Temple O' Zoro

The Temple O' Trunks is no more! In hopes of cashing in on FUNimation's future relase of the anime "One Piece," I have decided to convert the ToT into a character shrine dedicated to the handsome young swordsman from "One Piece." Enter Roronoa Zoro, the only swordsman in Luffy's band of pirates. Armed with three swords, strength, and courage, Zoro is a man worthy of praise from even the mightiest of fighters, including Luffy, Nami, and pirates all over the seas. The Temple O' Zoro delivers that praise... with a twist! That's right baby, this ain't your average Zoro shrine. I'm your web hostess, Meri. Here, you'll find everything you need to satiate your hunger for the Green Haired Wonder. Now please keep your arms and legs inside the pirate ship, and prepare for the trip through the wonderful (and oft times hilarious) world of Zoro and One Piece!

Trunks, Zoro, one's as good as the other, right? Right!


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