A note from the author: Ok, this is my first time writing fanfic, and I also decided to play with the ages of people a little bit. Therefore, Pan and Bra are 14, Goten is 17, and Trunks is 18. I'd also like to thank my very best friend Kelly, for helping me with about half of the dialouge. Well, at least giving me the ideas for the dialouge...whatever, on with the story!


Day 1

Trunks groaned as he shifted the heavy luggage in his arms. They had been flying for four hours now, and Trunks was beyond tired. He remembered how he had gotten into this. It was just a few days ago when Bulma had surprised him with the trip. She had just gone up to him and told him to pack for a one week vacation in their beach house. Trunks had been overjoyed, but when his mother told him that the Son family was going too, his happy mood had gone right through the floor. He was only slightly comforted when he learned that Goku and Chichi weren't going, because everybody knew that Goku was insane and that Chichi was...well, Chichi was Chichi. But that meant that Gohan was going, and Videl, and Pan. He didn't mind their company or anything, in fact Pan was a nice person to talk to, but space in their beach house was limited and having the extra people around would make it very cramped. Nevertheless he was happy when his mother had told him he could invite Goten too, because though another person meant less room it meant more fun. Trunks grinned when he remembered how much Goten had begged his mother to go along and how happy he was when Chichi consented. He still wondered why they couldn't take an airplane to get to the beach, because the luggage he had been forced to carry the entire way was getting heavier and heavier in his muscular arms and he was seriously considering just dropping it into the water. He shook his head. What was he thinking? He was carrying his hair stuff, some of which was non-replaceable. He grunted as again he shifted the bags so he could get a better look at his best friend. Somehow Bra had fixed it that Goten would have to carry her in his arms, because she couldn't fly yet. So Bra had her arms around his neck and was looking at the water below. Goten caught Trunks's eye and put on a "help me" expression. Trunks grinned. His buddy was just as sick of flying and carrying things as he was.

* * * *

When they finally arrived at the house everybody just grabbed their bags and went into their rooms without saying a word. The girls, of course, were in one room and the guys in the other. It was just easier for them to divide it up that way. Bra and Pan were claiming drawers, and Bulma and Videl were examining the bathroom. All was quiet until Pan pulled a red bikini out of her suitcase and Bra started squealing.

"Oh my god Pan! That would look like so totally fab on you, I'm serious!"

"Um, it would?" Bra nodded her head vigerously. "Oh, that's...nice..." Pan was good friends with Bra, but she wasn't totally obsessed with clothes and being popular like her.

"Yeah, it really is. Red is like, so your color." Bra went on.

"I see..." Pan shoved it into her drawer along with her shirts that were already there. She started putting her shorts away. "Hey Bra," Pan started, "I'm really in the mod to swim right now, I don't know why. Maybe just mentioning the bikini or something...I dunno. We should hit the beach as soon as we're all done unpacking."

"Yeah! Cool. We should go tell the guys...wanna come along with me to do so? Nobody really listens to me a whole lot when I'm on my own, I don't know why," Bra said.

"Yeah, sure," Pan said as she stuffed the last of her shorts in the drawer. "Let's go."

* * * *

Unpacking in the guys' room was much simpler than the girls. They didn't really care how neatly their stuff was put away, they just shoved it in any which way. They didn't say a whole lot, either, except when they started fighting over who should get the beds to sleep in. There were only two of them, so of course the adults ended up getting them, much to Trunks and Goten's dissapointment. So Bra and Pan came into their room, without knocking of course, and told them to get their butts out onto the beach. The guys just mumbled what sort of resembled a 'yes', and when the girls left they got into their suits. As soon as Trunks walked out of the bathroom with his suit on, he said "OK, no one had better say it? Not a word. That includes you, Goten."

"What? I wasn't going to say anything about your name and how you are wearing your name and your name is really stupid and of course I would never say anything like "Hey! Trunks is in trunks!" or anything like that of course not!" Goten smiled angelically.

"Grrr....shut up," Trunks replied.

When the men walked out of the beach house the women were already there, catching some rays. But as soon as the girls turned around they couldn't turn away, for having four handsome, muscular guys right in front of you, totally oblivious as to the shock they set in the girls, is a sight to see.

Staring, Pan said to Bra, " mean...woah....."

Also staring, but mostly at Goten, Bra replied, "I's like, is that possible?"

"I....don't know...."

"Yeah...and to of them is my brother, one is my dad, and one is your uncle and the other is your dad..."

Pan turned and looked disgustedly at Bra. "You just had to ruin it, didn't you? Now it doesn't have the same effect...oh was nice while it lasted..."

"Well, sorry....but it's like, true."

While all this staring was going on, the guys were getting nervous. All except for Vegeta of course, who never shows any emotion whatsoever, but all the others were very nervously whispering to eachother.

"Um....hello? Bulma? Pan? Bra? Videl? You there? hello?" Trunks asked, looking around.

"Is there something on us or something? What did we do?" Goten asked Trunks.

"I dunno. Gohan? What do you think? Why do they keep staring?"

"I really have no idea. What did we do? Hello? Anyone home?" Gohan replied.

It was about this time that Pan and Bra snapped out of their funk, and they promptly blushed slightly.

"...Yeah! Hi, guys. Um...sorry....uh...let's go swimming!" Pan said, breaking the uncomfortable quiet.

Relieved that someone was finally talking, Gohan said, "Ok, good."

Trunks and Goten raced down to the water to see who would get in first and Trunks just beat him to it. "The water's warm." he told Goten.

"Is that a good thing?" asked Goten.

"Um, I think so. Come on!"

Goten waded into the water along with Gohan who was right behind him and Vegeta who was much farther back. Immediatly an all-out guy splash fest began. Pan had made the mistake of watching them from the water's edge so she got soaked quickly.

"Ahh! Ok, that is so it!" Pan cried as she ran into the water and joined in. The other females didn't seem to want to move from their comfortable sun-bathing areas, (and also wanted to see what would happen) so they just watched. They didn't, however, object to volleyball right after the splashers were too pooped to splash anymore. So they haad a huge volleyball tournament and the team with Pan, Gohan, Bra, and Bulma won. Pretty much only because Vegeta wasn't doing anything so Videl, Goten, and Trunks were the only ones who were playing but they still won. After that they all dried off and ate dinner. The adults told the adolescents to go away and not come back until much later that night. They agreed and went outside. There, though, they had a slight arguement. Pan and Trunks wanted to just sit for a while and wait until they were allowed to go back inside, they were too tired to do anything besides sit, but Goten and Bra wanted to walk around and see what there was to see.

"Dude! How can you want to do anything that requires movement again? We just spent five and a half hours flying, had a huge splash fest, and a volleyball tournament! You're insane!" Trunks exclaimed.

"Dude yourself, Trunks! How can you just sit around and do nothing for probably hours on end instead of seeing the sights this place has?" Goten retorted.

"Um, guys?" Pan tried to say something but Goten and Trunks went right on argueing.

"My legs are rubber and I've been training longer than you have! You cannot possibly wanna walk," Trunks said.

"Maybe I just have naturally stronger legs then you. And I do so wanna walk!"

"GUYS!" Pan shouted. This time they turned and looked at her. "My dad never said that we had to stay together. Why don't the people who wanna do one thing do it, and the people who wanna do another do what they wanna do? We can just split up and then we'll all be happy!" Goten and Trunks just looked at her for a minute, then at eachother.

"...I...guess that could work..." Goten said.

"Yeah...jeez Pan, you're smart!" Trunks said. "Sorry for yelling at you, man."

"Yeah, sorry. Anyway, so, the people that wanna sit...will just sit? And the people that wanna walk can just walk? Cool," Goten commented.

"Uh, you and Bra are gonna walk around, go right ahead," Pan said.

"Yeah. That'll be, like, cool." Bra said.

"Mm hm. Well, have fun." Pan said.

So they all walked off, Bra and Goten in one direction down the beach, Trunks and Pan in another.

* * * *

While walking alongside of Goten, Bra looked at the ocean and tried to decide her plan of "attack" so to speak, to let Goten know that she had liked him. She decided to start easy. "It's a really nice night," she commented.

"Yeah, it really is," Goten replied. "everything is tonight."

"Everything? Meaning also, everybody?" Bra asked.

Goten looked at her suspiciously. ", yeah, I guess..."

"Does that include me?" Bra asked, giving him her best flirty look.

"Um...well....I....suppose...I think..." Goten said, somewhat confused.

"I see," Bra said, and decided a more direct approach. She stopped and put her head on his chest. "You've got a wierd pulse," she said, feeling his muscles through his shirt with her fingers.

"I do?"

"Yeah...there are two strong beats. Usually in people's pulses there's like a weaker beat, but your's is different.

" right..."

"'s very cool," she slid her hands under his shirt and onto his back. "Man, you must be really tense. Your back is full of muscle knots."

"It is?" he asked, getting more and more confused by the minute.

"Yeah," she said.

"Oh...well, it' a long day, I guess," Goten said.

"Well, a sure fire way to relax is if you like get a massage. I know how to give them, do you want one?" she asked.

"Um...well...I don't know..." he still had no clue about what she was getting at with this whole process.

"Come on! Trust me, they feel really good!" Bra pleaded.

"Well, um, I guess...sure..." Goten said.

"Great! Ok, it'll probably be better if you take off your shirt..." Here goes! Bra thought.

Goten looked at her questioningly, but took off his shirt anyway.

"Ok, now lie down on your stomach," Bra told him. Goten obeyed. Bra sat down on his back with one of her legs on either side of him. She stared down at his back, not having any idea what to do. Uh...let's what? I don't know how to give massages! Um...I guess I just...rub...she thought, and started to rub his back with the heel of her hands. Then she brought her whole hands into it, and rubbed for a minute.

"Am I doing a good job?" asked Bra, half afraid of the answer.

" feels good." Goten replied.

"Good," Bra said, and rubbed for about 30 more seconds. She then stretched out on his back and started tickling his ankle with her foot and the back of his neck with her fingertips.

"...Um, Bra? What are you doing?" Goten asked. He was starting to understand that maybe Bra liked him. But it didn't matter, because he didn't know what to do about it. He was always around Trunks, and Trunks was just a magnet for girls. They all would just ignore Goten and drool over Trunks. So this had never really happened to him, having a girl come on this strong to him. If he had been Trunks he would have known exactly what to do. Not that Goten was jealous of Trunks's ability to get girls just by looking at them. No way! Of course not! Goten thought.

"I'm tickling your ankle and your neck," Bra was saying.

"...I can see that...but why?"

"Because you are really...really...really hot, Goten..." Bra said, and stopped tickling him and started running her fingers up and down his spine.

"I am?" Ok, nothing like this had ever happened before to him.

"Yes...very..." Bra kissed his back before resting her head on it.

"Oh...ok..." Dammit, Goten, you are such a loser! A girl finally likes you and you are acting like a complete idiot! Goten thought to himself. He felt like punching himself for his ignorance.

"Mm hm..." Bra murmered, and was now running her tongue up his back. Come on, Goten, just say you like me! I know you do!

"" Come on, you ass, just say something! Let's see...what have I said to over it! "You're really pretty, Bra..." Oh, well, done, moron! Now let's see if she still likes you! Man, sometimes I really disgust myself.

Bra got off his back and propped up on her elbow right beside him, as in, still very close to his body. "Thank you," she said and smiled. 'Thank you'?! Bra, you said 'Thank you"?! God, you really are a ditz! she thought.

Goten also propped up on his elbow. "We should...uh...probably continue walking..." Goten stood up and offered his hand to help Bra up as well. She took it, stood up, but didn't let go. Ok, Bra, so that didn't exactly work. But we got somewhere! Oh yes, we got somewhere. But all I have left is the last resort approach. Wonderful. Now I get to look pathetic. Well, people already think I'm pathetic. I really hate that! They think I'm just some airhead who doesn't know anything! It's not fair! Hey, wait a minute...yeah! That just might work! she thought.

While Bra was lost in thought, Goten was too. Oh yeah, really smooth. Just push her away when she gives you the slightest hint she likes you. Real smart, Goten. Now she's not even talking to you! Well, at least she's holding my hand...but that's probably just to make me feel better. You are such a loser, man.

"It's not fair," Bra said suddenly, slightly startling him.

"What's not fair?" He asked.

"No one really talkes to me here. I mean, I'm supposed to be popular and stuff, but that's only in school. No one at home talks to me. It's lonely," she said.


Wait, what am I supposed to say to that? Um....uh...."Well...I'm talking to you, aren't I?"

"Yeah, you are." She smiled up at him. "That's because you're so sweet." Her smile faded. "'re the only one...I mean, my brother is an idiot, so all he talks about are girls and training...well, that is, when he talks at dad doesn't talk at all cause I think he's like dissapointed in me cause I can't fight and he thinks I'm just some airhead, and I have no idea what my mom talks about because she's like some genious! No one talks to me except you!" she started crying, because it was all true. No one did listen to her at home, and this was the first time she had ever told anyone about it. She buried her face in his chest.

Goten hesitatingly put his arms around her waist. What else could he do when she's crying and up against his body? "Don't cry..." he said.

"W-why not? N-no cares about me...they sometimes don't even c-call m-me down for dinner..." she sobbed.

"Well.....Bra...I care about you...and I don't like to see you sad..." He said, hoping against hope that she wouldn't suddenly pull away from him, call him a creep and say she never wanted to see him again, like so many other girls had.

"Y-you do?" she said, looking up at him.

"Yeah....I do..." he said, pulling her tighter against him.

"That's why I like you," Bra said, and once more buried her face in his chest. This time they stayed in that position for a while, and niether of them minded the silence. There weren't any words that could express what they felt, and the other knew that. So they just hugged eachother.

* * * *

Pan and Trunks found a nice spot to sit down near the water's edge and flopped down onto the still warm sand. "Oh man, I am so incredibly tired. I just wanna go to sleep," Trunks said.

"I know. I mean, it's only like 7:30 and I'm exausted," Pan replied.

"Yeah," Trunks said, and then they were quiet for a few minutes. "I swear somehow your volleyball team cheated. There is no way you could have won!"

"Uh! We didn't cheat! It's not our fault that we're just better than you!" Pan said, smiling innocently.

"Ha ha. Very funny. But I mean, we had me, Goten, and Videl! You had you, Gohan, and Bulma! How does that work?" Trunks said.

"Well, for one thing you're forgetting two people. You had Vegeta too and we also had Bra...well, actually, I see what you mean. Bra's not exactly a sporty person, and Vegeta hates working in a team, doesn't he? I don't know how it worked. But it did. And very nicely." Pan said.

"Hmph. Well, whatever. On a different subject, I wonder what they are doing just cooped up in the house not wanting us around," Trunks said, but then he made a face. "Never mind, I do not wanna think about that. Not at all. I mean, just seeing my parents talk is disgusting. Picturing them doing more..." Trunks shuddered.

"Oh man..." Pan moaned, "That is NOT a pretty, Trunks, you just HAD to put that picture inside my head, didn't you?"

"'s about something else, ok?" Trunks asked.

"Yeah, yeah, um...."


"Hm...let's any stories about old girlfriends that you feel like telling?" Pan asked.

"Well....I...uh.....yeah, I have a bunch of stories, but...I don't really want to tell them..." Trunks said uncomfortably.

Pan raised an eyebrow. "Any...particular reason not to?" She asked.

"Well..." Trunks said, getting more uncomfortable by the second, "it's not that I wouldn't tell them if you really wanted me to, it's just that...well, um...not all of them are know, appropriate? Catching my drift?"

"Oh..." Pan said, kinda of embarassed now too. "Yeah, I gotcha."

"So do you still wanna listen to them?" Trunks asked, half joking.

"No...that's really ok..." Pan said, smiling to let him know she wasn't being mean.

"Good. have any stories about old boyfriends?"

"" Pan said, hesitating.

"Oh? Why not? Or shouldn't I ask?" Trunks asked curiously.

"Well...I haven't exactly...had any boyfriends..." Pan said, embarrassed.

Trunks looked at her in surprise. "Really? That surprises me. I mean, you're attractive, you're a nice person, and you're not a super-feminist," He said.

Pan blushed slightly. " mean...the guys in our school are all jerks. I...don't really want any of them to be my boyfriend. They are all just...just jerks."

"Hm...well, being a guy, I can't exactly say anything to that," Trunks said.

"Oh...sorry...I didn't mean that like about you...I"

Trunks smiled. "No, you were right. All guys are jerks, it just matters to some degree. Of course, I'm barely a jerk at all, cause I'm just perfect in every way," he said, pretending to be conceited.

Pan laughed. "Sure, whatever Trunks. But seriously, you are nice, at least to me,"

"Well, I try not to be a jerk," he said.

"Yeah..." Pan said. They were silent for a moment, and Pan couldn't help thinking again how great Trunks had looked in his bathing suit that day. Woah, Pan, this is Trunks we're talking about...TRUNKS! she thought. To clear her head of the confusing thought, she said, "So...what do we do now?"

"Hm..." began Trunks, who was thinking about how pretty Pan looked, with the breeze blowing her hair back, and then he remembered he was her babysitter. "I wonder what Goten and Bra are doing. You wanna be mean?" Pan gave him an evil look, and he laughed. "thought so."

"Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?" she asked.

"If your thinking that I mean spying on them, yeah, you're right," Trunks replied.

"Exactly. will we? I can't exactly fly yet," Pan asked.

"Oh guess....I guess I could always...carry you.." Trunks said, hesitatingly.

"...yeah, I guess that could work. It would be kinda wierd having you carry me, but I am too tired to walk..." Pan said.

"Yeah I know...but come on, it shouldn't be that wierd, I mean, I'm your babysitter here..."

"You were my babysitter," Trunks grinned as she said that, "You're not anymore. But you're right. Ok, let's go a-spying!" she decided.

"All righty then," Trunks said as he picked her up, "Be sure to lower your ki when we get near. And no talking, K?"

"Trunks, what did I just say about you not being my babysitter anymore?" she said, raising an eyebrow and smiling.

"Sorry...but anyway, let's go," Trunks flew off with Pan curled up, a little closer than necessary, to his body.

* * * *

As they flew, Trunks tried not to think about his thoughts earlier about Pan. Why did he think that she was pretty? She is...but I shouldn't be thinking about her that way! Gohan would kill me if I started liking her! Not to mention she's one of my sister's best friends, and my best friend's niece! Man Trunks, you're going insane. he thought, and decided to say something. "I wonder if Goten and Bra are...together...I mean, just looking at them all the time really does make it sort of obvious," he said.

"Yeah. I mean, the way Bra somehow made it so that Goten would have to carry her on the way here, and the way she kept looking at him when you guys all stepped outside in your bathing is kinda obvious that at least she likes him," Pan said.

"Yeah. Wait, why were all you girls staring at us? It was kinda...creepy," Trunks asked.

" reason! It's It's not important," Pan said quickly.

Trunks was going to say something in reply to that but instead say two figures in the distance. "Ok, from now on, no talking. Lower your ki as much as possible," Trunks ordered.

"Yes, sir," Pan whispered. Trunks gave her a look, and she tried not to giggle. As Bra and Goten came into view her eyes widened. They were holding eachother so tightly that it almost seemed they were one person. The sight made Pan feel odd. Like she wanted to fall over laughing, but at the same time she was insanely jealous. Why should Bra be able to get all the guys? Pan wanted to be held like that, sometime. And she realized again, with a start, she wanted the person to hold her to be Trunks. Pan, you're're not starting to like Trunks, are you? No way...then why do I feel so comfortable in his arms? Woah..snap out of it, you can't like Trunks!

Trunks was watching them also, and was trying to keep a laughing expression on his face. It was hard to keep it up, though, because he was remembering when he, too, had been in that same position, hugging the girl, telling her he loved her, that he wanted to be with her forever, that there was no one else but her. But there was someone else. There would always be someone else, some other girl fawning all over him, going out with him, kissing him. He remembered the horrifed expression when he had told her that it was over. Not that it was new, of course. He had seen it every single time he broke up with a girl. He had learned to not pay attention to it, to forget it. But seeing Goten and Bra like that, so close, brought the memories floating back, painfully fresh in his mind. He decided that he had seen enough, and flew back to where he and Pan had been before, and he rolled on the sand with fake laughter.

"Oh man....oh god..." he gasped, "that was SOOO funny! If i hadn't gotten away from there then, I would have fallen and would have started cracking up so bad!"

Seeing Trunks so humored by this, Pan tried to forget the jealous feelings she had had and thought about the funny elements. She, too, fell to her knees with half fake laughter. "I know! I know! I was like, choking here, trying to keep myself from laughing!" she said.

"Yeah..." Trunks said, and tried to stand up but continued with his fake laughter. "Hey! If you thought that was funny...let's go see what our parents really are doing!"

"We are soooo bad! Oh yeah, let's do it!" Pan agreed, and once more climbed into his arms.

"Yeah...ok...depending on just who we see, both Vegeta and Gohan are really good at sensing ki. Yours was pretty low, low enough for Goten not to see, but if we are gonna do this successfully, you should try to get it down a little lower, if you can." Trunks said, as nicley as he could.

"Yeah, I know, it's hard for me to get my ki down really low, but I'll try my best. Man, this is gonna be so funny!" she told him.

"I know. Ok, let's go," Trunks flew off. When they neared the beach house Pan and Trunks, sure enough, found Gohan and Videl on the porch, talking. "Ah ha," Trunks whispered under his breath. They couldn't hear what Gohan and Videl were talking about, but they could see them perfectly when Gohan leaned over and they kissed like hormonal 15 year olds. This time, as Pan and Trunks watched, it didn't cause odd feelings or bring back bad memories at all. It was funny, through and through. Trunks realized that if he waited much longer he really was going to let his guard down, fall, and start rolling around on the sand laughing his brains out. Both he and Pan gasped slightly as Gohan suddenly turned away from Videl for a moment and looked around, suspicious. He then shook his head and he and Videl continued making out. Now, Trunks decided, was a good time to leave. He flew away at almost stop speed, making Pan cling to his neck involuntarily. When he landed he didn't have to fake laughter at all. He and Pan laughed for a good 10 minutes before they had the breath to talk again.

"Ok...that...that was good..." Pan said, gasping, and she started laughing again.

"I know...oh man...did you see when Gohan was going for your mom's bra strap? That's something a guy my age would do!" Trunks laughed again.

"Yeah, I saw it..." she was about to say more when she burst out laughing again. "Ok, we really need to stop laughing."

"You're right...we have to...collect ourselves, and go back to the house. Yeah. Ok."

"Ok," Pan took a deep breath, attempting to calm herself. "Ok...ok, let's go back. I'm ready."

"Trunks took a couple of deep breaths. "Yeah," he said at last. "Me too."

So they walked back to the beach house, taking deep breaths and trying not to giggle. Gohan and Videl were still on the porch, but they weren't kissing anymore, thankfully. When Gohan saw Pan and Trunks walking, he stood up to talk to them. As soon as they all made eye contact both Trunks and Pan made the same peculiar sound, a sort of snorting sound, choked backed laughter. Strange, Gohan thought. "Hey you guys, what's up?" he asked, trying to make them stop snorting.

Trunks' eyes bulged. He was desperatly trying to clinge to the serious side of himself, but was losing. The best he could do was to get out a high-pitched voice. "Nothing!" after saying that, Trunks totally lost it, and rolled on the sand with renewed laughter. Pan did the same.

Gohan raised an eyebrow. "Really? Then what's so funny?"

"" Trunks couldn't even get the word out, he was laughing so hard. "'!" he finally managed to get out, but just that quickly he began laughing again.

"Trunks. Tell me. Now." Gohan ordered. He got the distict impression that he was the one they were laughing at, and he didn't like that.

"It''s nothing, really! It's just, I mean..." Trunks kept on laughing, even as he was speaking. Gohan glared at him, and Trunks began to think that he was serious, and that he had better make something up real fast. "It's...nothing! Really! Just, see, um, Pan and I were talking about teachers, and we realized that one of them, um, is a lot like you! And so seeing you again made it even funnier!" Trunks lied, but kept on laughing.

"Oh? And just why were you talking about school?" Gohan asked, not convinced at all.

"Um...lack of anything else to talk about," Trunks answered.

"Hm. And how would you both know about this teacher?"

"It was....a couple of years ago. Yeah," Trunks replied.

"So I remind you of a teacher that you make fun of. Wonderful. I feel so appreciated." Gohan said.

"No! Um, it's just, um, some of your...uh...I gotta think of the word...qualities! Yeah, some of your qualities are the same," Trunks hoped that soon Gohan would stop questioning him. He could only stay not laughing for so long. He looked at Videl, Gohan, and back at Videl, and he started cracking up again.

Gohan sighed. "Trunks, why do I get the impression that you're lying?" he asked.

Trunks couldn't stop laughing long enough to get an answer, so he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Pan? What is going on here?" Gohan asked.

Pan was still laughing, though not quite as hard as before, but still pretty hard. "NOTHING!" she said, a little louder then she intended it too, but she didn't care because she was still cracking up.

Gohan frowned. "Trunks. Seriously. What is going on?!" He was getting frustrated.

Trunks continued laughing. "Hey...hey Pan! Pan, should we tell Gohan...what...we're...laughing at?"

"I dunno! It''s your choice! We just...just might get in trouble!" Pan said, still gasping.

"Yeah, that's...that's what I was thinking. I was also thinking, that...we'll get in trouble anyway!"

"Good...good point...yeah...better...better tell him," Pan said, starting to catch her breath.

"Ok. Ok, Gohan?" he laughed. "Gohan, just...just now, Pan and I...Pan and I were spying on people, and we saw you two. And, it was just REALLLLLLLLY funny to us, cause you know, you were like, KISSING!" Trunks started cracking up again, and so did Pan.

Gohan just blinked, and tried to keep his anger under control. "Ok, first of all, shut up before I hurt you," he said. Pan and Trunks stood up, hands over their mouths to hide their giggles, and looked at Gohan.

Trunks moved his hand away from his mouth for a second to say quickly, "Oh come on Gohan it's not that big a deal!" he immediatly clapped his hand over his mouth again but then thought of something else to say. "And besides, what's wrong, you know, keeping an eye on you two anyway?" he tried desperatly to hide his laughter but it wasn't working too well.

Gohan glared. He was trying not to blow up, but then he thought of a sure-fire way to stop at least Trunks from laughing, and also to probably keep him from spying on them again. Gohan put on a thoughtful expression. "You know, Trunks, you're right. The next time you have a girlfriend at your house or something, I'll be sure to keep a close eye on you," he said, and laughed evily inside his head.

It worked. Trunks stopped laughing, all humor suddenly gone from the situation. "Uh, no, Gohan, that's really Ok," he said, eyes wide with fear.

"Oh, come on, buddy, that's what friends are for, right? You know, keeping an eye on eachother, making sure the other's all right? Yep, it's no biggee. I'll be sure to watch you, cause I say again, that's what friends are for!" Gohan said, and "playfully" slapped Trunks's shoulder, REALLY HARD.

"Ow! No, really, really don't have to do that for me! It's Ok, really!" Trunks said.

"No, Trunks, you don't have to ask, I want to do this for you. I really don't mind, at all!"

"Uh, no! Um, I'm...really really sorry, Gohan, I'll...never do it again! I promise! Just...don't spy on me! PLEASE!" Trunks begged.

"Oh, come on, Trunks? What's the big deal with keeping an eye on you two?" Gohan asked.

"Um, look, I said I was sorry. Uh, yeah, so...this..never happened! I won't tell a soul, I promise!" Trunks flew off to where he and Pan had been, at the edge of the water.

Now it was Gohan's turn to laugh. "Thank God he's gone!" he exclaimed, and Trunks didn't return to the beach house until much later that night.

Day 2

The next day went much the same way. The two familes mostly just lazed around, tanning themselves and sleeping off the time change. But again, after a late dinner, the adults shoved the younger ones out the door and told them not to come back until later that night. So the four of them were just kind of standing there, wondering what to do to keep themselves busy. It was Goten who spoke first.

"So. Uh, what are we gonna do for the next couple of...hey, how long are we supposed to stay out here anyway?"

"I dunno. Gohan just said, 'not until much later tonight' so we have an hour, at least. Probably more." Trunks said, noticing that Bra was inching closer and closer to Goten.

"Wonderful. So what are we gonna do, more importantly?" Pan asked.

"Well..." Bra said mischieviously, "I have an idea, but it all depends on how comfortable we are with eachother."

Everybody looked at her. "Go on..." Trunks said.

"It'll definitly pass the time, and we'll probably end up laughing," Bra went on.

"Can you just spit it out?" Trunks said impatiently.

"Spin the Bottle," Bra replied.

The others pondered this for a moment. "Well," Pan said finally, "Why not?"

"Yeah," Trunks and Goten said, at the same time. "I'm in," Trunks said.

As they were walking, trying to find an area that they could play, (they found an old beer bottle lying on the sand) Bra pulled Goten behind the others for a moment so she could talk with him privately.

"Goten?" Bra asked him, whispering.

"Yeah?" he replied, kind of confused as to why Bra wanted to speak with him.

"I'm really glad that you thought my idea was good," she told him.

" was a good idea..." he said, not knowing quite what she was getting at.

"Yeah...because I am really looking foward to this. I brought it up as an excuse to kiss you..." she said, curling up against his shoulder and lacing her fingers with his.

"" he was completely at a loss for words. Again, he cursed himself for being such an idiot. He looked down at her and they locked eyes. It was all he could do to refrain from leaning over and kissing her right then and there. He quickly averted his eyes.

Bra had to keep control of her facial expression when Goten looked away, for she was annoyed. I thought for sure he was going to kiss me! Why wouldn't he? Jeez, what else can I do? she thought, but she decided not to give up faith and pulled herself closer to his arm and rested her head on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, up ahead, Pan and Trunks knew very well what was going on behind them, but being the polite people that they were, they had to pretend that nothing at all was happening.

"Think they're done yet?" Trunks whispered under his breath to Pan.

"I...have no idea," Pan whispered back.

"Yeah. Hey, you gonna take pictures or something?" he asked, noticing a camera dangling from her wrist.

"Yeah, I sorta thought that if we took pictures of our vacation and put them in an album or something, in a couple years it would help remind just how stupid we were," she explained.

"Hm, good idea," Trunks replied. "Hey Goten, what do you think of right here? It's secluded, there are a couple trees around, and it's far away from the house. Ok with you?" he said, without turning around.

Bra removed herself from Goten's arm, much to Goten's relief, and looked around. "Seems ok to me," she said.

"Well, that's great Bra, but I asked Goten. He's the only one between you two with a brain," Trunks said.

Bra frowned. She knew he was only teasing, but she still didn't like it. Out of the corner of his eye Goten saw Bra frown and began to see what she had been talking about with him before, about how no one listened to her and they didn't care about her. Goten inched towards Bra and whispered, "Don't worry about it. It's your idea we're doing, anyway." she smiled up at him, a look that made his head spin. "Uh, yeah Trunks, it's fine," he said in response to Trunks's question.

"Good. It better be," Trunks said, half grinning.

"Ok people, so...shall we?" Pan said, sitting down.

"We shall," Bra said, and sat down next to her. Trunks and Goten did the same. "Who goes first?" she asked.

"I will. Why not? Nothing to lose but my dignity," Trunks said. "Wait. We should set some rules here first. Um, 15 seconds per kiss, and if it's someone who is your own sex, then it's only 7. Ok?" They all agreed. "All righty then. I spin now." So he spun. "And it's...a tree..." A tree? Yep, it was pointing to an oak tree. "Wonderful. I feel" he said. He decided to make the best of the situation by overdoing it. So he walked up to the tree like it was a person. "Hey baby, it's been a while," he said, and put his arms on the tree's 'waist'. "Oakie, it's been too long, I've missed you, hun. Come 'ere!" and with that, he pulled himself toward the tree and starting licking and slurping the bark. Meanwhile while everybody was cracking up, Pan managed to snap a picture of him. After 15 seconds he went back to where everybody was rolling on the sand and wiped his mouth. "You know, it wasn't that bad," he said. That just made everybody laugh harder. Trunks laughed too. "Ok, Ok, who's next?" They all looked at eachother, and everybody's stares ended up on Pan.

"Oh!" she said, laughing. "Oh...all right..." she spun, and she shrieked with horror and covered her face with her hands when it landed on Bra. "Oh nonononononono!!!!!"

Bra had similar feelings. "Oh god, no offense, but this is SO incredibly GROSS! UGH!"

"Ew ew ew ew ew!!!!! Oh...oh" Pan looked a little sick.

Meanwhile Trunks and Goten were roaring with laughter. "Come on now! Pucker up, you two!" Goten called.

"On the count of three, pure lesbian delights will abound for seven, count them seven seconds!" Trunks yelled.

"Ugh...this is just plain nasty..." Bra said.

"I know...but..." Pan looked more than a little sick. "We have to..."

Bra shuddered. "I know..."

"Come on you guys!" Trunks said, holding up the camera.

"Ok...ok, come on Bra, we're...mature, here, right?" Pan asked.

"No we're not!"

"I know, but we have to pretend to be...oh man, I do NOT wanna do this..." Pan moaned.

"Ok, the sooner we do it, the sooner it's over, right?" Bra asked.

" the count of seconds..." Pan said. "we can handle this."

"" Bra said.

"Two..." Pan barely got it out.

"Three!" they said at the same time, and they both hesitated, then kissed. Trunks snapped a picture before laughing his head off along with Goten, who was timing the kiss. At the end of seven seconds the two girls parted, making disgusted sounds and wiping their mouths on their hands.

"Ewewewewewewew!!!!!!" Bra cried.

"That was so GROSS!" Pan shouted. "Oh come on, you guys, shut up!!! This is not funny!"

Trunks and Goten couldn't stop laughing. "!!!" Goten managed to get out. Trunks just nodded in agreement. After a few glares, though, from Pan and Bra, they managed to stop.

"I am not going next," Bra stated.

"Oh...then I guess that means I go, doesn't it?" Goten asked, looking at the others. They all nodded. He spun and it landed on Bra. "Oh..." that was all he could really think of to say.

Bra sent him a very flirty look, and he blushed and tried to pretend he didn't notice. "Um, fifteen seconds, I guess..." Bra nodded, and went over to him. Hesitatingly Goten kissed her, for fifteen seconds, and at the end Goten tried to pull away but Bra held his face in her hands for an extra second or two. Pan had taken a picture, and exchanged a knowing look with Trunks. They both agreed with their eyes that there definitly was something between Goten and Bra. They also didn't miss the look Bra gave Goten after she finally did pull away. Pan hid a smile.

Breaking the silence, Trunks said "Uh, Bra? Your turn."

"Ok, whatever," she said, and spun. "Oh great. I get to make out with a pebble. Fun," she said. But she did it for 15 seconds without further complaint. Pan took a picture and laughed. "What's so funny?" Bra demanded, wiping her mouth.

"Nothing! It's just...I dunno...your family seems to like having affairs with inanimate objects," Pan replied, and after seeing the confused expression on Bra's face, she clarified, "Both you and your brother kissed not alive things. It must run in the family."

"Oh! I guess, I dunno," Bra replied. She shook her head. "Speaking of which, Trunks, it's your turn."

"Oh joy," he said sarcastically, and spun. It landed on...

"Me?" Pan said.

"Her? Pan?" Trunks asked. They looked at eachother, niether wanting to admit that they hoped this would happen. "Um..." Trunks said.

"Well, come on you guys! Pucker up!" Goten yelled.

Trunks blushed slightly. "Dude...I can't...I mean...dude...this is like...too wierd! I mean, I used to babysit her! It feels so...wrong..." Trunks looked helplessly at Pan, who gave him a hopeless look and shrugged her shoulders.


Oh! He looks so cute when he blushes! He really does! And that look he gave me! And the way he's looking at me now! Oh my god, could he maybe like me? No Pan, don't get your hopes up. He was your babysitter and he's like, years older than you are! Oh man...but he's sooooo cute! And he's gonna kiss me! Wait, Pan, ok, stop looking at him, that looks strange. Bad move. Look instead! Yeah! Oh, but I don't wanna turn away...dude! Pan, you are insane! How can you be thinking about your babysitter this way? Oh my gosh...Pan thought.

"Bra...." she said. "I can't just...kiss him..." she looked helplessly at Bra, who just raised and eyebrow and shook her head.


That voice...and the way she looks at you, like she's saying "Help me!" and you just wanna take her in your arms and comfort her, and then tell her...woah woah woah! Back up Trunks! You've told yourself this before! You cannot possibly start liking her. That's wrong. And knowing her, if you try anything she'll likely blast you to pieces before you get within six inches of her face. Trunks had to try not to grin when he thought that. It would be perfectly Pan to do something like that. But you've gotta kiss her...but you can't make it too passionate or she'll hate you forever, but you've gotta make it good so she actually thinks something of me. Dude, she probably doesn't care! Trunks, you are probably making to big of a deal out of this. Just get it over with!

"Well, guess I have to kiss you...heh heh..." Trunks said nervously and looked into her eyes.

Pan tried to keep her gaze steady as Trunks looked at her. He had the most beautiful least to her. "Um, yeah...yeah...heh..." she said, just as nervous.

So Trunks, slowly and hesitatingly, went over to her and pressed his lips against hers.


Ohmygodohmygodohmygod...he'!!! Pan couldn't think in coherent sentences, she was so shocked. She never thought that Trunks's face would be this close to hers, or that his lips would be so soft, his tongue so appetizing. The fifteen seconds were over far to quickly. When he pulled away she tried to gather herself together but melted every time she looked at him. She turned away, and collected her mind. Never forget that moment could be the only kiss you ever have with Trunks, she thought sadly.

Trunks could put himself together quickly on the outside, but on the inside he was fbouncing off the walls. Dude! You just kissed her! Oh my god! Woah! She can kiss, man. Oh man...Trunks mentally smacked his head for his stupidity, you gave her tongue! She's probably like never gonna speak to you again! Oh look, see, she can't even look at you any more! She turned away. Great. Well...all you can do is...pretend it never happend! Yeah that'll work...maybe...

He aroused himself from his thoughts and said, "So...who's turn is it now?"

"It's Pan's," Ba replied. Pan cringed slightly at the mention of her name, but spun the bottle. When it stopped spinning she found her voice, which she had momentarily lost from the excitment of kissing Trunks, and screamed, "EWW!!!"

It had landed on Goten.

" no no no no....come on...this is cruel!" Goten said.

"Heh heh...come on, won't be that bad...fifteen seconds..." Trunks said.

"But..but he's family!" Pan protested.

"So? He's a member of the opposite sex! That's all that matters!" Bra told her.

Pan looked at Goten. Goten looked at Pan. "Well..." Pan began, "People kiss their reletives all the time...right?"

"Not on the lips, not when we're only a few years apart, and not for 15 seconds!" Goten said.

Pan groaned. "I know, I know...but we have to, Ok? So let's just...get it over with," she said. So she went over to him, and after a deep breath, pressed her mouth to his. It was probably the, the second grossest; that kiss with Bra was the grossest...kiss that she had had that night. It felt so...wrong. Not like when I kissed Trunks, she mused, and then snapped out of it and went over to where she had been. Trunks was laughing at Goten's facial expression, which was one of being sick and pure disgust. Pan knew she shouldn't be insulted by that, but she couldn't help feeling a little offended. "All right Goten, now it's your turn to spin," she said.

"Right. Ok," he replied. So he spun that bottle. When it stopped, he yelled. As loud as he could. And he didn't stop. Trunks was doing the same thing, for that's who the bottle had landed on. Trunks. "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! This can NOT be happening!" he moaned.

"NO! And that is final! I will NOT kiss my best friend! That is not cool!" Trunks protested.

"Oh come on, lover boys! On the count of three pure gay pleasures will abound for seven, count them seven, seconds!" Bra told them, imitating what Trunks had said earlier.

"Shut up! It would be pure gay delights, not pleasures, anyway," Trunks said.

"Whatever! Come on you guys, pucker up!" she said.

"Eh..." Goten said helplessly.

"Dude! If we have to do this, YOU are starting it! You spun, so you have to kiss me, not the other way around!" Trunks stated.

"Oh man..." Goten groaned, "this is SO incredibly NASTY..." but Goten went over to Trunks, started leaning over but then stopped. "I can't do it! I just can't do it, man!" he exclaimed.

"Ugh..." Trunks said, "I already feel sick, and you haven't come within 6 inches of my face yet."

"Come on!" "Just do it!" Bra and Pan told them.

Goten shuddered. "Ugh...all right...I'm....doing it..." Goten leaned over, and after a very long, deep, and shuddering breath, Goten kissed Trunks. For seven seconds. And according to the girls after Goten and Trunks were done and they had snapped a picture, seven hilarious seconds.

Bra and Pan could hardly breathe they were laughing so hard. Trunks and Goten, however, did not see things as so humorous.

"Ugh!" Trunks said, wiping his mouth, "Goten, that was SO disgusting! Did you have to give me tongue?!"

"What?! I was not giving you tongue!" Goten replied.

"You so were! I could feel it!"

"I was not! But hey, you were the one who was getting really into it!" Goten told him.

"Nuh uh! Oh god...I...I need to be purified! Come here, Oakie!" Trunks ran over to the Oak tree that he had kissed in the very beginning and started passionatly making out with "her" again. Everybody once again cracked up, the girls practically turning blue from lack of oxygen, when all of a sudden Gohan appeared.

"Um...excuse me, am I interupting anything? Cause if I am, don't worry, I'll leave..." Gohan said, staring at Trunks. Trunks blushed slightly and wiped the bark and dirt off his mouth.

"Um,, you're not interupting anything, heh, we were just...playing a game!" Trunks said, embarrassed.

Gohan raised an eyebrow. "You sure?"

"Positive," Trunks replied.

"Alllll right...well, I just came to let you know that you guys can come back inside soon. K?" Gohan told all of them.

"Ok Gohan. You can leave now," Goten told him.

"Fine, little brother," Gohan teased, and he went away. As soon as he was out of earshot everybody started laughing all at once. They weren't sure why it was so funny, but it just really really was. Finally Pan stopped laughing and wiped her eyes.

"Ok...Ok..." she said, still gasping. "How about we just finish up this round and then go back?"

"Good....good idea. I guess then it's my turn," Bra said. And she spun. She stared.

Trunks shook his head. "Nah, this isn't happening. It can't! I mean, no way will it happen that I have to kiss my sister. It's not possible." He said, disbelieving.

"Oh, gross. Nasty. Disgusting. Revolting. Gruesome. Oh god, this is just plain...ICKY!" Bra exclaimed.

Goten and Pan, however, had no sympathy for them whatsoever. "Go ahead, Trunks, pucker up," Goten told him.

"Yeah Bra! Come on, you know you wanna kiss your brother," Pan said to her.

"Really, Trunks! It's no big deal! Come on, she's a good kisser!" Goten said, and he glanced sideways at Bra to see how she would react. She, of course, gave him a flirty look that made Goten blush.

"Yeah anyway Bra! It's no big deal!" Pan said to Bra.

"Ugh..." Bra said, but she complied and went over to where Trunks was. "Trunks? This sucks," she told him.

Trunks just nodded. But after a deep intake of air, Bra leaned foward and kissed her brother for seven seconds, and not a microsecond longer.

"Oh, ugh!" Trunks yelled.

"That was so guh-ROSS!" Bra agreed.

"Um, I don't know about anyone else but...hey! Stop laughing now! I don't know about you, but I think I'm ready to quit this now..." Trunks said.

Goten and Pan kept giggling, but stood up. They started to walk back to the house, and again Goten and Bra paired off.

"Stop laughing!" Bra said, and playfuly punched Goten's shoulder. "Trunks and I didn't laugh this long when you and Pan had to kiss."

"I know..." Goten said, and he stopped laughing. "Sorry. But it still was funny!"

"I know it was. Well," Bra changed the subject, "did you like this evening's activities?"

"I did very much so, thank you for asking," replied Goten, pretending to be polite.

Bra latched onto his arm, and this time Goten didn't mind or feel nervous at all.

"Well, I enjoyed myself too. And we killed a lot of time, too." Bra said.

"We sure did," Goten said, unsure of what else to say. "Well, we're like, here now at the house. We'd better go relieve Trunks and Pan of the uncomfortable silence that they are sort of in right now."

"Yeah, you're right. I guess I'll see you tomorrow," Bra said.

"I can't wait," Goten found himself saying, and realized that he did actually like Bra. She was a really nice person, and it didn't matter that she was 3 years younger than he was. She was different from other girls, too. The only thing that wasn't really good was the fact that she was Trunks's younger sister, and he wasn't sure how Trunks would react to finding out that Goten and Bra did like eachother. Well, he thought, I shouldn't really hide it. That's never a good thing. I'll just go and tell him, just to let him know. And if he doesn't like it, so what? It's not like he can exactly stop us from liking eachother. He grinned happily at the realization of the thought, and walked into the beach house wih the rest of his friends.

* * * *

Later that night, when everyone was getting ready for bed, Goten confronted Trunks after he had taken his shower. Trunks was in front of the mirror, fixing his wet hair.

"Hey Trunks..." Goten asked.

"Hm?" Trunks said, moving a piece of hair to the other side of his scalp.

"What would you do if...if I said that I liked your sister?" Goten asked quickly. Vegeta looked up from the magazine he was reading, and Gohan snapped out of meditating.

"Hm..." Trunks said thoughtfully, putting the piece of hair back to it's original place. He then looked at Goten, satisfied with his hair. "Let's see...I would probably laugh histerically for about 10 seconds, then smack you upside the head and call you a moron."

"Oh..." Goten looked uncomfortable. "Well...I like your sister."

Trunks was true to his word. He doubled over, laughing his guts out for ten seconds, then smacked Goten upside the head. "You're a MORON!"

"Ow! Dude, that hurt!" Goten complained. Vegeta shook his head, muttered something about low class monkeys, and returned to his reading. Gohan, however, was still listening.

"How can you like my sister?! I mean, we're both talking about Bra, right? Come on! This is Bra, here!" Trunks exclaimed.

"What's wrong with liking Bra?" Goten asked, getting a little annoyed.

"Ok, look, number one, she is an airhead. Number two, she is an idiot. Number three, she is my sister!"

"She is not an idiot or an airhead! She was saying that to me before about how no one understood her or talked to her because they thought she was stupid! She isn't! Not at all!" Goten cried.

"Trust me, Goten, she is! I live with her, I think I would know," Trunks said.

"Maybe you should actually talk to her once in a while! She is a nice person!" Goten said.

"Goten! Listen to me. Don't like Bra. It's just not a good idea. She isn't worth it!"

"You are being such a jerk about this, Trunks! I thought that you, of all people, would understand!"

"I'm not being a jerk, you're just being a MORON!" Trunks shouted.

"No I'm not! There is nothing wrong with Bra!"

"God, you're even dumber than I thought! Do we need to go into the reasons why not to like my sister again in order for you to get it through your thick skull?!" I don't believe this! Trunks thought. I saw them together, but I didn't think Goten would be dumb enough to actually start liking her! He is such a fool!

"Trunks!" Gohan finally intervened. "Stop being such a jerk! Goten likes Bra, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!"

"He's stupid to do so!" Trunks shouted back.

"Quit saying that, Trunks! You aren't being really fair to Goten! You're his best friend!" Gohan had to stick up for his brother sometimes, but now Gohan thought that Trunks was really going too far.

"Gohan! Goten is being a complete MORON! Nobody but a loser would like Bra! She is the stupidest creature on the face of the earth!" Trunks yelled.

"Be quiet, Trunks! This has gone too far, and I will NOT tolerate this on our vacation! So just, shut up!" Gohan exclaimed.

Vegeta finally got into it. He didn't really care about who Kakkorot's younger brat liked, but he did mind one thing about what was happening.

"Don't tell my brat what to do." Vegeta snarled.

"Stay out of this, Vegeta!" Gohan told him.

"Are you trying to tell me what to do?" Vegeta asked, his voice sounding dangerous.

"This doesn't concern you!" Gohan said.

"Don't tell me or the brat what to do." Vegeta stated, getting madder but not showing it.

"Oh, I never knew you cared so much about Trunks, Vegeta." Gohan said sarcastically, for he had had ENOUGH crap for one night and now even he was getting angry.

"I mind when a low class brat of a saiyan disgrace tries to order me or my brats around," Vegeta said.

Just then Bulma strolled in through the door. "Hi everybody! We heard some yelling in the other room and were wondering what was going on." she said.

"Leave, Bulma!" Gohan ordered.

"Don't tell my mate what to do, brat," Vegeta said.

"Um..." Bulma was flattered that Vegeta didn't want anyone else but him "ordering her around", but wasn't sure she really liked being called his "mate" instead of "wife". "Maybe I'll just...leave careful now, with...whatever it is you're doing..."

"Then leave." Gohan said.

"Stop ordering my mate around! You have no authority to do so!" Vegeta exclaimed.

"O...k..." Bulma left.

"Now I know why Trunks acts this way. It's you. You go around, acting like a complete monkey, and he just copies you." Gohan said meanly.

"NO ONE CALLS THE PRINCE OF SAIYANS A MONKEY AND LIVES!!!!!!!!" Vegeta shouted, and turned super saiyan. Gohan eyes went wide. In a flash Vegeta had Gohan laying on the floor with Vegeta on his back, twisting and bending his leg in a way that legs aren't supposed to be twisted and bended.

"Trunks! What the HELL is your dad doing?!" Goten asked Trunks.

"Oh, don't worry, he won't kill Gohan, he'll just hurt him. He does this sometimes, so I know." Trunks answered.

"You low class monkey!" Vegeta was now twisting Gohan's leg in little jerks, to make the pain even more intense. "You should never see the light of day again!"

Gohan's expression was one of pure agony. Trunks could see that, and was starting to get a little worried.

"Uh, dad? I doubt Gohan is going to try to boss me around again..." he told his father.

"Go away, brat!" shouted Vegeta. He gave one last powerful jerk of Gohan's leg, and Gohan slumped, unconcious. Vegeta then immediatly powered down, lay down on his bed, and continued reading as though nothing at all happened.

"Gohan!" Goten yelled, and rushed over to him. "He's out cold." he told Trunks.

"Oh that's not good...someone better go tell the girls just in case Gohan doesn't wake up for a while." Trunks said.

"You can." Goten said coldly to Trunks, as he lifted Gohan onto his bed.

"...fine." Trunks said, and went over to the girls' door. He hesitated before knocking.

"Yeah?" Pan called from inside the door.

"Um, yeah. It's me, Pan. Open up." Trunks said.

Pan opened the door. "Hey Trunks. What do you need?" she asked.

"Um...Ok, we had a in our room, and we decided to tell you so that you didn't worry if Gohan doesn't really wake up tomorrow."

"Huh? What about my dad?" Pan asked, confused.

"He's kinda out cold in our room. My dad knocked him out." Trunks explained.

"WHAT?! What happened?!" she asked, frantic.

"Woah, relax, he's Ok, he's just knocked out. He'll be fine tomorrow," Trunks told her.

"How...why...?" she tried to get a question to sound right, but wasn't suceeding.

Trunks sighed. "Ok, see, Goten came up to me a little while ago to ask me-" Trunks heard an extremely loud and deliberate cough from his room. " came over to ask me...something...and I was kinda being a jerk about...the thing he asked me, and so Gohan told me to stop being such a jerk, that it didn't matter if Goten-" Trunks heard another, even louder cough from his room, "Um, he told me to stop being such a jerk to Goten, and my dad didn't like that Gohan was telling his brat...I mean, his son, what to do. So my dad was kinda pissed off at Gohan, and Gohan was kinda pissed off at me, so he called my dad a monkey. My dad didn't like that either, so he kinda turned super saiyan and twisted Gohan's leg until he passed out. So..that's what happened." Trunks looked down. "I'm...I'm sorry. This never would have happened if I hadn't been such a jerk. So...yeah..." Trunks called into the guys' room, "I SAID I WAS SORRY." Trunks turned back to Pan. " there's anything you need...uh...I guess tell me..."

Pan just stared. "Let me get this straight. Your dad turned super saiyan over a stupid insult?" she asked.

"Uh huh."

" can I see my dad?" she asked.

"Sure. Come on." Trunks led her into their room, and Pan tried not to stare at the mess.

So Pan asked some more questions, and then Videl came in, and she asked a couple more questions, but they eventually all got to sleep. It had been a busy day.

Day 3

The next day Gohan did wake up, contrary to what Trunks had suspected. He woke up around 2:30 in the afternoon, and when he stumbled out of the beach house he glared at anyone who asked him how his leg was doing. Videl was talking to Bulma in their beach chairs when he went over to her.

"Gohan! Honey, you're awake! I was so worried!" Videl said to him.

"Uh huh." Gohan replied.

"How's your leg doing?" Videl asked him.

Gohan gave her a long, hard look. "It's fine," he said through gritted teeth. He didn't want people to remind him of last night and worrying about him.

"Oh good. Did you just wake up?" she asked.

"Yes," replied Gohan.

"Here, why don't you sit down. Bulma, will you please get a glass of water for Gohan?" Videl asked. Bulma went inside and Gohan sat down.

"I'm not thirsty," Gohan told Videl.

"Gohan..." Videl kneeled next to him. "I just want to make sure you're all right, you know that. I worry about you."

Gohan leaned over and kissed her forehead. "I know. But you really don't have to. I can take care of myself."

Videl smiled and brushed some of his hair away from his face. "I know. All right, but you just take it easy with your leg, you hear?"

Gohan gave a small salute. "Yes maam." Just then Bulma came back with the water, and Gohan drank it in one gulp. "Thank you," he said.

"Well, I'm going to check on the kids. You just...stay here," Videl said.

Gohan nodded, closed his eyes, and fell into a nice kind of half sleep. He was aware of what was going on around him, but he was very relaxed and peaceful. Kind of like when he was meditating. He sighed, and the next thing he payed attention to was his daughter's voice.

"Dad? Uh, dad?" Pan was saying. He opened his eyes. "People were letting you sleep, but it's time for dinner..."

"I wasn't exactly asleep, but all right." He stood up and tried not to limp as he walked through the door.

* * * *

After dinner the adults made the younger ones go outside again.

"Shoo," Bulma said. "You need some fresh air, and we need to have an adult conversation. If you need anything we'll all be in the living room."

They didn't argue that they had been outside getting fresh air all day, because it would have been pointless with Bulma. She would find some other excuse, or she would just glare you down until you obeyed. Whatever the reason, they went outside and again found themselves wondering what they could do.

"Hm. Well, this seems...strangely familier, don't you think?" Trunks asked.

"Yeah. But actually..." Goten said, and the others all looked at him. "If we wanted to stay sort of with the spin-the-bottle kind of mood thing, we could try truth or dare..."

"Yeah, that'll work. Hey Goten, for once you thought of something good." Pan teased.

"Very funny."

"Hey, is there actually one of us that is gonna go for 'truth'?" Bra asked. They all kinda looked at eachother and shook their heads.

"Yeah well. Hey Pan, do you still have that camera?" Trunks asked.

"Uh, yeah, I have it." Pan replied, showing him.

"Cool. Cause we'll probably wanna take pictures," Trunks said.

"So where're we gonna go?" Bra asked.

"How about just by the water? It's as good a place as any," Pan said.

So they all walked just out of sight range from the beach house and stopped walking when they were a couple yards away from the water.

"I'll go first," Trunks offered.

"Oh great," Bra said.

"All right then, Bra, just for that sarcastic comment, I choose you. Truth or dare?" Trunks asked, and grinned evily.

"Dare, duh," Bra replied.

"Heh heh...ok...then you get to..." Trunks thought for a moment, and his face lit up. "You get to sing 'Nookie' by Limp Bizcuit right here in front of us. Singing, dancing, the works that go along with it."

"But...but I don't know the words!" Bra said.

"Then just sing what you do know," Pan said.

"But...what about music?" Bra asked.

Trunks grinned. "No prob. Goten, be a doll and run back to the house, get my CD player and that CD?"

Goten grumbled something but returned swiftly with what Trunks had asked for. "Here," he said, shoving the items into Trunks's hands.

"Great. Thanks. Ok, Bra, you ready?" Trunks asked.

Bra slowly nodded and stood up.

"All right, then let's get this party started!" he yelled and started playing the song.

And so Bra, the ever-girlie member of their little group, danced and sang to "Nookie". Pan took a bunch of pictures, fortunatly. By the time Bra was done singing, everybody including herself was laughing.

"Bra, that...that was perfect! I mean, you sang it like two octaves higher than it was supposed to be sang, but hey! You got it!" Trunks laughed.

"Oh gee thanks," Bra said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes, but then she laughed. "It was fun, though. Anyway, my turn. Hm...Goten! Truth or dare?"

"Dare, of course. We're all daring people," he said.

"All it! Since I just had to sing, we're going to stay with that theme. Goten, you and Trunks have to sing "Take me out to the ball game" together," she said.

"What?!" Trunks exclaimed. "Is she allowed to do that to me? Having two person dares like that?"

"I dunno. Don't ask me, but it looks like you're gonna have to do it anyway, regardless of the rules," Goten said.

"Oh man...well, come on," Trunks said.

They stood up and roared out "Take me out to the ball game", only hitting a few sour notes.

"Oh, beautiful! Beautiful, you guys! You two deserve a standing ovation! Come on, Bra, clap for them!" Pan said, and stood up with Bra to clap for them.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, it was all me, totally. Oh, come on. Please! Aw shucks, you're too much!" Trunks said, bowing.

"Oh please, Trunks, don't make me puke here," Goten told him. "Anyway, since it's my turn, I'm feel like choosing you, Trunks. Truth or dare?"

"Hm...this is a tough choice...well, which is more daring, the truth or taking the dare itself? I think I'm gonna choose truth, just this once, so don't expect it to happen again," Trunks said.

"Oh...ok, now I gotta think of something to ask..." Goten said.

"That's right, Goten! Put that incredibly puny brain to work!" Trunks teased.

Goten grinned evily. "All right, hot shot, just for that I'm gonna ask this: How many times have you had sex with a girl?"

Trunks fell silent and blushed slightly.

"Well? Come on, Trunks, use that puny brain and remember!" Goten teased.

"Yeah, come on Trunks, we're all interested," Bra said.

Pan didn't say anything. She couldn't. She didn't know what she wanted Trunks's answer to be so she tried not to think about it.

Finally, Trunks said softly, "Twice."

"Ah ha! So the truth comes out!" Goten cried, overjoyed at this piece of knowledge. "Now say i louder!"

"No! I said it, so that's all I need to do!" said Trunks, annoyed and embarrassed. "Now then, it's my turn. Pan, truth or dare?"

"Dare, duh," Pan responded.

"Hm...should I be evil or should I be nice? That is the question..." Trunks gave her an evil look.

"Eep..." Pan said.

"Evil. Yeah, I think I'm gonna be evil. Heh heh...all right, Pan, you need to pretend to hit on my dad for thirty seconds. This includes talking to him, touching him, and looking at him," Trunks said, and grinned.

Pan was speechless for a moment. "...Can I just jump off a cliff and die? The result will be the same, and it'll be a lot less painful," she said.

"Oh come on, he won't kill you. I doubt he's even gonna do anything about it. Seriously! Now come on, I'll time you," Trunks told her.

"Oh...but...ugh! No, this is just gross!" Pan exclaimed.

"Come on, Pan! It'll be sooo funny!" Bra coaxed.

"But...but...oh god..." Pan said, finally relenting.

"Great. Ok, now come on!" Trunks began to jog up to the beach house and everybody followed him. When they got to the door, Trunks turned to Pan. "Ok, now I'll be taking pictures and timing you. I'll be right there, so if you think my dad is gonna start to hurt you, just kinda...get out of there...quickly..." he said.

"Gotcha." Pan took a deep breath and walked in. It took some major courage, but she walked up to Vegeta and for a whole thirty seconds she pretended she was madly in love with him. It was probably the grossest thing she had ever done. Trunks had been right, Vegeta hadn't done anything to her. All he did was blink at her with his arms crossed. When Trunks yelled time, she ran out of the house yelling "Ew ew ew ew ew!!!!!!" and got much laughter from the grown ups.

"Trunks, I swear to Dende I will never do that again!!!! UGH!!" she yelled, and punched his shoulder.

Trunks didn't even flinch. "All right, all right, just come on. It's your turn."

"All right...heh it. Trunks, truth or dare?" she asked.

"Dare, this time."

"All righty. You and and Goten have to sing a Backstreet Boys song."

Both Trunks and Goten paled visibly. It was Goten who found his voice first. "Which one?" he croaked.

"Hm...hey Bra, wanna help me out?" Pan asked.

"Sure. I'll go get their CDs," Bra responded, and was back with the two CDs in a flash. Pan and Bra turned their back to the boys and whispered about which one to do.

"It's Gotta Be You?" Pan asked.

"Nah, I don't really like that one. Maybe I Want It That Way," Bra told her.

"Yeah, maybe. Hey! I've got it. They HAVE to sing Larger Than Life," Pan said.


Pan turned back to the guys. "You guys have to sing "Larger Than Life", including dancing. But here's the catch: you have to sing it in front of our parents!!!"

"No! NO! NOOOOOOO!!!!!" Trunks yelled, in only half-mock horror. Then he got a sly grin on his face. "Hey Goten. They want a Backstreet Boys performance? We'll give 'em one! Ok, look, when we need to sing 'And that makes you larger than life' you do this, K? Try it," Trunks made some motions with his arms. Goten did the same. "Yeah, almost, just put your arms up a little higher...there ya go! That's it. Ok girls, we're ready."

Pan and Bra grinned. "Cool. Well, go ahead! We'll be sure to take lots of pictures, don't worry," Pan said to them.

Goten and Trunks walked up to the house with the girls right on their heels. "Ok, guys, now I have to introduce you," Pan said, as soon as they walked into the door. "May I have your attention please! Parents and or legal guardians, may I introduce, drumroll please, the Backstreet Boys, minus three! Yeah!" Pan called, and she and Bra stepped aside and turned on the CD player. Pan snapped many pictures as she said, and Bra took a couple too. When the song was over Trunks and Goten struck a pose for a few seconds and then walked over to Pan and Bra.

"Well? How'd we do?" Goten asked.

Their laughter told them. "Well, I hope that's good," Trunks said, and they all walked back. "Cool. It's my turn again. Bra, truth or dare?"


"Ok. Hm, you're gonna do something totally out of character. Got it! Bra, you have to act out a scene from Hamlet in front of all the adults."

Bra had a confused expression on her face. "But...I don't really know any scenes..." she said.

"Oh come on. You studied this in school, I know you did," Trunks told her.

"I did?"

"Do you even know what Hamlet is?" Trunks asked.

"Um...kinda..." Bra said.

"You know, one of the plays by that guy everybody talks about, with a whole bunch of "thou"s and "hath"s?" Trunks explained.

"Oh! I get it! Yeah, I know what you're talking about!" Bra exclaimed, suddenly understanding. "Yeah, I do remember when our teacher was going on and on about...whatever his name is. Yeah. Ok. I can do that."

"Oh, just for future reference, Bra, you might want to know that his name was Shakespeare," Trunks said.

"Who's name was Shakespeare?" Bra asked, puzzeled.

Trunks hesitated, then said, "Never mind. Ok, do you know what to do?"

"I think so," Bra said.

"All right, then go ahead. Show our parents what you can do," Trunks said.

So Bra proceded to do a hilarious mixture of various different Shakespearian plays. Trunks manages to catch her picture in a dramatic pose saying, "To to be! Yeah!" When she had exausted her knowledge of plays, they all went back outside and Bra was choosing someone to dare when Gohan came limping out.

"Hey guys? Sorry to interupt, but you can come in now," Gohan said.

"Oh. Ok, thanks Dad," Pan said. Pan was still sort of annoyed at Trunks for making her actually touch Vegeta, so she grinned and said, "I bet "You can come in now" was something Trunks really wanted to hear from girls, isn't that right Trunks?"

Trunks looked up in alarm. "Pan..." he began.

"Uh, guys? Get inside. Now," Gohan commanded. So they all walked back to the house with Pan making the occasional snide comment about Trunks's sex life. Trunks was getting increasingly worried that Gohan might catch on to what they were talking about and ticked off just because Pan kept making them. When they got into the house Bulma asked them, "So did you kids have fun?"

"We had fun, yes, but Trunks probably had more fun other times," Pan snickered.

"Pan!" Trunks hissed.

"So are you gonna get ready for bed now?" Bulma asked, ignoring Pan's comment.

"Oh sure! But Trunks doesn't have much to do, cause he was born ready for bed, probably anytime, anywhere," Pan said again.

"Pan! That is it! Do I have to use physical force to make you stop talking about...that?" Trunks threatened, jokingly.

"Oh yeah? Try and catch me to do so!" Pan said, and began running around. "Bring it on!"

"Fine then!" Trunks responded, and chased her while laughing. Pan was laughing too.

"Now if you kids are going to run around like that, you had better do it outside," Bulma warned.

So Trunks chased Pan outside. Trunks wasn't really trying to catch her, yet, because if he really wanted to he could have easily done so. He just felt like running, and he figured Pan did too. Finally, he leaped into the air and tackled her, as gently as he could.

"Ha! Gotcha!" Trunks exclaimed.

"Ooph! Dude, you weigh a ton! Get off!" Pan laughed, and managed to flip onto her back.

Trunks just looked into her eye mischeiviously for a moment, then got up and reached a hand out to help her up. Pan took his hand, of course, because it was this sort of moment that she had been hoping for, a moment alone with Trunks. She didn't want to let go of his warm grip on her hand, but she felt she had too. So they walked along the beach for a couple minutes in a comfortable silence. Trunks kept stealing glances at Pan, and couldn't help thinking that her hair looked nice a little longer. Actually, he mused, all of her looks nice tonight.

"I like your hair..." he suddenly blurted out.

Pan looked up, startled from her thoughts. "What? You do?"

" Nevermind," Trunks said, embarrassed.

"No, come on, tell me," Pan said.

"It's nothing, really. I was just thinking that it looks nice a little longer, that's all," he said.

"Oh...well, thank you, I guess," Pan said. She was confused. He just complemented me, right? Or maybe he was just saying that I looked really ugly as a kid and now I'm starting to look better. Oh wow, that's a really depressing thought. I'm just going to think that he complemented me, and that's that.

" you...maybe wanna go for a swim?" Trunks asked, hesitatingly. He really hoped she would yes.

"Now? I mean, yeah, of course, but...we don't have our suits on. Or at least I don't," she replied.

"Doesn't matter. What are a few wet clothes, anyway?"

"Good point. Ok, sure, let's go, I guess," Pan said.

"Cool," Trunks said, and proceded to jog down the beach towards the water. Pan followed. When they got to the water's edge Pan sat down to take off her shoes and socks while Trunks took off his shirt. Pan tried not to stare at his beautiful body, and focused on her shoes. Trunks took off his footwear, too.

"Ok, I'm ready," Pan said, again trying not to stare.

Trunks shook his head in mock sympathy. "Poor girls. You have to keep your shirts on."

"It's better than having one crucial weakpoint," Pan retorted.

Trunks winced. "Ow. Yeah, good point. Then we're even. Now let's go." Trunks waded into the water with Pan right behind him. Trunks then floated on his back and closed his eyes. This gave Pan a perfect opportunity to study him. He's tall, got a great build, and looks extremely powerful, and not just with his muscles. And yet, he looks so sensitive, especially with his eyes closed. Pan sighed. He was absolutly gorgeous. She floated next to him.

"So watcha thinkin' about, Trunks?" Pan asked.

Trunks opened his eyes and looked at her. He wasn't about to say he had been thinking about the two of them, together. "Nothing, really. Just enjoying the water," he said finally.

"Cool," Pan said. She stared up at the sky. "There are a lot of stars out."

"Yeah. Man, I wish we had the moon. It's an important conversation topic, you know?" Trunks commented.

Pan laughed. "Especially for people who don't know what else to talk about cause their too nervous." she realized what she had just said. "Oh, not that I meant,,"

It was Trunks' turn to laugh. "Don't worry about it," he said. They were silent for a while. Again Trunks noticed Pan's hair. It was spreading out in every direction in the water. Dude, Trunks, stop it! If you keep looking at her than she's really gonna wonder about you, he thought.

Pan's heart was racing. He was again so close, and yet just beyond her grasp. She had to really fight the urge to put her hands on his chest and curl up next to him. She must have made some sort of whimpering sound, because Trunks then asked, "What's wrong?"


Oh man, is he concerned about me? I hope I hope I hope...Pan! God, answer his question! Ugh, Pan, you really disgust me sometimes, you know that? "Oh, um, nothing...just that we'd better go back soon because the others will be wondering just how long you are planning on chasing me," she managed.

Trunks half smiled. "Yeah, I guess you're right." he stood up in the water and helped her up too. This time he didn't let go of her hand. He looked right into her eyes. "It's just that tonight seems too good to waste, you know?" he whispered, drawing closer to her face. He kissed her then. They both heard the click of a camera and whirled around to the source of it. It was Goten, with his stupid Goku-patented grin on his face, holding his Polaroid camera and the picture in his hand.

"Hey you two. Heh, what's up?" Goten asked, still smirking.

"GOTEN!" yelled Trunks. Then he saw the still-coming-into-focus picture in his hand. "Give me that!"

"Uh, no. I don't think so, Trunks. I think that Gohan'll get a real kick out of this when I show him," Goten said, and started to run.

It was a good thing he did, too, because Trunks was way ticked off. "GOTEN! YOU WOULDN'T DARE! GET BACK HERE!" he yelled. He started chasing after Goten, but remembered his shirt and Pan. He grabbed his shirt and turned to Pan. She looked troubled. "I'm...sorry...I...I gotta go keep Goten from showing that picture to your dad...bye!" and he ran off.

Pan was troubled. She walked out of the water, and slowly put on her shoes and socks. She decided to take a slightly longer route back to the beach house to give her time to think. She sure had a lot to think about.

* * * *

"Goten, if you don't give that to me RIGHT NOW I swear I am so going to beat the living shit out of you!" Trunks yelled. They were getting close to the house, so Trunks ran even faster.

"Ha HA! Come on, Gohan will LOVE to see it!" Goten shouted back gleefully.

Trunks growled. They were right outside the house now, and Goten was making no move to stop, so Trunks did his second flying tackle that evening. He wrestled with Goten for the picture.

"Give! I mean it, Goten!" Trunks ordered.

"Yeah right! This will be TOO good! But if you won't let me go get him, I'll just have him come out here. GOHAN!" Goten yelled at the top of his lungs, right in Trunks' ear.

"Shut up, you little bastard!" Trunks said, trying to clamp Goten's mouth shut.

Goten wriggled away from Trunks's hand. "HEY GOHAN! GOHAN!!!! I NEED TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING!" Goten yelled again, and Trunks finally manged to get his hand over Goten's mouth.

"Goten, give me the picture! You can NOT show it to Gohan! He'll be mad pissed if he knows that Pan and I...just give it!" Trunks hissed.

Gohan came out again. "Goten? What?" he asked, in a slightly annoyed tone.

Trunks desperatly tried to keep his hand tight over Goten's mouth against his struggling. "He...ugh! He was! He doesn't...ow! Cut it out! He doesn't need anything," Trunks lied.

Gohan raised an eyebrow. "Then why was he calling my name?"

"" Trunks faltered, and Goten used his temporary distraction to shove his hand away.

"I called you to show you a picture of Trunks ki-" Trunks slammed his hand over Goten's mouth so that all Gohan heard was a mix of muffled words and laughter.

"Give me the picture!" Trunks told him, anger clearly being seen in his eyes.

Gohan shook his head. "Look, I don't know what you guys are trying to pull, but come inside as soon as you're done, Ok? And, for Bulma's sake, and everybody else that needs to listen to her complaining, make it soon, all right?" And with that Gohan went inside again.

Trunks still didn't remove his hand. He glared at Goten. "You almost got me killed, do you know that?!"

"Lleft gee upf!" Goten tried so say, and with a look that would make an angry tiger cower, Trunks removed his hand. "Dude, it's no big deal! If you and Pan are...heh heh...'together', then I think he should know!"

"We aren't 'together', or at least I don't think so. We were both in a weird mood, Ok? It just sorta...happened. But I seriously doubt it meant anything. And even if it did, I think that it should be our, not your responsibility to let him know. Got it?" Trunks snarled.

"Chill out! Man, you are really uptight. Loosen up!" Goten felt almost sorry for Trunks right then. but that didn't mean he wouldn't show the picture to Gohan if he got the chance later.

Trunks took a deep breath. "Look. Just give me the picture, and we can both just go to bed and forget about this. K?"

"Not a chance, underwear boy!" Goten laughed. "There is no way I am giving up this beauty."

Trunks growled again. "Don't. You. Dare. Show it to to anyone, and I mean anyone, but me. That means not Bra, not Gohan, not Bulma, nobody! Got it?"

"Hmph. Maybe. And you're not getting a better answer than that," Goten told him smugly.

Trunks narrowed his eyes. "Move it." he told Goten, and he stalked into the beach house with Goten right behind him.

* * * *

All was quiet in the girls' room. Pan had gotten back after some time, and had gotten her shower and gotten into her pajamas. Bra was just getting ready for her shower, so all was pretty much normal routine. In the guys' room, however, all was far from normal routine. Trunks had gotten his shower, and was sitting in a chair thinking instead of fixing his hair. He had been quiet ever since he and Goten had finished their little "arguement" outside. He was quiet because he was thinking. Thinking about how maybe the kiss had meant something. Did he like her? Trunks wasn't sure. He thought that he did, and the kiss had sent shivers down his spine, but he wasn't sure. Pan was a great girl, he knew. She's pleasent, nice to talk to, and she treats me as an equal person. She's not one of those girls who treat me as some god. It's different, but nice, in a way. I...I like her. I'm sure of it now. will Gohan react? And Goten? And what about my dad? He probably won't like his brat liking Kakkorrot's brat's brat, will he? Trunks smiled at the thought, wondering if Vegeta would always hold a grudge to Goku's family, even to the most distant of relatives. Trunks laughed a little to himself when he thought about if there would be a Kakkorrot's brat's brat's brat's brat's brat's brat's brat's brat's brat, or if Vegeta would tire of saying all the 'brat's' and finally call a member of Goku's family by their real name. Trunks doubted it. But then he went back to more productive thoughts. Wait, Trunks, if you seriously like Pan, why does it matter what other people think? Well, as long as she likes you back...I wonder if she does...well, I guess I can always find out, one way or another. No, I should definatly not care what other people say. It doesn't matter. But...I should probably tell Goten. He did tell me right up front about him and Bra. Oh man, why do I feel like I know what he's gonna do? Oh, toughen up Trunks. You're being a wuss. So when Trunks and Goten got inot their sleeping bags, Trunks whispered, "Hey Goten? Can I ask you something?"


"What would you do if I said that I liked your niece?" Trunks asked, after a moments hesitation.

Goten thought for a minute. "Hm. I'd probably...laugh histerically for 10 seconds, then smack you upside the head and call you a moron," Goten said cheerfully.

Trunks sighed. ", I like your niece..." he whispered.

Goten rolled on the floor laughing for 10 seconds, then smacked him upside the head. "You're a MORON!" he yelled.

"Ow! Dude, be a little quieter, Goten!" Trunks hissed.

"Sorry." Goten smacked Trunks upside the head again and whispered, "You're a MORON!"

"Dude! I didn't say you could do it again!" Trunks said, hitting Goten with his pillow.

"Dude! And I didn't say you could hit me with your pillow!" Goten replied, smacking him back.

"Ok, that's it!" Trunks jumped up and a pillow fight began, naturally. They were slamming eachother's heads in for a couple minutes until Trunks accidently hit Gohan's bad leg, really hard. Gohan was still annoyed at being called outside for no reason, and he really hates it when someone knocks him out of meditating. Trunks knew this, so when he saw Gohan's shoot wide open in pain and in wrath, Trunks knew he was in trouble.

"Oh...heh heh...sorry'm just gonna...go to sleep now...heh heh heh..." Trunks stammered.

Gohan glared at them. "I HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH YOU TWO TONIGHT!" he yelled, and when Gohan yells, it usually means he's mad, and when Gohan's mad you really don't want to mess with him. Goten and Trunks had unconsciously backed themselves up against a wall, but that did not come close to stopping Gohan from picking them up and throwing them out into the cooler night air, straight into the ocean. Vegeta was still flipping through his magazine as though nothing unusual at all was happening.

* * * *

Goten and Trunks ran, soaking wet, back to the door. It was locked. They looked at eachother and went over to their window. Gohan had locked that, too.

"O...k..." Trunks began. "What do we do? Sleep out here?"

"I don't wanna sleep out here!" Goten complained.

"Then think of a way to get back inside," Trunks told him.

"Well..." Goten began uneasily. "I guess...we could always...try the girls' room..."

Trunks blinked at him. "Why didn't I think of that?" he asked, and they went over to the girls' window and rapped on it. Please just be wearing normal pajamas, please please please...Trunks and Goten were both praying. Pan opened the window.

"Hey," she said with obvious surprise. "What are you guys doing here?"

"We were sorta...kicked out of the house cause Trunks hit Gohan's leg with a pillow, he got pissed, threw us in the ocean, and locked us out," Goten summerized.

"I...see. And I guess you need a way to get back in, don't you?" Pan said. Trunks nodded. "Well then, come in, I guess." Trunks and Goten hesitated, looked at eachother, then climbed through the window.

"Thanks," Trunks said. "I guess we'll be trying to get into our room now."

Trunks and Goten quickly walked to the door of their room, but it was locked. They tried knocking but Gohan just yelled, "Go AWAY!"

"Goten? I think we'll be spending the night in the girls' room..." Trunks said.

"'s not good, is it?" Goten said.

"Uh uh. But...we don't really have any other choice, even though I really don't wanna do this."

Goten nodded his agreement, and they knocked on the door to the girl's room. Pan, once again, opened it. She was wearing a baggy T-shirt and gym shorts, but it was still enough to make the two guys a little embarrassed.

"I had a feeling you guys would be back. Um...I guess you guys are spending the night in our room," Pan said, sounding neutral on the idea.

"Um, yeah. I mean, unless you mind..." Trunks said.

Pan laughed. "Oh please. Come on in, it's not that big a deal."

So they walked in, and were talking to Pan about where they would sleep when they heard the shower stop, and several minutes later Bra walked out, with a skimpy towel covering her body and another towel on her head, drying her hair.

"Oh man, like, what is with that shower pressure? It like, totally suc---- oh, hey guys. Like, what are you doing here?" Bra asked.

Both Trunks and Goten's cheeks were very pink with embarassement at seeing Bra in a towel, and they were looking at the floor.

"Guys? Hello? What's the deal?" Bra asked Pan.

"I think they're embarassed at seeing you in a towel, Bra," Pan replied.

"Oh, is that all? Come on, it's no big deal, here! Especcially for Trunks, hello! Trunks, I'm like, your sister here!" Bra said. "It's not as though you haven't seen me in a towel before."

"Um, yeah, I um, I know, but um, that was, um, a long time ago..." Trunks managed.

"Yeah? Well, I'm still you're sister. Anyway, what's up?" Bra asked.

"Well, see, um, we...uh..I mean, Trunks..." Goten attempted.

"They got kicked out of their room and they are sleeping here tonight," Pan filled in.

"Oh. Cool! Well, I gotta get into my sleepwear." Bra said, and grabbed a small pile of clothes and walked back into the bathroom.

Goten and Trunks sighed with relief. "Ok, people, help me get the extra sleeping bags. I think they're over there. You can set them up yourself," Pan said. Bulma and Videl had simply heard what was happening and went back to chatting about cleaning products. Pan rolled her eyes and helped Trunks and Goten get the sleeping bags and set them up. Bra walked out of the bathroom just then, and much to the guys' shock, was wearing an extremely tight, skimpy, dark pink top. It only just covered the important area, and had skinny spaghetti straps holding it up. Her pajama "bottems" were more like barely-there underwear, which were dark pink also and exposed her whole legs and pretty much everything else it could without embarassing the wearer. It may not have embarrassed Bra, but it sure embarassed the guys.

Bra sighed. "Are you guys gonna stare at me all night? I need my beauty sleep. Oh by the way," she laughed, "nice boxers."

Trunks and Goten automatically looked at their boxers. They couldn't see anything wrong with them. They were both dark colored plaids. They looked up, confused.

Bra sighed. "Never mind. I am going to sleep now, and I suggest that you two do the same." Bra walked over to where Goten was standing and poked his chest. "Good night, Goten," she said, and Trunks and Pan pretended not to see the look that Bra gave Goten before she went to bed. Pan and Trunks both got into their respective sleeping areas as well, and they all fell asleep.

Day 4

Goten awoke early the next morning. He had been sleeping on his back, and now felt someone on his chest, pushing the hair out of his eyes. He sniffed the air slightly. Bra. Had to be. He opened his eyes.

Bra smiled at him. "Good morning," she said, and kissed him.

"Hi. Bra, um, what are you doing here?" Goten whispered, trying to ignore that fact that he could see right down her top.

Bra started drawing small circles in his chest with her fingers. "Oh, I dunno. You looked so lonely sleeping here all alone I wanted to give you some company," she told him.

"Oh..." Goten couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Mm hm," Bra murmered, and started licking his throat and moving her hands along his sides. Goten closed his eyes again.

" that..." he said slowly.

Bra stopped. "Like what?"

Goten opened his eyes again. "I dunno. I like it when you move your hands along my side like you were doing...I dunno. Does that sound weird?" Goten wondered.

"Not at all. In fact, let's make you shiver..." Bra whispered, and slowly, lightly, drew her fingers down his sides.

"What do you mean?" Goten asked nervously, but then when Bra's fingers hit a particular spot on his right side, he shuddered.

"Just like that. I think that out of your whole body, you shiver the most there. Do you like it?" Bra asked, in a quiet, suggestive voice.

"...yeah..." Goten said.

"Good...I'm glad..." Bra fingered it again, and shifted her position so that her mouth could come in contact with the area. She gently kissed it, and then moved her tounge all over it, just to make him squirm.

He did. Goten loved the feeling. He was sorry when she stopped. Bra sighed and moved so that she was facing his side. She put her head on his chest and moved her finger along the top rim of his boxers. Gradually her hand went inside, until it was a millimeter away from being in a bad area. She lay her palm flat against his skin, and curled and relaxed her fingers a few times. She let her hand stay in that position for a few seconds, then moved her hand lower. She stroked her fingers along the length that she was now touching.

Goten breathed in sharply. He then felt a warm ache tickling his groin. He snapped himself back into what was happening and more importantly, where they were. "B-Bra?" he couldn't stop his voice from trembling, because the rest of his body was too, at her touch.


"Bra, I don't...think...that time..." he said.

"Oh, why?" Bra asked, sounding disapointed.

"B-because anyone could wake up right now, and if they saw us right now..." Goten trailed off.

Bra understood. "I guess you're right..." she said, sounding unhappy. She moved her hand up to his chest and starting tracing his muscles with her finger tips.

Goten could barely keep himself from sighing in relief. It had felt good, but this wasn't the place. Not in basically public. But what about later? the evil little voice inside his head asked him. If she does this later, will you find another excuse, or will you actually let her grope you? He tried to shake the thought out of his head, but the nagging feel of it was still fresh in his mind. Bra was now drawing her tounge up his chest, up his neck, and onto his mouth. He tried to focus on the her that was here and now, not the her that might or might not come later. He waited passivly as Bra licked the inside on his mouth. Goten pulled her close to his body and kissed her neck. He felt her hands go around his neck and move about on it. Goten sighed. Bra was a great girl, and he liked her a lot, and he liked what she could make him do and feel, but just didn't seem right for all this. Trunks could be awake, listening and watching all of this. Goten tensed at the thought.

"What's wrong?" Bra whispered, her lips tickling his ear.

"Nothing...just...anyone could be awake right maybe Trunks?" Goten said.

"Oh...yeah...I guess you're right. I think he's going to wake up soon, anyway. I should get back to bed," Bra said unhappily.

"Don't be so sad. Maybe, I guess tonight, actually, we can arrange to be together. K?" Goten said.

Bra smiled. "Yeah. And I wanna see what other places make you shiver, Goten. I think finding out will be fun..." she said, and touched his shivery spot.

"Well, we'll find out, won't we? Now didn't you say you needed your beauty sleep or something? Though I don't think you need it," Goten said.

Bra touched his face. "Sure. But I'll go anyway. It's probably a good idea," she told him, and kissed him again. She stood up and went back to her designated sleeping area.

Goten stared at the ceiling. What had just happened? He was confused at all the different thoughts racing through his brain. He shook his head in order to help clear his mind.

"What's wrong? Had a tough night, Goten?" Trunks said harshly.

"Huh? Trunks? Uh oh..." Goten said. He had imagined that Trunks might be awake, but he hadn't thought about what might happen.

"'Uh oh' is right. Course, I wasn't awake for the whole thing..." Trunks said.

"You weren't?" Goten said hopefully.

"No. So tell me, what was she doing?"

"I'm not going to tell you," Goten said. Why would he tell Trunks what they doing? It's none of his business.

"Why?" Trunks was beginning to get annoyed. This was his little sister they were talking about, so Trunks had to make sure she was Ok. As an older brother, it was kind of his responsibility to look out for her.

"Because it's none of your business, and besides, I don't want to," Goten told him.

"Oh please. I haven't wanted to tell you lots of stuff, I ended up telling you anyway," Trunks said.

"So? That's your decision, not mine," Goten said. He would not let Trunks have his way this time. Trunks was always so pushy to get what he wanted, he could act like a spoiled brat sometimes.

"So return the favor!" Trunks said hotly.

"No! Trunks, I am not telling you this! Deal with it!" Goten told him.

"No! Goten, tell me NOW! I mean it! This is one of those things that falls into the catogory of 'this is something I should tell Trunks' not 'this is something I should not tell Trunks'. So tell me!" Trunks demanded.

"For the last time, Trunks, I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU!" It was hard to keep whispering, but because they were guests in the room, they stayed quiet.

"Then answer my questions. One, what position was she in?" Trunks asked.

"You're disgusting!" Goten cried.

"I didn't mean it in a dirty way, now answer the question," Trunks ordered.

"She was right by my side," Goten said, exasperated.

"Two, what was she doing to you?"

"Poking me to make me shiver. Are you almost done?" Goten asked.

"I'll ask the questions. Three, what were you doing to her?" Trunks asked.

"I was letting her poke me," Goten said, and shrugged.

"What else?" Trunks asked.

Goten pretended to think back. "I think I kissed her neck," he said finally.

Trunks narrowed his eyes in disbeleif. "Hmph. Four, what did she say?"

"I don't remember," Goten replied truthfully. He really didn't.

"Five. What did you say?" Trunks asked.

"I don't remember! I am not answering any more questions, all right?! God, I am going to sleep!" Goten flipped over onto his side with his back toward Trunks.

Trunks flipped him over onto his back again, not very gently. He leaned in close to Goten's ear and hissed, "Tell me what happened now."

"Nothing! I told you, over and over, that absolutly nothing happened! It was nothing memerable, nothing special, nothing that you need to know! So get off my back and let me sleep!" Goten finally yelled, as loud as he could without waking anybody up.

Trunks punched his back, hard. "You are such a little hypocrit, jerk, liar, and unfaithful 'friend'. You suck, Goten. You better be fucked straight to Hell, you hear?"

"Oh, I can't wait," Goten said, his voice dripping with saracasm.

Trunks made a disgusted sound and lay down on his, with his back toward Goten. This is my sister! God, if he's making such a big deal out of this it's gotta be big. He was hiding a lot, I know he was. Dammit, I knew I should have stayed up! But I have GOT to keep an eye on my sister and my best friend, no matter how much of a bastard he may be, to make sure that the other doesn' t hurt them. Because I know that they are both perfectly capable of hurting the other. Hmph, they've had enough practice. Trunks thought bitterly, and drifted off to sleep without dreams, as he did every night.

* * * *

And so morning came and went, as did the rest of the day. Trunks and Goten mainly avoided eachother, so it wasn't a real shock that both of them wanted to be alone with their "partners". Trunks knew he shouldn't really dwell on Goten and Bra while he was talking with Pan, or he might miss something important because he planned to bring up the Kiss. That's how he thought of it now, the Kiss. The day had been mostly a day to laze around, take naps and play cards and whatnot, so Trunks didn't see an incredible amount of Pan that afternoon. So as he and Pan wandered off towards the spot by the beach that they had unoffically claimed as their's, Trunks wondered what the best way to bring it up would be. He sighed to himself, and figured he might as well just go right at it.

"Pan?" he asked hesitatingly.

Pan pretty much knew what Trunks was going to say, or at least what she pictured him saying at least 200 times all during the course of the day, so she just said, "Yeah?"

"Um...about the other night..." Trunks began, not really sure if he should bring this up or not.


All according to the script, so far, she thought with satisfaction. Now if only he's say, 'Pan, about the kiss. I liked it. I loved it. Pan, I love you. I have for all these years and I've never known how to tell you. I want to be with you forever' life would be perfect. Hold on! Pan, do you realize what you were just thinking? You are so dillusional! Like he would say that! Only in my dreams. He's probably gonna say something like, I dunno, something. "What about it?" she said.

Trunks took a deep breath. "Well, I actually have a couple things to say. And, actually, I guess, to apologize for. Um, yeah, I shouldn't have really just left you there in the water. That's wasn't really cool of me. Sorry," he said.

"That's Ok, in fact, right then I just wanted to think," Pan said, but she was thinking, Yeah Trunks, I wanted to think about us. You and me. Kissing. It was perfect! You were meant for me and I was meant for you! But of course Pan couldn't say that. It would be totally out of character for her to talk about anything other than fighting and training and her dad and wanting to learn to fly. So wasn't supposed to be one of those dippy daydreaming airheads, but she knew that a lot of the time she really thought like one. So she had to keep up this masquerade of being tough and tomboyish.

"Yeah. Look, um, the real reason I brought this up was because of when I kissed you. I'm sorry if you didn't want it, it just kinda...I dunno...the urge just kind of came to me then I looked at you. So...yeah. Sorry," Trunks said, not looking at her.

"'s Ok. It's really, really, Ok. But...would you do it again, if you got the chance?" she asked uncertainly.

Trunks stared at her. "...Yeah...I would. But only if you would want me to," he said.

"Then..." Pan was afraid she would sound way to foward, "then do it..." she said, looking up at him.

Trunks grinned. "Then I will." And he did. Passionatly. And for much longer than their last one had been. They both enjoyed it. When they parted Trunks put his arms around her waist. "Pan...I want you to know...I've wanted to do that for a long time now..."

Pan smiled. "And I've wanted you to probably for even longer..."

"Then maybe we should make up for more lost time..." he said, and leaned and kissed her again. This time when they parted Trunks pulled her close.

"I don't ever want to leave you..." Pan said, half to herself and half to Trunks. Trunks just pulled her tighter and held her until they had to go inside, a long time later.

Day 5

The next day Pan and Trunks pretended like nothing happened between them, though they were together a little more often. Bra and Goten acted like they normally did around eachother, just as a normal boyfriend-girlfriend couple would. Trunks and Goten got over their little disagreement, just as everybody knew they would. They had fought before, many times, but they always ended up staying best friends. So they had nothing against being together with Bra and Pan that night. Trunks said he felt like gambling, so he grabbed a deck of cards and they set of to the beach. When they got there Goten eyed him suspiciously.

"What exactly do you mean when you say 'gambling'?" he asked.

Trunks grinned. "Poker," he said. "So let's go. Dish out the money."

"But I'm like, broke!" Goten complained. But he dug in his pocket anyway and pulled out $11 and a lot of loose change. "Here," he said, throwing it into the middle.

"Good. I have...let's see..." Trunks counted the wad of bills he had in his hand. "$37 and 87 cents," he said, putting it on top of Goten's money. "And in the other pocket..." he said, digging through it, "$12 bucks."

"I don't have a whole lot, either. But what I do have is...$14 and two cents," Pan said.

Bra finally looked up from the money she had been slowly counting since the beginning. "I have $52 bucks," she said. They all stared at her. "I know it's not a whole lot, but I usually use credit cards."

"O...k...well, now that we have something to gamble with, let's go!" Pan said, and Trunks delt the cards. They played for a while, and nobody was winning. But then, a half hour from when they started, Vegeta came out, with his arms crossed and his usual fierce expression on his face.

"I came out to make sure you brats aren't dead and... ... ...what are you doing?" he asked, with almost interest. The one thing other than fighting that Vegeta truly loved was gambling, and poker just happened to be his favorite way of doing it. But he couldn't show that he really liked it or else people would make a big deal out of it and Vegeta really didn't want that.

Knowing Vegeta liked poker, Trunks said, "We're playing poker. Wanna join?" he asked.

"No..." Vegeta said, looking at Trunks's cards.

"Hey...what're you doing?" Trunks asked, trying to shield his cards from Vegeta's prying eyes.

"I'm looking at your cards, brat," he said, moving on to Bra's cards, and then to Pan's. "Are you blind as well as stupid?"

Trunks frowned, but he was used to this kind of treatment and worse. "No, I'm not either of the two," he said.

"You're overlooking an easy way to win, monkey. So yes, you are stupid and blind," Vegeta said. He kept talking in a monotone, but you could definatly see he was interested in the game. He stopped moving for a moment when he got to Goten's cards, then shook his head and muttered something about Kakkorrot's brats.

Trunks stared at his cards for a moment, then the ones that were on the sand, back and forth until he saw it. "Oh!" he cried, and put down his cards.

"Hmph, finally," Vegeta said.

"Cool..." Trunks said and began to gather the money when he stopped and frowned. "But I didn't really earn this. You helped me, so isn't that cheating?"

"Hmph", was all Vegeta said.

"It is. No, I didn't win, and I don't want this cause I cheated. We can play again, and then one of us'll win legally," Trunks decided.

"I don't see how cheating this time is so different from what you regularly do," Vegeta said, with a bored expression on his face.

"And what's that supposed to mean?!" Trunks asked angerly.

"You cheat all the time," Vegeta said, and his expression turned into a nasty half grin.

"What?! That is so bull shit! I never cheat!" Trunks exclaimed.


"I never do! I won't let myself! I swear I never cheat!" Trunks was getting upset. He really didn't cheat, and he had his reasons.

"Why bother? You do anyway," Vegeta said, with that same mean half grin on his face.

"But I don't! I don't because I thought it would make y-" Trunks suddenly stopped, realizing how close he was to actually telling. He closed his mouth grimly.

"Make me what?" Vegeta said nastily.

"If you really wanna know then I'll tell you, but not here with everybody else around," Trunks said, looking around.

"Why? Can't admit to your friends that you're a cheater?" Vegeta enjoyed seeing the boy squirm. It was even better feeling his ki go bouncing all over the charts.

"That's not it at all! They just...don't need to know. Look, I'll tell you, Ok? But not here," Trunks said.

"Then where?" Vegeta said, as meanly as he could muster.

"Follow me if you wanna know so bad," Trunks shot right back, and flew off. Vegeta hesitated for a split second, then followed.

* * * *

Trunks landed about a mile and a half away, just to be sure was out of earshot from his friends. Vegeta was right behind him.

"What?" Vegeta asked, going into his normal expression-less face and crossed arms.

"You wanted to know why I never cheat, right?" Trunks said, trying to collect his thoughts.

"You're going to tell me anyway, so I figured I'd satisfy your human desire," Vegeta said.

Trunks sighed. "All right, that's probably about as close as I'm going to get to having you say yes. Ok, the reason why I never cheat " Trunks swallowed, "Is because of you."

Vegeta said nothing, just looked at him almost questioningly.

"Yeah. I figured that since you're into being honorable and stuff, and you hate it when people do things without honor, like taking the winning money from a poker game that you cheated in, I thought that by not cheating it might actually give you a reason to...I dunno...maybe to actually like me?" Trunks said, but he said it like a question.

Vegeta was astounded, but he didn't show it. Does the fool think I don't like him? He is my son, and he's strong. But he is a human, and needs to toughen up, doesn't he realize that? I don't beat him and yell at him and ignore him because I don't like the brat, it's...because I do...Vegeta thought, but instead he said, after a pause, "...Don't get all sentimental..."

Trunks slumped. "I...figured you wouldn't anyway. Well...I am only 18. I guess I just have to keep trying for a couple more years of my life, and maybe then you'll like me. Or maybe just not hate me...I could live with just that..." Trunks paused, then, when his father didn't say anything, "Tell me dad, what do you want me to DO to get you to respect me?! I have been trying all my life to earn your approval, and nothing at all that I have done has worked! Nothing! I am eight teen years old now, and ever since I can remember and probably before I remember I was training with you, trying to get close to you, to reach out to you. And yet, nothing! You don't respond! You never have and I'm beginning to think you never will, even though I promised myself I would never come to that conclusion! I always believed there was a way to get you to like me, even while you were beating on me for some reason or another. Dad, I still don't want to give up hope on you! But I don't know what else to do! So tell me, what can I do to get you to actually like me, dad?" Trunks was trying to keep the tears from streaming down his face, because one of the things he had found out about Vegeta was that he hated it when people cried. Trunks kept taking long, shuddering breaths, and he finally felt a single warm tear go down his cheek. He tried to brush it angerly aside. He was eighteen, here anyway. He shouldn't be crying, especially not in front of his dad.

Vegeta was speechless for a moment as he watched his son, his only son fight tears unsuccessfully. He had no idea this was how Trunks felt, and he felt some fatherly instinct nudging his brain to go over to the boy, hug him and tell him that he loved him. He pushed it away. The boy had to become strong. He may be strong physically, but he wasn't mentally. Yet, despite all the feelings he had about toughening the brat up and puching his face and telling him to stop crying, Vegeta couldn't quite bring himself to do it. Instead, he said after a full minute's hesitation, "...uphold the saiyan name," he said, and floated into the air.

"Wait! What's that supposed to mean?" Trunks cried, still struggling to keep the tears behind his eyes.

"You figure it out, brat," Vegeta said as he flew off.

Trunks sank down onto the sand. What did he mean, 'uphold the saiyan name'? Start hating Gohan and shun all of "Kakkorrot's" family? Carry himself with extreme arrogance and pride and not let anyone tell him what to do? Trunks had no idea, and, try as he might to avoid them, tears came. He sat on the sand and cried himself dry. He knew he had to go back to the others before they started worrying about him, but he couldn't let them see him like this. So Trunks stood up and flew around, letting the breeze dry his face. He took a deep breath to see if he could breath without shuddering. He tested his voice to see if he could talk normally. Seeing that he could, Trunks went back to his friends.

* * * *

Trunks landed. He was still sorta shaky, but he could tough it out.

"Hey Trunks. What happened?" Goten asked.

"Nothing," Trunks replied calmly.

"Trunks, you look kinda...I dunno...weird. What did your dad say to you?" Goten was getting concerned. Trunks's eyes were a little glassy looking, and he seemed to be hiding something.

"He didn't say anything of your concern," Trunks said.

"Then what did you say to him? Yeah anyway, why couldn't you tell us, too, why you don't cheat?" Goten asked.

"I didn't say anything! And I didn't feel like telling him in front of you guys, so I didn't!" Trunks finally exploded.

"Trunks? You've gotta tell me what happened. What's wrong?" Goten was seriously wierded out. He had never seen Trunks act like this. Just blowing up wasn't his style, he was more of a slow-boil person.

"Nothing is wrong with me, Ok?! God, it's him, not me!" Trunks yelled.

"Woah, Ok, what did you say to eachother that got you so upset?" Goten asked.

"I am not upset!" Trunks yelled, and he realized how stupid that sounded. "We didn't say anything to eachother that I am going to tell you about, Ok?! Look, my dad and I have problems. MAJOR problems. And none of them concern you so we are not going into them!" Trunks was working himself up again just remembering what had happened and how he had felt. His breaths were getting more shaky.

"O...k. Look, do you wanna play another game of poker? Maybe it'll cheer you up," Goten suggested.

"You're right. Sure," Trunks agreed, and using the same procedure his father always used, masked his feelings beneath an expression of...nothingness. But inside he was sobbing again, remembering. And he knew that he always would be, as long as his dad treated him this way.

Seeing Trunks' cover-up expression, Goten couldn't tell what he was thinking. But he delt the cards and they played, even though there wasn't nearly the same mood as there had been before. So eventually they just packed up the cards, redistributed the money, and wakled back to the beach house, whether they were welcme there yet or not. Before they walked in, though, Bra grabbed Goten's arm and pulled him off to the side so she could "talk" to him. Trunks and Pan exchanged a knowling look, and when they did Pan was startled by the saddness that was behind it. Though she ignored it, it stayed with her.

As soon as they were away from Pan and Trunks, Goten started up the conversation they were both thinking about.

"I feel so bad for Trunks, you know? He seemed really...weird. Not at all like himself," Goten said.

"He was crying," Bra said immediatly.

Goten looked up, surprised. "How do you know?"

"I'm his sister. I know his moods, pretty much, and he's really good at hiding what he feels. So if you say he only looked 'really weird', then that means he must have been a wreck before he came back to us," Bra explained.

Goten stared at her. "First of all, that's probably the most sensible thing I've heard out of you. Two, you're right. His eyes seemed sorta wet. Does he really have those kinds of problems with Vegeta?"

"He and Daddy have had problems for as long as I can remember. When he's bad he gets beaten, and if Daddy ever talks to him it's usually yelling," Bra said.

"I...didn't know that..." Goten said, shocked.

"It's no big deal. Trunks lives with it. He accepts it. It's part of his life and he's learned to deal," Bra said.

"I guess so..." Goten said. "Oh yeah, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

Bra smiled. "Pretty much that, but I was hoping we wouldn't just talk."

Goten grinned too. "I figured."

"Mm hm. Hey, this might sound kinda...weird...but could you...take your shirt off?" Bra asked, putting her weight on one side of her hip.

Goten looked at her questioningly, but complied. "Better?" he asked, throwing it aside.

"Much. I dunno, I just like it better when you don't have your shirt on," Bra said, touching his shiver spot.

Goten straightened and put his arms around her. "I can accept that," he said, kissing her neck.

Bra closed her eyes and put her arms around his back and rubbed. "Do you want another backrub, Goten?" she asked, and half to herself she said, "Even though I could really use one right now..."

"Why don't I give you one?" he said, taking the hint. "I mean, I've never given one before, but I'm sure I could learn."

"Cool," she said, and pulled away from him. "I guess I'll lie down on the sand then."

"Yeah," he said, and kneeled next to her. He began rubbing, being careful not to crush her. One of the many hazards of being a saiyan.

"That feels good..." Bra said after a few minutes.

"It does? I'm not doing it too hard?" Goten asked.

"No, you're doing it perfectly. Hey, could you rub a little lower and to the left?" Bra asked.

"Sure," he said, and lightly drew his fingers down her side until he got to the spot she wanted.

Bra shivered. "Do that again..."

"You mean this?" Goten asked, and drew his fingers over the same area. Bra shivered again in delight. "Heh, I think I found your shiver spot."

"Guess so...that feels really good..." she said.

"Now you know how I felt," Goten replied, and continued rubbing her back.

Bra flipped over onto her back so that she was facing Goten. She sat up and kissed him. "I like the way that feels, a whole lot, when you touch my shivery area thing like that..." she said, and leaned against his chest.

Goten put his arms around her. "I'm glad..." he said.

She looked up at him again. "Hey, weren't we gonna have a little fun and see what other places make you shiver?" she asked.

"Sure, I guess. But...not tonight. I don't know why, I'm just...not in the mood, I guess. I'm perfectly fine just like this, if that's Ok," he said.

"That's great. Save some things for later, right?" Bra asked, but didn't really expect an answer. "In fact, I'm kinda tired right now, too..."

"Me you just wanna go inside, rest up and see eachother tomorrow when we're both in a better mood?" Goten said.

"I think that's a great idea," Bra said, and stood up with Goten, still in his arms. But then she pulled away, yawning and saying, "If I stay in your arms for too much longer I'm gonna fall asleep."

Goten smiled as he put on his shirt. "Yeah, but you can be sure I wouldn't mind," he said, and put his arm around her waist to walk back to the house.

"You're so cute, Goten," Bra said, and rested her head on his shoulder as they walked back to the beach house together.

Day 6


Trunks again didn't feel like being around a lot of people the next day, so he and Pan went off together. Trunks still worried how he was going to break the news to Gohan that he and Pan were together, but he tried not to think about it too much. They had eaten a much later dinner that night, so it was dark before they began their nightly 'thing'. Goten and Bra went off together, of course, since Trunks and Pan were. They were walking in silence for a while, until Bra decided to strike up a conversation.

"Man...we ate really late tonight. Do you know why?" she asked him.

"No, why?" Goten asked, not really caring.

"I dunno. I was just wondering if you knew," she said.

"Oh," he replied, and they walked quietly for a few more minutes.

"Do you wanna go for a swim?" Bra asked him suddenly.

"Huh? Now?" Goten asked.

"Why not? It's really warm out, and the water'll be nice," she said.

"Oh. Well, I guess," he said, after hesitating.

"Cool. Come on!" Bra said, and grabbed him by the wrist and half dragged him to the water's edge. There, she proceded to take off her shorts, uncovering a very revealing bikini bottom. She then stretched and walked over to Goten. He had just been watching her, he hadn't made any move to take off his own shirt or anything. Bra stuck her hands underneath his shirt and went up his chest, fingering his muscles along the way. She then pulled his shirt over his arms and head and tossed it aside.

"Well? Come on, Goten..." Bra said, and waded into the water. After a moment Goten followed. Bra floated on her back. Goten just watched. "Are you just going to stand there or are you going to enjoy the water with me, Goten?" she asked, smiling to let him know she was teasing.

"Sure," he said, and floated beside her on his back. Bra got up and kneeled on the bottom, resting her arms on his chest.

"It's a really nice night, they all are here," Bra sighed.

Goten stood up and put his arms around her waist, touching her shivery spot along the way and said, "They sure are..."

Bra put her arms around his neck. "You look really great tonight, better than usual, with the stars shining down on you and everything..." she said.

"You look great tonight too," Goten said, and kissed her mouth and then her neck.

Bra smiled. "Thanks..." she said, and moved her hands down his back and ran her fingers along the rim of his shorts. She pulled them down about an inch, and ran her fingers around again.

Goten almost breathed in sharply when she did that. He wasn't used to it. But he let her do that anyway, because it felt good and he liked it. Bra stuck her hand lower into his shorts and fingered his boxers. Then she pulled her hands out slightly and unzipped his shorts and tugged them partway down his legs. Goten kicked them off the rest of the way.

"Much better..." Bra whispered, and now ran her fingers across his boxers.

Goten started to feel the tickle in his groin, and he smiled slightly at the feel of it. It was almost uncomfortable, except it felt good. And now that she was starting to massage him through his boxers, it felt even better. "Bra..." he croaked, not really expecting an answer.

Bra and Goten had no idea how close they had come to being watched at this very moment. About five seconds before Bra unzipped Goten's jeans, Pan, hovering in Trunks's arms, realized where this was going and told Trunks to leave them alone and to go back to their place on the beach. Trunks had reluctantly agreed and flown her back.

Bra heard Goten say her name but didn't look up. She was massaging the hardening length in her hands, and she knew that Goten liked it. To tease him, she pulled gently on it. She heard Goten give a little gasp, but nothing more. She did it again, and again. Goten squirmed in ecstasy. She quickly put her hands down his boxers to feel it, skin to skin. She ran her fingers up and down it, and then wrapped her whole hands around and massaged. Goten squirmed again. She had no idea the wonderful torture she was putting him through. She wanted to turn him on, and he was, and she knew that, but she wasn't stopping. It felt good, but Goten knew that as soon as he was as hard as he could get, it would take all his self control to keep from screwing her silly right there in the water.

Bra now was changing tactics. She had given him full out pleasure there for a moment, but she wanted to tease him and give him the best orgasm he ever had. So she tickled his groin with the tip of her fingers, pressed very gently so that inside he would be screaming for more, and brought her mouth down very close. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tounge into his open boxers, but right before she licked it she gave it a light puff of air and brought her mouth out. She put her hands in again and pulled on his penis, very gently, to see him squirm and surrender to her. He did. He kneeled in the water and, breathing heavily, placed his head on her chest. She pulled him closer to her breasts and kneeled down with him. She felt his arms go around her back, and didn't object when they untied her bikini top. She threw it onto the shore and paid little attention to it. She held his head with one hand, and with the other put it back in his shorts. She massaged him again, and got him to full erection.

He moaned softly. He had known she was going to do this to him, even if nothing happened out of it. But right now, he was in heaven, and he didn't care what happened, almost. He knew that if he did screw her, he would be sorry afterwards, but right now...right now he just wanted to relieve the awful acheing need in his groin area. He moaned again, as she squeezed gently with her fingertips again, and he kissed her right between her breasts. She then drew her fingers, very slowly and lightly, up his penis, out of his boxers, and onto his head again.

"Goten?" she asked quietly.

Goten couldn't answer, the ache in his groin was too distracting.

"We...we should probably go back. We've been out for a while, and if we stay out too much longer than the others will start getting worried...I know you don't want me to stop..." Bra said.

"Screw the others..." Goten said, his voice shaky. But he stood up anyway, along with Bra, and stumbled towards shore with Bra keeping a hand on his back to help steady him. He didn't try to stop her as Bra re-dressed him again, and quickly got her own clothes on. They walked back together, Bra keeping one hand on his back and another over the area between his legs. Goten didn't complain, he couldn't, but she kept him at full erection, as was probably her intention. She removed her hand when they neared the beach house and told him goodnight as Goten stumbled into his room.

"Hey Goten. Where were you two?" asked Trunks good naturedly, as if he didn't know. He had gotten over and accepted that Bra and Goten were a couple.

"Uhh..." Goten moaned. "We forget..."

"You...forget?" Trunks asked.

" huh..." Goten said, and stumbled to his sleeping bag and fell on top of it, on his back.

Trunks, in spite of himself, could see what Goten's problem was. He hesitated before saying anything. "Goten? Um...maybe you should just go to sleep now..."

"Uh huh...that'd be cool..." Goten said.

"Are you going to take a shower?" Trunks asked.

"A what?"

Trunks couldn't believe how out of it Goten was. "Never mind. Just stay dirty and salty, see if I care."

"Ok..." Goten turned so he was lying on his stomach.

" just go to sleep now...I am too...goodnight, Goten," Trunks said, and crawled in to his own sleeping bag and fell asleep.

"Goodnight," Goten said, a little late for Trunks too hear. But he didn't really care, for he quickly fell into a peaceful slumber, dreaming of Bra.

Day 7


Trunks awoke, depressed. It had been a dreamless night, as always, but that wasn't why he was sad. Today was their last day at the beach house, they would leave early the next morning. In fact, way too early the next morning. Also, since today was their last day, today was the day Trunks would have to tell Gohan about him and Pan. Trunks grimaced. It wasn't going to be pretty. Since no one else was awake yet, Trunks daydreamed at all the possible ways Gohan would hurt/kill him once Trunks explained that he liked his daughter. He mentally made a list of all the ways, and was on number 24, poison, when he heard Goten stir.

Goten moaned. "Woah...I feel seriously...I dunno...drugged, or something..." he said, his speech still slurred with sleep.

Trunks looked at him, and said "Well, I guess you could say that in a way, you pretty much were, Goten," he told him.

Goten looked back at Trunks with a confused expression on his face, then he made a sheepish grin. "...Oh...I guess you found out, huh?" he asked.

"Uh huh. You might say that," Trunks said.

"You mad?"

"Well...I can't exactly say I'm thrilled, but as you said before, it's not really any of my business. You can do what you want, to an extent, and I won't really care. At least, not much," Trunks told him.

"All right. Cool. Yeah, um, nothing really happened last night, we just sorta...messed around..." Goten said.

"Yeah, I figured," Trunks replied.


Trunks moaned and put his head on his pillow, face down. "I think I am gonna die today, Goten," he said, only half joking.

"How come?" asked Goten, interested.

"Cause today I hafta tell Gohan that I like his daughter and his daughter likes me," Trunks's voice said from the pillow.

"Oh. That's not cool," Goten said, frowning.

"No. That is definatly not cool. Cause he is gonna hurt me. And probably kill me. Because he doesn't trust me with his daughter, I know it," Trunks said.

"Yeah. Dude, that really sucks, but I don't know how to really help," Goten said.

"I know. If there was a way you could help I would've hinted it by now. But I can't really think of a way for you to, except to not let me chicken out of doing it," Trunks said, and raised his head from his pillow.

"Sure. I will not let you wuss out about telling your girlfriend's dad you like her and have been seeing her for a week behind his back," Goten said solomnly, and then cracked a grin.

"Well, when you put it that way, it sounds so negative," Trunks said, joking. "It hasn't even been that long. It's only been like what, four days?"

"Whatever. Anyway, I'll make you do it," Goten assured him.

"Thanks, Goten. Hey, by any chance do you know why the hell we fight so much if we're supposed to be best friends?" Trunks asked.

"Hm..." Goten thought about that for a moment. "I think it's because we're guys," he said at last.

"Ah..." Trunks said, nodding in understanding. "That makes sense."

"Hey, you got the pictures developed last night, right?" Goten asked.

Trunks nodded. "Yep. Last night we grabbed the rolls and went to the developing place. We paid them extra and they got done in like, an hour. I have 'em right here. We can all put them together in the album later today," Trunks said.

"Oh fun," Goten said sarcastically.

"I know. But we can make the girls do all the work. We'd probably mess things up anyway, if we tried to help," Trunks said.

"Good point," Goten paused for a moment. "Man, this vacation has been truly awesome..."

"I know." Trunks looked a little sad. "Without wanting to get all sentimental here, we got to nkow eachother so much better. Heh, some of us more than others," Trunks laughed.

Goten laughed too. "Yeah, some of us way more than others. Hey, remember Oakie?" Goten asked.

Trunks pretended to be heartbroken and sad. "Yes...I do...very much so...but...I'm still kind of sensetive about her right that she dumped me for that willow. 'More her type', she says, but I know that we were truly meant for eachother. But I guess some people never learn. It's just...I loved her so much, Goten! More than anything in the world!" Trunks pretended to start crying and then laughed. So did Goten.

"You know, I don't think anybody's gonna get up for a little while yet. Why don't we go back to sleep and talk about this later?" Goten suggested.

"Yeah. Getting extra sleep is always a good thing," Trunks agreed, and put his head on his pillow again. Goten did the same, and they both fell asleep for about two extra hours.

* * * *

Pan awoke, and felt sort of out of it. She was sort of disturbed at what she had seen last night, watching Bra and Goten, but she tried not to think about it. Trunks had told her that today would be the day that Gohan would find out about her and Trunks, and she didn't feel to happy about it. She looked over and saw Bra, sleeping soundly. Pan half smiled and shook her head. Bra could be really pathethic sometimes. She didn't really feel tired, so she decided to get the photo album and make sure everything was Ok with it. Everything was, so she decided to go outside and run around. She frowned and decided against doing it. She might wake someone up, and she didn't feel like talking to anybody and explaining what she had been doing. So instead she picked up a book, one of Bulma's trashy romance novels, and stared at the pages and pretended to read. She really was just daydreaming. Her mind was everywhere, school, here, home, Trunks, Bra, her dad. She suddenly was snapped out of her daydreaming when Bra tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hey Pan. Watcha doing?" Bra asked.

"Nothing, really...I'm just at the part where Shawn is proposing to the girl who slept with his gay brother in Bulma's book." Pan made a face. "Honestly, I don't know how Bulma can read this trash."

"Hm...when you're done, can I read that? It sounds interesting. Anyway, if you want first shower you can have it," Bra said.

"Oh, Ok, yeah. Cool. I didn't want to take my shower before anybody else woke up because people get mad when they're awakened from a peaceful slumber," Pan said.

"Um, yeah. Right. Well, go ahead. I think my mom's awake, just not moving. She does that sometimes," Bra said.

"All right, whatever," Pan said, and went ahead and took her shower.

* * * *

They spent their day packing, mostly, and talking about things they had done over the week. Actually, only the girls really packed. The men shoved everything in their suitcases and help eachother sit on them to close. Then they lounged around, joking and discussing male things. Trunks suddenly loked at his watch.

"Uh, Goten?" he asked.

"What?" Goten answered.

"Isn't it time to go help the girls with, the thing?" Trunks said.

"Oh...yeah, um, sorry Gohan, Trunks and I...we need to go," Goten excused himself and left the room, with Trunks right behind him. They knocked on the girl's room. Videl opened it.

"What do you boys need?" she asked cheerfully.

"Um, we need Pan and help with something..." Trunks said, and saw Pan in the room and tried to catch her eye. Trunks made a motion with his hand and Pan mouthed, "Be right there." Pan reminded Bra, got the empty photo album, and met Goten and Trunks outside.

"All right, where are we gonna do this?" Pan asked.

"Not here, that's for sure. Let's just go down by the water," Goten suggested.

So they walked down to the water's edge, and proceded to put all the pictures they had taken of all the activites they had done over the week in the album. When they finished after about hour, Pan flipped through it one last time.

"This is great. There are a couple more blank pages in the back, though. We should have taken some more pictures," she said, looking somewhat disappointed. Trunks rubbed her back with the palm of his one hand.

"Don't worry about it. We don't want to bore people to death, so I think it's a good size for what it is," Trunks said.

Pan looked over at him and smiled, but then stood up. "I don't know about anybody else, but I'm starving. Let's hide this somewhere and go eat lunch."

Trunks and Goten vigorously nodded their heads and followed her. Bra came too, but she wasn't very hungry. She never was, compared to her brother, and her dad, and Gohan, and her boyfriend...Bra listed them all in her mind. And that list was very long.

* * * *

After they finished packing and ate dinner that night, all of the people who had put the photo album together started exchanging nervous looks. They weren't exactly sure of the reason why they were so nervous, but something about showing everybody how stupid and demented they could be didn't exactly make them feel secure. But right after dinner, Pan nodded to Goten, who quietly left and got the album. As soon as he came back Pan stood up and cleared her throat loudly.

"All right, everyone, quiet. Now, you might have some idea of what your children...or siblings..." Pan said, looking at Gohan and Goten, "have been doing this whole time while you guys have been..." Pan shuddered. "Um, when you kick us out of the house at night. But we are here now to give you a better idea. That's right, we took pictures. LOTS of pictures. And tonight, they are going to be shown for the first time. Ladies, Gentlemen, Saiyans, please procede quietly to the living room and await further instructions," Pan said, and walked into the living room, knowing everybody would follow. Everybody did, and sat down.

"All right," said Trunks. "Now, due to the graphic nature of this album, viewer discretion is advised. This pictures have been taken for shock value, mostly, so they may horrify you, scare you, and totally freak you out. You have been warned."

Pan sat down in between a few people, and took a deep breath. She opened the album to the first page. "Ok, this is a picture of Oakie. This is Trunks kissing Oakie, and Trunks kissing Oakie again," she said. She turned the page. Many pages were turned, until the very last page.

"And this," Goten said. "is Trunks dealing poker cards, looking very professional at his work. Trunks, there's one more picture left. Turn the page and let us all see," Goten said, trying to keep a straight face. Trunks gave him a curious look, turned the page, yelped, and grabbed the picture out of it's sleeve and shoved it into his pocket. For you see, Goten had kept that picture of Trunks and Pan kissing, and had just then had the inspiration to sneak it in. He fell over laughing.

"Goten! Oh my god, you are such an asshole!" Trunks yelled, but he wasn't really mad.

"You guys? What's going on?" Gohan asked.

"Oh nothing!" Goten said, now standing and smiling broadly. "That was just a picture of Trunks and Pan kissing."

"What?!" Gohan asked, glaring.

"Goten!" Trunks yelled.

Goten rolled his eyes. "Oh come on Trunks, you were gonna tell Gohan today anyway. Get it over with, we aren't getting any younger."

"Trunks, what is going on here?!" Gohan said, starting to get mad.

Trunks took a deep breath and looked at Pan, who inched her way over to him and laced her fingers with his. "Well, Ok, see, um, Gohan, well...Ok, Pan and I," Trunks tried to explain.

Pan helped him. "I'm Trunks's girlfriend now, Dad," she said bluntly.

Gohan just glared. There was absolute silence in the room for a few seconds, until Gohan yelled, "Who the Hell do you think you are, Trunks?!"

Trunks stood up a little straighter. "Gohan, we like eachother. I'm sorry if you don't really like that, but I like her and she likes me. Period," he said.

Gohan was confounded. He had seen what Trunks did to his other girlfriends. He had seen how Trunks treated them. Gohan knew that Pan wasn't a little girl anymore, but he thought she had more sense than to like Trunks, of all people. No. He couldn't allow this. He would not have his daughter manipulated and hurt by some arrogant monster of a boy. "No." Gohan said finally.

"What do you mean, 'no'?" Pan asked.

"I mean, no. I'm not going to allow this," Gohan said.

"Why not?" Pan asked. She was beginning to get upset. Number one, it was the last day of their vacation. Number two, Pan had finally gotten Trunks to like her, and now her dad was taking the cause of all of her hard work and anguish away? This could not be happening. Pan couldn't believe it, and she refused to.

"Because Trunks is immature and does not know how to treat women and I don't want you falling into his snare," Gohan said firmly.

Pan was shocked at how quickly he had answered and what he said. She could feel Trunks's hand lose some of it's grip. She gave him a small squeeze, just to tell him she didn't care what her father said. "Dad...don't you think it should be my choice if I want..." Pan didn't really want to put it this way, but in order for it to maybe work she had to put it in the way that he said it. "If I want to get involved with all that?" she finished.

"Pan, I do not want you seeing him," Gohan said.

"But this is my life and I do, Dad, don't you understand that?!" Pan cried.

Trunks realized this was going nowhere. If it kept up at this rate, Gohan would surely win. So Trunks put on the look he had seen so much in his father: arms crossed, standing up straight, chest out, chin up. "Gohan. We are going to keep going out, whether you like it or not. Do you realize that?" Trunks asked calmly.

Gohan could see so much Vegeta in the boy it was scary. But Gohan tried no to think about that, because he had seen it sometimes before. "No, you won't," Gohan said just as calmly.

Trunks allowed a small, sinister half grin to come over his face. "Watch us," he said, and grabbed Pan's hand again and flew out the door.

Bulma ran out the door to call to them. "But you'll miss the fireworks display that we have scheduled for tonight!" she yelled, but they were gone. Sort of. They had gone to a small hill nearby where they could watch the fireworks but be alone.

"Sorry Pan. I shouldn't have done that," Trunks apologized.

Pan sniffed. She had almost been crying when Gohan tried to take Trunks away once he was so close. She couldn't say anything or else she would burst out into tears, and she hated crying.

Trunks pulled her to his chest. "Don't cry, Pan..." Pan tried to resist because she knew as soon as she curled up against him she would start crying and wouldn't be able to stop for a while. She didn't nkow how this was going to turn out, but she hoped against hope that she would be able to stay with Trunks. Just thinking of that made the tears spring to her eyes again, and she surrendered and threw herself against Trunks's chest, sobbing.

Trunks rubbed her back. "It'll turn out Ok, Pan, don't worry...everything's gonna be Ok, you'll see..."

Pan stopped sobbing but the tears were still rolling down her face. No matter what mood she was in at the time, having Trunks rub her back made her feel better. She moaned softly and leaned her head on his shoulder. Trunks kissed her hair.

"Look, the fireworks have started. No more tears, Pan, let's just enjoy eachother's company for right now, K?" Trunks said. Pan nodded, tilting her head toward the sky.

The End



Eventually Gohan got used to having his daughter and Trunks together, even though it took him a while. Goten and Bra lived happily too, as they finished high school and continued dating. Goten, though, as soon as he finished school, immediatly moved out and bought his own apartment so he "could have some privacy and get away from his insane parents". The photo album that they made that summer they always kept, though it changed hands and homes many times between them for different occasions. But nobody never wanted to forget that summer, because it helped them be as happy as they are now. Not that life was perfect, but who would want it to be? No, they all had their share of little mishaps and whatnot, just as any normal couples would. But they stayed together, and that's the important thing. And just think, if one of them had never gone on this vacation...what would happen to them now?