TEmpLE o* GOkUo

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Age: 22

Heght: 7'2

Weight: 175

Real name: Kakkaraatt

Info: Gokuo is from the Planet Fageetah. (in Japan, it's spelled "Baejiita". FUNIMATION SUCX DRAGON BALLS! Gen Fucko(hahaha!)naga is a gay fag, you like little boys, and he is gay, and I want 12 episodes on all dvd's, and Steve Simmons is gay, and dose not now Japanesse, and he is so gay, like your mom). Goku was very strong as a kid, so they sent him away to earth, where he lerned to be a Seiyjin, and then he fought Cell, and then he died, when he came back he fought Buu, and then he went away, and became a kid, and then he went away again, and fused with the Dragon in the end! Gokuo will be back in DBAF though!!!

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Thanks to Cat of Goku Central for "trading places" with me for the day. Hope you had as much fun as I did. We are mad l337 now!