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Serial Experiments Lain, a thirteen-episode anime series, aired in Japan from June to August of 1998. This anime created waves within its genre, as it challenged traditional anime conventions. Not being afraid to hold back and try new methods of story telling, Lain is a tale about a junior high school girl and her relationship with the Wired (which can be thought of as the Internet). In the time in which this story takes place (the time period is not made explicitly clear, but it can be assumed that it is sometime during the present or not too distant future), the boundaries between the Wired and the "real world" as humanity knows it appears to be dissipating. Lain herself is then forced to discover if this change in the world is actually taking place, and if "reality" as we know if is threatened by the connection of those in the "real world," and the world of the Wired. Lain was intentionally produced with computer technology in mind. In "Animerica" Vol. 7, No. 9, producer Yasuyuki Ueda explained that "the approach I took for this project was to communicate the essence of the work by the total sum of many media products." That said, it is possible to connect issues of Serial Experiment Lain to subjects discussed in Literary and Scientific Writings, AKA: Cyberlit.

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Lain and Landow
Lain and Stephenson
Lain and Hoaxes
Lain and Blogs
Lain and Snow Crash

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