKS: "Oh, and this towel! This is from the place where I got a tattoo of Yanni on my butt! Man, the memories. If this stuff could only talk."

TRUNKS: "Yeah, being on the road can be both physically and mentally draining. So when where out there, doing concerts, giving a piece of our soul to our fans each night... you'd think that at least in return we could expect some decent room service!"

    ::A clip is shown of Trunks' and his band in a hotel room, jumping up and down on the couch. Trunks is sitting down lazily ordering a bunch of stuff on the room service phone.::
TRUNKS: "...Uh-huh, yeah. Get me twenty hot dogs, a dozen twinkies, some tofu in the shape of Regis Philman's head, and a Pavarotti look-alike who sings 'Rock the Dragon' and shoots grapes out of his belly button across the room. Ya got all that? Good. Now be here in twelve minutes, or else, no tip!"
    ::Trunks hangs up::
    -=12 minutes later=-
    ::Trunks' room is full of all the stuff he ordered. Broly, Goten, Mr. Buu, and Juuanango are pigging out on the hot dogs and twinkies. Trunks is talking with the manager of room service.::
TRUNKS: "Wow guys, I don't know what to say... I THOUGHT this was four star hotel!! Are you trying to tell me that this is supposed to look like Regis Philman? It looks more like Rob Zombie!"
    ::Trunks is pointing to the head of tofu he ordered and yelling at the manager.::
MANAGER: "I am so sorry..."
    ::Trunks takes the head of tofu and tears it in half with his bare hands. He looks inside with dissapointment all over his face.::
TRUNKS: "What the? Where's there gooey cream filling?!"
MANAGER: "You did not say anything about cream filling!"
TRUNKS: "Ohhh, do I have to spell everything out for you people?!!"
    ::Just then, the doorbell to his room rings.::
TRUNKS: "I better not be dissapointed in the last thing I ordered..."
    ::Trunks throws down the tofu and answers the door. It's a man that looks just like Pavarotti and has a hand full of grapes. Trunks gives an excited look to his band and sits on the couch with them. The Pavarotti look-alike walks in more and sticks a grape in his belly button.::
PAVAROTTI LOOK-ALIKE: "Dragon, Dragon, Rock the Dragon, Dragon Ball Z! Dragon, Dragon, Rock the Dragon, come get me!"
    ::The look-alike continues to sing and shoot grapes out of his belly button. Trunks and the rest of his band try to catch the grapes in their mouths and eat them. Trunks grins in satisfaction as he eats a grape, then turns to Goten.::
TRUNKS: "Mmmm... ya know, for some reason, they just taste better this way!"
    ::Trunks and his band continue to try to catch grapes in their mouths as the look-alike sings.::

TRUNKS: "Man, ever since I became a big star in music I can rarely do most of the things I used to without a fan hounding. For example, a trip to the supermarket, I always get mobbed with fans because I'm famous. They always go up to me and say stuff like, 'Hey, Trunks, how's it going?', or, 'I'm sorry, Trunks, this coupon is for the vanilla ice cream.', or, 'Hey, Trunks, get back here! You didn't pay for that!', ugh. It drives me crazy.
    Still, I'm always willing to meet new and interesting people. Not only that, but it's also cool to see what effects I have on their lives.

    ::A clip is shown at one of Trunks' autograph signings. There's a whole mob of people in a large line cheering for Trunks. Trunks is sitting in a chair signing CD's, shirts, and paper for people. Then the clip shows some interviews with Trunks biggest fans.::
FAN#1: "What makes ME Trunks number one fan? Well, it's because I have 'Trunks' tattooed on my tongue!"
    ::She stick out her tongue to reveal the name 'Trunks' tattooed on it.::
FAN#1: "Of course, now I can't taste anything salty. Bah, who needs taste when you got Trunks?"
    ::Just then, a guy wearing a purple jacket runs up to the camera next to the girl with Trunks on her tongue.::
FAN#2: "Get lost! I'm Trunks' number one fan! You see this jacket? This is made out of 100% Trunks arm pit hair!"
    ::The guy takes a big wiff of the arm pit hair jacket and sighs.::
FAN#2: "Ahh, Trunks arm pit hair. I will not rest until everything I wear is made from a part of Trunks body!"
    ::The tattoo girl and the guy start getting in a big argument over who's the bigger fan, then a guy with a chip in his head jump in front of them.::
FAN#3: "These guys are dreamin', man! I'm Trunks number one fan! See this chip? This chip implanted in my brain plays 'Just A Half-Breed Saiyan', over and over again. You hear it? YOU HEAR IT?!"
    ::All three of them get into a big argument over who is the bigger fan. Meanwhile, the big line of Trunks to sign autographs gets larger. Trunks is finishing signing a kid's CD.::
TRUNKS: "There ya go little guy. Who's next?"
    ::A guy in a straight jacket walks up to Trunks with a psychotic look in his eye.::
STRAIGHT JACKET MAN: "Let me tell you something Trunks. I'm your biggest fan! Without you my life would have no MEANING, man! You're the gas in my engine, the flames in my fire... you wanna know why?"
    ::Trunks gives the guy a worried look and shakes his head, not knowing 'why'.::
STRAIGHT JACKET MAN: "It's because I got you're secret messages, man. That's right. I've played 'Just Kick It' BACKWARDS, man!! I know we're all gonna kick it when the flames rise up, man! You know it too!! YOU KNOW IT TOO!!"
    ::There is a slight silence after the guy's speech.::
TRUNKS: "...Well, thanks..."
    ::Two muscular guys that work for an asylum run over and carry the guy off::
    ::Trunks watches the guy get dragged off, a worried look still on his face.::

    ::The tour bus makes a turn and heads for a record store. Inside the bus, two bodyguards sit next to Trunks. They're wearing sunglasses, tuxedos, and have little microphones in their ears.::
BODYGUARD#1: "Old yeller, this is Old blue. The Trunks record signing event will take place at fourteen-hundred hours."
BODYGUARD#2: "Now, Trunks, we must stress to you that there will be many maniacs at the record signing that would kill for you to sign a record."
BODYGUARD#1: "Right. Stick with us and no lunatics will touch you."
    ::The tour bus drives down a street to the record store. All around the area there are more bodyguards trying to hide themsleves. They're on top of buildings, outside the record store, hanging from lamp-posts, and so forth. One bodyguard by a building talks into his microphone.::
BODYGUARD#3: "Snake-eyes, this is Ace. The hen house is open."
    ::The tour bus makes a turn, another bodyguard observes the trail the bus is taking.::
BODYGUARD#4: "Foxy-Loxy, this is Snake-eyes. The sparrow has laid an egg."
    ::The tour bus finally pulls up to the record store. A bodyguard disguised as an old woman talks into his microphone as well::
BODYGUARD#5: "Old blue, this is Foxy-Loxy. The salamander is ready for take off."
    ::The first bodyguards gets the message and nods.::
BODYGUARD#1: "That's our cue. Let's get ready..."
    ::The bodyguard talks into his microphone to rest of them.::
BODYGUARD#1: "The sea otter is massaging a dolphin with cheese. I repeat, the sea otter is massaging a dolphin with cheese. This is not a drill, let's go people!"
    ::Both bodyguards leap out of the bus and drag Trunks with them. More bodyguards run to Trunks and make a big circle around him. They look both ways, and then start running. Trunks stays inside the circles and runs with them to the record store.::
BODYGUARD#6: "Let's move! Go! Go! Go!"
    ::They all quickly dash inside the record store. Trunks looks around for all his fans, but finds only one ten year old boy.::
BOY: "Hey! You're not Pikachu!"
    ::Trunks grumbles and slaps himself in the head.::

    ::Trunks walks back into his bus and sits down in front of the camera again.::
TRUNKS: "Eh, the record signing wasn't so hard."
    ::The tour bus takes off again for Trunks' home.::
TRUNKS: "Lately this whole interview has been about me. My band members should get pretty good recognition too. Our newest member, Android 17, was begging to join our group. He would call me up every five hours and ask to be in. I don't know how he got my home phone number, he still won't tell me. Also, every band member requires something special. Since I'm the cute one, I require a heavy cosmetic stand. Mr. Buu is known for being the jolly fat one, so we need to supply him with fat."

    ::A clip is shown of Mr. Buu sitting in a chair. Then a guy walks in with a large table of donuts and a stopwatch.::
GUY: "C'mon Buu! Eat those donuts! You're on in twenty seconds."
    ::Mr. Buu rapidly shoves the donuts in his mouth and gobbles them.::
GUY: "That's it, Buu! Pace yourself!"
    ::Crumbs of the donuts fly everywhere as Buu eats them. Just then, Goten walks into the room.::
GOTEN: "Hey guys. Mmm, donuts!"
    ::Goten reaches for a donut, but the guy shoves him out with one hand.::
GUY: "Those donuts are for BUU!!!"
    ::Buu finally finishes all the donuts and the guy sends him out.::
GUY: "There's your cue! Get out there!"
    ::Buu tries to fit through the door, but gets stuck.::
MR.BUU: "Ahh! Push! Push!"
    ::The guy pushes with all he has to get Mr.Buu unstuck.::

TRUNKS: "Broly is the muscular macho man, so we have a gym set up for him."

    ::A clip is shown of Broly in a work out room. He has pink work-out bands around his head and wrists. He walks over to his stereo and puts in a CD, then gets in a work out position.::
MUSIC: *I'm so excited =dun dun dun= And I just can't hide it! =dun dun dun dun dun dun= I know, I know, I know, I know...*
    ::As the music plays Broly does a bunch of graceful flips in the air and lands with doing backflips. Then he runs over to the olympic bars and starts doing flips on those. After swinging around on the bars, he flips off and lands on his feet. The minute he lands, a big snapping sound is heard and his knee gets bent back.::
BROLY: "AUGH!!!!!!"

TRUNKS: "Goten is known as the friendly one in our group, so we give him social classes to make him even more of a people person."

    ::A clip is shown of Goten and his social classes. He is sitting in a dark room with one single light in the room. The teacher of his class sits in the darkness and has red glowing eyes.::
TEACHER: "First lesson of social school... the greeting. Repeat after me, 'Hey, how's it going dude?' "
GOTEN: "Ahem... 'Hey, how's it going man?', oh wait, wait... I screwed up..."
    ::The teachers eyes glow even more red and fiery.::
TEACHER: "You do that again it's twenty lashes!!"

TRUNKS: "Finally, Android 17 requests male hormones, for some reason and... Oh my gosh!"
    ::Trunks eyes widen as he realizes he forgot something.::
TRUNKS: "I forgot to give 17 his daily dose of hormones!"
    ::Trunks leaps off the couch and runs to 17's dressing room. Android 17 answers the door and has breasts and lipstick on.::
JUUANANGO: "Look what you did to me! I told you never to be late with my medicine!"
    ::Juuanango swipes the hormones from Trunks' hand and slams the door.::

TRUNKS: "Well, looks like we're at my house! It'll be great to see mom and dad again! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they planned a big coming home party for me. They tend to go a little overboard with these kind of things."
    ::Trunks steps out of the bus and grabs his suitcase. He walks up to his house and Bulma is there to greet him.::
BULMA: "...Yes, can I help you?"
TRUNKS: "Mom! It's me! Your son Trunks! I came home!"
BULMA: "Why, you need money?"
TRUNKS: "Well, no. I'm doing a special on television."
    ::Trunks points to all the camera men.::
BULMA: "Television, huh? I better tell your dad to put some pants on then."
    ::Bulma walks inside, Trunks follows.::

    ::Vegita is strumming some strings on a guitar while Sweet Sugar Jones plays on the harmonica. Trunks sits down next to his dad, Vegita turns around to look at him.::
VEGITA: "...Who're you?"
TRUNKS: "Dad! It's me! Your son... Trunks..."
    ::Trunks excitement dims as he realizes no one prepared anything special for him.::
VEGITA: "...Oh, Trunks. Does you're mother know you're here?"
TRUNKS: "Yes..."
    ::After realizing his dad isn't very talkative, he turns to Sweet Sugar Jones.::
TRUNKS: "Grandpa Jones! How've ya been?"
    ::After Sweet Sugar Jones hears Trunks voice, he gets very excited and knocks over a lamp.::
SWEET SUGAR JONES: "Trunksy?! Trunsky, that you boy?!"
TRUNKS: "Yeah Grandpa!"
SWEET SUGAR JONES: "C'mere boy!"
TRUNKS: "What is it Grandpa?"
    ::Grandpa Jones shows Trunks his pinky finger.::
SWEET SUGAR JONES: "Does this look infected to you?"

    ::Soon, Trunks and his family are sitting at the dinner table eating rice.::
TRUNKS: "Gosh, guys. It's so great to finally be home! You made my favorite meal too! This is all to great. You know, after this, I think I'm just going to wash up and go to sleep in my room."
    ::Vegita drops his chopsticks and turns to Trunks.::
VEGITA: "Err, Trunks. You see, when you left, we didn't think you were ever coming back..."
TRUNKS: "What do you mean?"
SWEET SUGAR JONES: "What they're trying to tell you is that they rented out you're room."
TRUNKS: "What?! My room?! To who?"
BULMA: "He's a very nice boy."
    ::Just then, Darien (From Sailor Moon) walks in. Vegita and Bulma get up and hug him.::
DARIEN: "Hi mom and dad. Mmm, rice! My favorite!"
    ::Darien sits down with the rest of them and starts eating. Trunks face is in disbelief as he looks at Darien.::
DARIEN: "Oh, you didn't tell me you were having guests over."
BULMA: "Darien, this is our son, Trunks. Trunks, this is Darien."
TRUNKS: "Yeah, I know who he is... why didn't you tell me?"
VEGITA: "Well, there's a lot of things we didn't tell you. For example, Sweet Sugar Jones isn't really your grandpa."
    ::Trunks gives a look of shock at those words.::
TRUNKS: "...WHAT??? I refuse to except that!"
DARIEN: "Well, it's the truth."
    ::They all continue eating, then Trunks throws down his chopsticks in a fit.::
TRUNKS: "That does it! I can't take this aggrivation! I'm leaving!"
    ::Trunks reaches over, grabs his bags, and walks out.::
DARIEN: "Wow, you were right... really emotional."

    ::Trunks storms out of the house, The whole family, including Darien, run out to him.::
SWEET SUGAR JONES, VEGITA, &BULMA: "Wait, come back! Come back!"
    ::Darien pulls out a toothbrush and starts brushing his teeth.::
DARIEN: "Yeah, come back.. whatever..."
    ::Trunks stops as he's going to enter his tour bus, then turns to his family again.::
TRUNKS: "Wait, wait... this is silly. Okay, so maybe he isn't my real Grandpa... for all I know you may not even be my real parents. However, mom and dad, you raised me to be the great guy I am today! Mom, it was you who sang me to sleep when I had nightmares. Dad, it was you who tied me to a dark corner in the basement when my crying kept you up at night. Sure, I may be adopted, but you guys are the ones I will always call... mom and dad!"
    ::Trunks runs over to them crying. The whole family starts crying with him as they hug him.::
SWEET SUGAR JONES: "That was good, boy!"
    ::Darien is the only one not hugging or crying. He pats one hand on Trunks' back.::
DARIEN: "Yeah, that was good...whatever they said..."

<<Oh yeah! Finally the amazing Steven did a script fanfic! This whole story is dedicated to Meri's Temple O' Trunks page. Her page was the first to post any of my Fanfics, so this is a little tribute to Trunks. Until I write another fanfic, I'll be hiding under my bed to protect myself from the underwear demons. That's right, ever since the pudding pies left the underwear demons have come! ...Don't ask...>> -Steve