4/1/2006: Hey there, Meri here! Welcome to the Temple O' Trunks, a Trunks fansite that is celebrating it's 8th year on the web! I'm very happy to share it with you, however, with this anniversary comes a great deal of change.

As some of you may know, I have been spending the last few months participating in "Daizenshuu EX: The Podcast," an MP3 "radio" show hosted by Daizenshuu EX's VegettoEX and Julian. The show is all about the DragonBall universe, and has come to have a pretty loyal and enthusiastic audience.

Having been involved with nearly 20 episodes and working closely with the staff of Daizenshuu EX, I've decided that it's time to lend my services elsewhere. As of today, the ToT will be assimilated as a part of Daizenshuu EX as the first of many character shrines and smaller sites to be acquired by its staff. You can now find the ToT in the side navigation bar on Daizenshuu EX, found here. You may have noticed my lack of updates in the last year. I think this move will be for the best, and I believe the ToT will be in good hands for the future. Ja-ne! -- Meri

Temple O' Trunks

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The Temple O' Trunks has been selected by the  Anime Web Turnpike as one of it's Weekly Web Picks for 5/7/01!
Additionally, the ToT's very own Feature Films were also picked by the Anipike as a Weekly Web Picks for 9/27/99.
Know what this means?  It means that this site not only has something resembling credibility, but something resembling super-duper credibility!

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