Trunks to The Rescue: By Chikara

Bra wakes up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare. Who better to kill the Boogey Man other than her big brother Trunks?


Bra shot out of sleep breathing heavily. She looked around and realized that she was in her bedroom. She was safe and sound in her room, with her toys, with her parents, and her brother. The last thing she wanted to do was go back to sleep, the monster might try and get her again. She quietly got out of bed and slowly opened her door so she wouldn’t set off the alarms.

As she crept down the hall, she remembered that her father was still in the gravity room. She knew she had to make sure he didn’t see her. She would get in trouble for being up this late. Bra reached the door that belonged to Trunks. She quietly turned the knob and entered the darkened room. She approached Trunks’ bedside. "Trunks…wake up." she whispered.

Trunks rolled over on his right side, his back now to Bra. "Trunks…" Bra whispered, shaking him as hard as she could. Trunks opened his eyes and rolled over to see who disturbed his sleep. "What is it?" he asked wearily. "I had a bad dream." Bra answered. Trunks sat up. "So?" "I’m scared." Bra said. Trunks felt bad for his little sister. She was only four. He got out of bed. Bra sniffled and looked up at her big brother. Trunks smiled and picked her up and put her in his bed. "You want some juice?" he asked. Bra nodded.

Trunks left the room and crept into the kitchen. He got a glass and opened the refrigerator and pulled out a carton of orange juice. "What are you doing up?" a voice demanded coldly. Trunks whirled around to see Vegeta standing behind him. "I’m getting Bra some juice. She had a nightmare." Trunks answered, pouring juice in the glass. Vegeta scoffed. His own daughter, having a nightmare. The only daughter of Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyajins having a nightmare.

But he was secretly proud of his son. He was looking after his younger sister. Trunks put the carton back in the fridge and left his father in the kitchen.

Bra was sitting up in bed when Trunks returned to his room. He handed her the glass; Bra downed the orange juice in minutes. "Feel better?" he asked her. Bra nodded then yawned. Trunks made himself a bed on the floor as Bra lied down. Trunks sat up until Bra drifted off to sleep.

Vegeta watched his children from the crack in the door. He smiled proudly and went to the room where his mate lay sleeping.

It didn’t take long for Bra to fall asleep. She had another dream. The monster was in it, but this time, Trunks was beating him up.