Trunks' Vow

Each day i hear the sorrorfull crys,
of the people who morn.

The future is bleak,
no hope can be found here.

More and more die each day
more and more run away

What can i do?
I've tried
but i know it's true
that i am not enough!

But there must be something
something that i could do........

The urge to fight back is stronger now
What caused it i am not to shure

Perhaps it was seeing Goten laying there dead,
knowing that i might have been able to have saved him fills me with such
ultimate dread.
Or maybe it's watching the people hide
with the children all inside.

Noone deserves such a fate
as the childer seem to have set befor them

Now i make this solem vow,
i'll get those cyborgs back somehow!

i'll get them back for destroying my home,
killing all my friends and leaving my on my own.

Now i light a candle of hope,
I the son of the prince of sayins, Vegeta,
I the last flicker of hope there is,
I will have to do.

For i am Trunks!