Vicki Meets Trunks Part 2- Trouble on Meri Street for Trunks and Vicki: By Vicki

As we left of Trunks had asked Vicki to be his girl friend. And of course she said yes. We see Vicki and Trunks holding hands walking into a football game.

Trunks: I'm glad you helped me with my homework.
Vicki: No prop. I'm very good at English.
Trunks smiles
Vicki and Trunks at the same time: OH NO MERI!
Meri: not funny
Meri to herself: Why did I ever make that bet!
Vicki: Oh cheer up come on lets watch the game.
Trunks: yeah you can sit by us.

After football game
Trunks and Vicki and Meri: YEAH WE WON!!
Trunks: come on lets get some pizza! I'll buy!
Vicki: oh Trunks how did you know I like pizza?
Trunks: well seeing you eating it a lot a lunch gave it away.
Vicki: oh
Meri: Trunks, don't you think she's a little young for you?
Trunks: not really but why are you asking?

Vicki saying to Meri: (back off! he's mine!)
Then Trunks sweeps Vicki off her feet and quickly kisses her.
Vicki to herself: WOW!
Trunks: hey I just saw you there so beautiful I had to take that time to kiss you.
Vicki: well, that was.. Very good!
((at this point Meri's about to kill Vicki))
Trunks whispers into Vicki's ear:( hey let me take care of meri)
Vicki quietly: OK
Trunks: so Meri if you don't mind but I have to cancel the pizza thing I promised Vicki I'd help her with her algebra.
Meri: ok, but if her homework isn't done I'm telling the teacher!
Trunks: don't worry it'll be done.
Vicki: bye Meri see ya tomorrow!
Trunks: BYE!

Next day just outside of school
Trunks: oh no Vicki we forgot to do your homework!
Vicki: this is not good if Meri finds out we kissed all night she'll kill me!
Meri: soooooo is your homework done?
Vicki: uhhh yeah its done I told you it would be done
Meri: let me see it.
Vicki: no way you'll cheat off me
Meri to herself: damn she knows!
Meri: oh fine be that way but you won't get away with MY Trunks.
Trunks: Meri, I have to tell you this... I hate your guts you drool on me and won't stop bugging me to dump Vicki knock it off and act your age!
Meri: Well I never! I hate you and Vicki see you two in hell!
Vicki: nice come back Meri.
Meri: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Trunks: Meri we're still friends but not close friends anymore.
Vicki: :P
Trunks: Vicki come on we don't need her to boss us around.
((meri walks away and trips on a rock while falling face first into mud))
Vicki and Trunks together: HAHAHAHAHAH!!!
Trunks: Looks like Meri was not paying attention!
Trunks: come on Vicki, lets go to class now.
Vicki: OK

Once again at lunch

Trunks walks by Vicki.
Trunks: hey Vicki can I sit with you girls?
Vicki: sure
Amanda: hey so I see you choose to go out with Vicki, Trunks
Trunks: well yeah she's the best!
Vicki blushes

Last hour of school

Trunks: hey Vicki want to come over to my house and we can play some games, you can invite some friends over and I have a surprise for you too.
Vicki: OK but don't do anything too amazing.
Meri walks by happy as can be.
Vicki: Hey meri what's up?, I mean down!
Meri: well I don't have to take this I'll get MY new boyfriend to kick your a$$.
Vicki: HA! I'm sure that they couldn't even hurt me, I've got Trunks that happens to be a black belt a martial arts!
Meri: oh boy well I'm gone bye!

The end of episode two