Hello, and welcome to the new and improved Temple O’ Trunks!!! :) After 7 years of maintaining the site, ToT site creator Meri has decided to retire *weeps*. I’ll be in charge of running the site from now on. My name is Kara-chan, and this is the site that got me into Trunks in the first place, so it’s great honor to be taking the reigns from Meri, OMG >.< ! There was always something about the site that bugged me: not enough Trunks yaoi and hentai! Starting today, the ToT is going to be seeing some big changes! Gone are the days of tomboy-ish crap like music videos and multimedia files! Now it’s all about bishounen guys, sparkles, flowers, and lots and lots of man meat! *squee!!!* ^_^ A taste of things to come can be found below. I’m working on redesigning the site now, so it’ll be a few days before things are fully working ;_;. Until then click on the "Enter" link below to find some of my fave Trunks yaoi doujinshi scans! Hope you like them! :D
- Love, Kawaii Kara-chan