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Serial Experiments Lain primarily deals with fictional events taking place during an unknown time. These events are generally based on real occurrences, concepts, and products, although, for the most part, nothing in the series is actually based on factual events. The Navi can be equated to an everyday PC or Macintosh, the Wired is a representation of the Internet, "memory" can mean either computer memory or re-writeable human memories, and so on. We can use our knowledge of these objects in real life to define these abstract representations in Lain. There is one aberration, however, that is extremely prominent in Lain. The episode "Layer 09: Protocol" features lengthy segments detailing actual events, mostly taking place in the U.S., that describe actions leading to the creation what we know as the Internet, or the Wired. The story begins with the events of Roswell, and the MJ-12 report. This then leads up to Lain’s representation of Vannevar Bush.
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