Trunks love
                         (a poem)
                       By Sophia

Every sense I reture to the pass,it seem like my life turn around.
How is that, by a girl,but not any kind of girl,she the daughter of
granddaughter of Goku @~+~~~
How did I fall in love with this girl I ask my self.
But this girl's heart belong to a other,my pass self,what  does he have
I don't have(U tell him trunks,u are fine,and GT Trunks  is ugly) This
wision of myself is not right for her,all he does is hurt her. I wonder
she think of me.

(Pan) Oh I am so confuse I loved both. Miari Trunks is sweet and fine
Trunks well he only think of his self, but he care about me, does he. I
trunks (pass) ever so. I must choose tonight.

Trunks I love you
Miari Trunks I love you Pan

So what did you think, well email me what you thought about it
( I hope you enjoy it