Vicki Meets Trunks: By Vicki

One normal day at school for Vicki, started off with a "big bang"!
As normal she came to school almost late (7:39 am,(note: her school starts at 7:45)) and started for P.E. but on the way there not paying attention she ran into a very cute boy.

Vicki looking up at cute boy : oh, I'm sooo sorry, but I'm in a hurry, bye!
Cute boy: What was her problem?
Vicki thinking to herself: Wow he was such a babe, but who is he?, I've never seen him before.

Scene two
Up in girls locker room.
Girls all talking at once: oh did you here there's a new boy at school!, I know I don't have the guts to talk to him!, I heard his name's Trunks but that's just a rumor.
For such a cute boy that's got to be true!

P.E. teacher, female: come on girls stop talking about boys and get dressed!
All girls: all right,.
Vicki talking to herself: oh so Trunks is his name wow cute boy cute name wow what next?!
Vicki's best friend Amanda: Vicki are you talking to your self? And about that boy?
Vicki shocked: Umm nooooo what ever gave you that idea?!
Vicki thinking to herself: that was tooo close.
Later that day at lunch

Vicki: oh how I love pizza! Yum yum yum
Girl at table: you better watch out your eating like a pig you might gain weight.
Vicki: I don't care but I better stop.
Trunks walks by looking for a table.
ALL the girls at table: OOOOOO YUMM GIVE ME HIM!
Vicki: No he's mine back off!!
Amanda; I thought you don't like guys at our school "they're all yucky and gross"
Vicki: well that was before HIM!
Trunks blushes.
Vicki Friend Meri: come on girls leave the poor boy alone.
Vicki: No way he wants someone that isn't drooling over him!
Vicki: Like me.
Meri: when you first saw him I swear you couldn't get any closer!
Vicki: I fell on him but that's only cause I was too busy trying to do my homework before algebra class!
Meri: HA! I'm sure you liked it a lot!
Meri: I bet if you asked him out he would say no.
Vicki: I'll take that bet cause.. I GET HIM! :P
Meri: :P
Vicki: I'll show you!
((by this point Trunks has already left the room))
Vicki with eyes closed: Oh trunks come here...
*(no response)
Vicki opens eyes: uh where did he go?!
Meri: looks like I've got that bet winning so far!
Vicki: oh shut up I'll get him.

Last hour of school (will Vicki get a b/f or left to face MERI!)
Vicki: oh man I guess I better see meri about that bet.
Trunks comes walking into the class room
Trunks: hi Vicki your the only one that hasn't drove me nutz yet, so hows it goin?
Vicki: good and you?
Trunks: well not so hot the guys say to get lost and stop stealing their girl friends
Vicki: oh that's too bad, hey well if you don't mind I kinda, well.. really love you.
Trunks: I figured that hey would you.. may you please go out with me?
Trunks: that way the girls don't drive me nutz and I don't get beaten up.
Vicki to herself: ((YEAH!))
Vicki: OK!
Trunks: thanks, oh and tell meri to stop hanging all over me I had to change my shirt cause of all the drool.
Trunks here's my phone # if you ever get a chance call me OK!
Vicki: OK I'll do that.