Trunks' Sword

By Kathryn Jacoby

"Father, tell me about Grandfather," Trunks asked his father Vegeta. "Well, he has a P.H.D," Vegeta replied, although he knew Trunks was asking about his father, King Vegeta, and not Bulma’s father Dr. Briefs. "No, I mean your father," Trunks said, confirming Vegeta’s assumption. "Well," Vegeta began, "He was a king. King Vegeta. He was killed when Planet Vegeta, where I came from, was destroyed. It was hit by an asteroid," Vegeta lied. He knew the awful truth about its destruction, but felt that it was not the time to tell Trunks. "I really didn’t know him," he continued. Vegeta looked pensive as he finished this statement. "I want to know more about him," Trunks said. "Maybe you should wish him back with the Dragonballs," Vegeta suggested. "No, that wouldn’t be a good idea. What if he wanted to destroy the Earth. Goku was sent to this planet for that purpose, but fate has it that he hit his head and forgot," replied the quick thinking Trunks. "Your right. Maybe you should wish to know more about him." Vegeta was as eager as Trunks to learn about his father that he himself never knew. "I’m going to get the Dragon Radar from Mom," said Trunks as he left the room. "But Dad?" he said as he popped his head back in the doorway, "I want to do this alone."

"Mom, I need the Dragon Radar." "Sure honey." Trunks was glad she said yes, but he could tell by the tone of her voice that she was busy with something else and wasn’t listening to what Trunks was saying. "It’s over there on the table," his mother Bulma said, obviously too involved with her work to get it for him. She never even looked up from her work. Trunks crossed the Lab and picked up the Dragon Radar of the cluttered table. "Thanks Mom. I’ll be back when I get the Dragonballs. And Mom?" "Yes Trunks?" "Mom, I love you." Bulma smiled. "I love you too, Trunks." Bulma finally looked up from her work. "I love you too." After this sentence, Bulma was once again immersed in her work.

Trunks left his home after getting a bite to eat. Trunks flew off in the direction of Goku’s house. If he was correct, Goku had a Dragonball. The Dragon Radar thought so too. I wish that Gohan was home from his Academy. Trunks thought to himself. I never get to see him anymore. He continued his trail of thought. Why did I want to do this alone? Why do I want to do this at all? Trunks answered his own question. Because I’m a Saiyan, that’s why. I need to know the origins of my Saiyan blood. I need to know. Trunks disappeared into the darkness of the night.

After he picked up the Dragonball from Goku, the dragon Radar had him heading South, where two Dragonballs were detected. His stay at Goku’s house hadn’t lasted long, since Gohan wasn’t there and Chi-Chi was pregnant, so they were busy making preparations. Outside the moon was full, so it wouldn’t be hard to spot the Dragonballs. Such a quiet night. Trunks thought. I hope the Dragon doesn’t wake anyone. All of a sudden, Trunks saw the glimmer of a Dragonball, and spotted the other one nearby. He went down and got them. "Good, only four more." Trunks said to no one. "Oh, I’ll never get this done!" Trunks was discouraged. But the Dragon Radar beeped, and Trunks was on his way again.

Through many dangers, toils, and snares Trunks had to go through that night. He had all the Dragonballs, but he was exhausted. They grayness in the sky warned the Earth that dawn was on its way. Trunks decided to rest under a tree. He fell asleep in an instant. Trunks awoke three hours later, just as the sunlight had finished pouring over the side of the mountain he knew so well. Trunks yawned, and saw that the Dragonballs were intact in his coat where he had left them. It’s time to call the Dragon. Trunks performed the ceremony to get the Dragon. Shenlong appeared. "What is your wish?" boomed the voice of Shenlong. "I want to know about my grandfather, King Vegeta." Trunks yelled up towards the giant intimidating Dragon. "I will give you his sword. You will know what it means, you will know…" Shenlong disappeared into the morning sunlight, and a sword appeared, the sun reflecting off it’s blade. Trunks picked up the sword, which was incased in a woven sheath that fit perfectly over Trunks’ back with a strap. Trunks sat down on a rock and rested for a while, and then started to head for home.


"A sword? What?!" Vegeta was outraged. "After all your hard work?" "Dad, the Dragon said I’d know what it meant. Give it time. I’m sure I’ll get what I want. What we both want." Vegeta left the room grumbling.

That night, Trunks had a dream. In it he learned of his grandfather, King Vegeta. He was an advanced warrior, and was respected by his people. Among all his accomplishments, he was proud of his son more than anything. In Trunks’ dream he also found out the horrible truth about how Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Freeza, when he blew it up. This enraged Trunks so much that he awoke in SSJ2 mode. Trunks felt a surge of pride that he had killed Freeza and his father King Cold.

Trunks never spoke of King Vegeta after that, except when he told his father of his dream the next morning. The matter was simply left untouched. But after that, Trunks was hardly ever seen without the sword that once belonged to King Vegeta.