Way of the Warrior:
The Adventures of Mirai Trunks
Musashi Miyamoto (musashimiyamoto01@hotmail.com)

Chapter One

Trunks stood up, his light purple hair falling in his face, his
features set with determination.  The nine year old pulled his
young body to it's full height, and went to try again.  'Come on,'
a gruff voice said.  'Son Goku got this in only three days,' the
voice called out to him.  'I'm sure you can do better.'  The cat,
Karin-sama stepped toward the young Trunks.  Trunks charged the
white cat, who deftly moved out of the way, useing more skill than

'I will get that water, if it's the last thing I do,' Trunks said,
beginning the One Pattern technique, moving so quickly that there
appeared to be nine of him.  Karin smiled and looked around at the
nine little Trunks'.  Karin jumped at one, knowing it to be wrong,
and when the real Trunks made his move, he quickly countered,
knocking the boy on the head with his staff.  Trunks landed face
down, amazed at the cat's skill.  Karin-sama was not to be triffled
with by those who lacked skill, and this the boy quickly learned.
Trunks lifted himself up to try again, but found himslef struggling.
The heavy weights he used for training seemed to be getting heavier,
for know he could not even lift his own body.

'Between the thin air,' a kind voice said from the railing of Karin's
home, 'and wearing ten times your body wieght, you should be getting
alot out of this training.'  Trunks looked over and saw his other
mentor, Gohan.  Gohan landed in the house at the top of the miles
high tower.  'How are you, Sensei Karin?'

'Not too bad.  I'm having alot of fun training this kid.  He's
improved alot in the last couple of days.  He's actually come closer
than your father did by this point.'  Karin looked over at Trunks,
who was now barely standing.  'How's the arm, Gohan?'

'It aches from time to time,' Gohan said, placing a hand on the
shoulder where he once had an arm.  'But it doesn't matter, all that
matters is getting Trunks trained and ready to go.  The world needs a
hero.  It will be Vegeta's son.'  Gohan smiled and pushed his hand
through his short black hair.  After the battle on May 12, the deaths
of so many warriors, he was amazed.  Now that there was hope.  The boy
had an urge to be the best, to fight until he could no longer
continue, and Gohan knew he could do it.  He could go farther than
any one else had been able to.  On the final day, Vegeta had become
a Super Saiya-jin, but now Gohan thought, perhaps Trunks can surpass
even that.  Trunks could destroy the Androids.  He just need to train.
Gohan lost himself in thoughts of the past, of watching his father
become a Super Saiya-jin, of watching his father die of that horrid
disease, of seeing all his friends, Piccolo, Kurirren, Tenshinhan,
even Vegeta killed, of losing his arm to them that fateful day. 'Soon,
it will be time to strike back.'

Trunks could not hear the conversation between Karin and Gohan, but
could tell from their expressions that it was serious.  'I have to
train hard, I have to become stronger,' Trunks whispered to himself.
'I didn't ask for this burden, I didn't want this responsibilty, but
Gohan needs my help, so I will help.'  Determination welled up inside
young Trunks, and he pushed his emotions down, all complaints and
fears he had.  'Sensei, whenever your ready,' Trunks said.

Karin looked at the boy.  'He's already as strong as his father, even
if he isn't a Super Saiya-jin, Gohan.'  Karin began to walk back over
to Trunks.  'His potential may well be greater than your own.'

It had been years since that fateful day, where Trunks' determination
and pride, won out over his longing for freedom.  He had become a
hero, he had surpassed the level of Super Saiya-jin, he had detroyed
the androids, and defeated the Imperfect Cell before it could steal
the time machine.  He had saved his world, and helped protect another.
He had done what he set out to do, and now, after 6 years, the world
was finally starting to come together again.  Finally he knew peace.

But the young Saiya-jin understood that peace was fleeting, and that
he would have to be ready for anything that might arise.  But for
years there had not been a battle, for years there had been no need
for a hero.  He stood outside his home, a Capsule house, which he had
put up deep in the mountains of the northern continent, where Gohan
had said he once trained under Piccolo.  Trunks saw the peace and
bueaty around him and seemed to understand why Piccolo chose it, and
why Gohan loved it so much.  The warrior breathed in deeply, taking in
all the wonders of the fear free world.

He felt something approaching him from behind and smiled.  He turned
to see his wife, Sonya.  Her dark hair and green eyes still filled
him with wonder.  'How are you, my dear,' the purple haired man asked

'Wonderful, my love.  Our son is not yet awake, but will be soon.  Do
you want to take him with you, or should I continue on his studies,'
she asked as Trunks brushed his hand along her soft skin.

'How about we all go out today?  I'll fly on ahead, get my morning
finished and you and Vegeta meet me at the Plataue with some lunch.'
He looked into her eyes with all the love he had in him.  'Sound

'Very,' she said placing a kiss on her husband's lips.  'We'll meet
you there.'  She stepped in the door way, and stopped.  'Will you
take you sword with you.'  The shirtless youth closed his eyes for a
moment, pondering.

He put out his hand and released a small bit of Ki.  The sword rose
from it's hanging place near the door.  'Be sure to give Vegeta the
Nyobo.  We can never be too careful, Sonya.'  They locked eyes again,
and Trunks turned to leave.  He pushed the Ki feild around his body
and felt himself lift from the ground.  A burst of Ki propelled him
forward away from his home, toward his training area, where he
occasionally taught Vegeta.

After about fifteen minutes of slow flight, Trunks landed on the
platuae three mile from his home.  He looked at the watch on his arm,
and after seeing that it was 9:04 a.m. he studied to horizen.  He
could see the mountains where his home stood, where his mentor had
first met his own.  Trunks began to think about many things, his father
whom he had known for such a short time, his son whom he hoped would
never need to know combat, his wife whom he loved dearly, and his
mother whom had helped him so many times when he would not admit he
needed it.  Trunks sat cross legged and put the sword down in front
of him.  He began to meditate, not even feeling his body lift from
the ground as his concentration grew.

He walked on to the Astral Plane, a world of black and peace
surrounding him.  He began to move in the rythmic motions of his
fighting style, and through the various stances it presented.  The
Crane, the Tiger, the Panther, the Snake, even the Dragon were used
in this training technique.  Then he felt a disturbance.  He had felt
it before, but this time it was sronger, closer than ever.

'Maybe Vegeta stumbled onto the Plane in his sleep,' Trunks said to
himself.  'It's all together possible.'  Trunks began to walk in the
direction of the disturbance, or rather the astral representation of
the disturbance.  After a while he saw 'it', and what he saw could not
have unsettled him more.  He saw a slim, small figure, surrounded by
shadow.  He heard screams of pain.  The screams were his own.  And he
could hear a voice, one which sound almost playful, yet dark and

'Do you know the truth, now?  Do you now who you are,' he heard the
voice say.

Trunks turned away from it and ran as fast as he could.  Soon he came
to a dead stop.  Before him stood Karin-sama, who had a look about him
more frightful then death.  'Grow, young warrior, for you will need
great strength in the coming battle.'  He watch the being that had
once been Karin change and grow, forming into Gohan, one which had
both arms, one which did not have the same kindness in his eyes.  'You
must become what no else has had a chance to be.  You have seen the
power, now you must learn to harness it.'  The form began to change
again, and Trunks wondered what other pain it might bring.  The shape
of Vegeta, Trunks' father became evident and tears formed in the
youth's eyes.

This Vegeta was different somehow, holding a humility and love in his
eyes, a look of peace rather than anger on his face.  'My son, you
must do what I couldn't.  Protect and love your family, and never let
pride blind you to the truth, but never let humilty do the same.  I
know you will not make my mistakes, I know you will follow your heart.
Believe in yourself, in your blood, in your son.  You are a Saiyan,
remember you heritage.  Fuel our legacy.  Know always who you are.'

Then it was gone.  Trunks opened his eyes to see the real world around
him, the sun high in the sky.  He thought about what he ahd seen, and
tears passed over his cheeks when he thought about his father's words.
Trunks stood up and dryed his tears.  Looking out once again to the
horizen, he saw his wife's hover-car approaching.  How would he tell
her what he now suspected, that a great evil was coming, one which
would require his attention, and possibly thier son's as well.  He
hoped it would not be so, but the idea had to be faced.  He picked up
the sword and buckeled it across his back.

After the arrival of his wife and son, Trunks explained the vision,
and Sonya knew what was coming before he said it.  She looked into his
eyes, showing him her fear, and the tears that had begun to flow.  She
knew what had to be done, and knew he would take it upon himself to do
it.  That was who he was, that was the man she fell in love with.  She
also understood how stubborn he was, how pointless it was to argue
with him about it.  But just from the look in her eye, Trunks knew
beyond a doubt what she wanted to know.  Young Vegeta, who looked a
blue eyed version of his grandfather and namesake, seemed to know
as well.

'Daddy, I'm coming with you,' the child said.  Trunks knew how smart
the boy was, even though he was only five years old.  'I won't let you
go without me.  I know how bad this'll be, and I want to help.'

'No,' Trunks said, 'you cannot come with me.  I need you to stay here,
to protect your mother.  Do you remember everything I've showed you?'
The child nodded, tears beginning to form in his eyes.  'Practice,
everyday, follow your mother's studies, and keep her safe.  As long
as you do those things, you'll have helped me more than you could ever
know.'  Trunks kneeled next to his son, holding him in his arms.  'I
love you, my son.'  He released, tears going down his cheeks, with his
son crying as well.  He looked at his wife, tears flowing quickly from
her green eyes.

'Good bye, my love,' Trunks said.  'Teach our son well, and make sure
he grows up healthy and strong.'  He took his wife into his arms, and
they shared a single passionate kiss.  'I love you, always,' he said
as he let go.  He took two steps back and surrounded himself with a Ki
field, lifting himself into flight.  As quickly as he could, he went
home, and took the Capsule fighting armour he had recieved in the past,
and left heading toward the tower, where his first adventure had begun.

Too many years had passed since he had seen the old cat, since he had
talked with the old warrior.  Trunks now wondered if Karin-sama would
even recognize him.  He didn't even know if he recognized himself.